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#OccupyHarambeeAvenue Message to President Kenyatta
Masauti Siwezi - (official Hd Video)
Vimeo - Dj Kym NickDee - Danceholics Video Mixx HD
Hunter smith's post on Vine - Got a little excited - Hunter smithh's post on Vine
Rachel Olson's post on Vine - Reenacting monsters inc - Rachel Olson's post on Vine
Beats and Breaks S01E04 DJ BASH
LeanandCuisine's post on Vine - GTA San Andreas characters be opening car doors hard as hell ft. YouFunnyB - LeanandCuisine's post on Vine
Jennifer Nettles & John Glosson - How Great Thou Art
True Blood Season 5x08
Drake - Started From The Bottom (Explicit)
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Spinning the Abu Dhabi trip as security talks...but we see the attempt to hide the Grand Prix badge behind the tie.
Dear #KOT the Ole Sereni- Langata By-Pass is a DANGER Zone. Please share this tweet to alert all Nairobians
Maybe it was a change in agenda but cant help notice a change from UKs people on reasons for travelling
alshabaab wakisimamisha gari na ulikuwa kwa boot
UHURUs change of UAE trip. What he said before and after MANDERA happened via @gitweeta
Whos fooling who @UKenyatta? Your official statement on your trip to UAE before and after Mandera. Wacha kutupaint!
Morning all and happy birthday to Danny Welbeck who turns 24 today!
Todays @dailynation pg 4 has a paragraph which caught my eyes!
There is an underlying issue here
Haha! She just discovered the taste of teargas. "@kevoice_ This chic is the real ninja."
Ghana Airways. 😂😭😭😂😂😂
SMDH "@_kilunda_ huh smh RT @mikeztyme: SMH RT @VinKibet: SMH RT  @Limo_alan: Pass Or Pass?"
Ladies, I hope you find this helpful. Had to do it. Youre welcome.
Start-ups will be eligible to receieve between USD 75,000-250,000 #SafaricomSparkFund
And were back ! Home sweet home. We urge you all to #BeYourSistersKeeper No stripping shame, No filming, No Sharing!
What your Senator @MikeSonko is up to. @Ma3Route
When you spot Al Shabaab
"@PSCU_Digital: Pres Kenyatta, "I have been out of the country as you have seen from the selfies in newspapers"
Fact/ Fiction: Weetaflakes is made from wholegrain wheat and rice #WeetabixTrivia
Im tired...and offended.
Provincial Russian airports, where passengers get out and push a plane like its no big deal.
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