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Terrorists Use Ambulance for Transportation in Gaza
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How Real Madrid negotiate transfers
Welcome to Real Madrid, @jamesdrodriguez. #WelcomeJames #halamadrid
MT @rudishadavid 100 seconds to beat the world Tonight, BBC4, 10pm.  Preview last night: Inspiring and moving.
Patrice Evra i wish you all the best at your new challenge we will miss you here!!!
Hey @SafaricomLtd help him JWM ^
Sagna looking like a tunnel and his wife looking like the light at the end of the tunnel
Real Madrid have confirmed the purchase of Colombia playmaker James Rodríguez (@jamesdrodriguez) on a six-year deal.
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HAHA RT @JoeWMuchiri: Hey @SafaricomLtd help him JWM ^
Loool! RT @JoeWMuchiri: Why U should not trust Bitchez with long legs HEHE.
haha the fakefigurific hotBby @joewmuchiri ION good news Vera is bizzack with new Boobies welelele.
Jesoo "@MuchiriH: lool RT @JoeWMuchiri: Pussyramid Scheme. "@LouieVRee: Egyptians not chillin""
RT @The_Teacha: Haha “@RedNdoto: LMAO "@Nucho_: LOOL RT @toebeat: LMAO! "@JoeWMuchiri: HAHAHA"”
RT @tauruseventz: Because curves are us :) @Brianmbunde @JoeWMuchiri @verbstract @masaku @GhaflaKenya
Rates: Kshs. 12,000 per person sharing per night on full board basis. Pls RT @MagicalKenya @JoeWMuchiri
LOL "@tittoIX: Wow! Smh "@JoeWMuchiri: Wololo. Today is the day The Lord made to have nil chills /o\""
Shiet! Folks talking about millions and jets na hata Sina kakitu RT @JoeWMuchiri The Jiggahs prenup agreement.
"@JoeWMuchiri YES!! “@kuirab : @JoeWMuchiri Haha,kwenda, would you bet 10Gs that arsenal will win the league?”"
RT @masaku_: Harambee stars returning from Lesotho
"@masaku_: Just in: This is why Jay Z and Beyonce are getting divorced"
Haha. RT @masaku_: Jay Z confirming the divorce rumours
Lol "@Albmil254: Haha RT @masaku_: Wafunya ties the knot"
"@masaku_: How niggaz be waiting for Beyonce to be single again"
\o/ *tears* "@masaku_: Its too late to use a condom now"
RT @masaku_: Rihanna outside Jay Zs Dm right now
RT @masaku_: Ill just leave this here
RT @masaku_: Hehe


RT @NationFMKe: A man who hangs around a beautiful girl without saying a word ends up fetching water on her wedding. ~ Alur Proverb