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Where's the full video? 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾✨
Hi @Ms_Matheka calculate your current and past electricity costs get our app here
This kid got my life together in less than a minute
Vine by FB Levent - İbrahimoviç...
Only Dennis Bergkamp scored such a goal followed by a Kenyan Ezekiel Odera top top quality only scored after decades
That African groove, that African style, that African swagger. Nothing quite like it. 🌍✊🏾
Vine by West Thorn™ - Zlatan time
#GoCapture: Police truck knocks down man by the roadside. Video by an N reporter using NTV Go app! #NTVNews
One of the most mysterious things to be caught on camera. 😂
A message from #Kenya7s in Rio to #KenyaXVs #SimbaNiMoja Kesho all roads lead to the RFUEA grounds! #TheScoreKE
Ok but the 1996 DNC was lit
Video: Marcus Rashford's run vs Galatasaray 🔥 #MUFC
Video: Ibrahimovic goal vs Gala #mulive [@Samar7]
@VictorWanyama on a hiyo bao ya kijana wetu wa Kenya Ezekiel Odera tunaka Puskas award tuisambaze
A message to all Kenyans from #Kenya7s #KenyaXVs #SimbaNiMoja
Video: Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Ander Herrera's reaction to Rashford's run. Love this. #MUFC
When you felt bad about not going to the cinema and then your friends come back and tell you the film was shit.
Just met Wenger at Venice Beach and I asked him about Mahrez and this was his response 🙏🙏 #ArsenalUSA #COYG #AFC
LISTEN! The @KenyaSevens boys have a message for you! The @KenyaSimbas need you! #elgoncup #SimbaNiMoja #GameLive
Register for the Marathon today to save a child’s sight. Open a Marathon Saver account and win a trip to Singapore!
Delighted to meet Douglas Wakiihuri, first Kenyan marathon gold medalist ('87 World Championships, Rome). Respect!
Malia is about to have Obama stressed out
Klopp doing the Sturridge dance
Video: Ibrahimović reaction to Rashford run [via @Darmianology]
Today Africa and the World is celebrating a super super goal by Kenyan Ezekiel Odera deserves Puskas @FIFAcom
How Zlatan does Debut's. #ZlatanFacts
Manchester United vs Real Madrid ,Wild West Pepsi commercial
Still one of the all time funniest moments at Old Trafford 😂😂
When Jay z heard (Nas Album Done)
Vine by Aleks93 - Zlatan's debut goal
Tonight on #ALD, #Leadership #Government #SGDs #Trade #Growth #Dvp. Join @JulieGichuru on @KBCChannel1 at 8pm
Video: Ibrahimović talking about Pogba on Swedish TV [VIA @theldabh ]
Me: Yeah, let's do something cool tomorrow guys *Sunday 11am* Friends: Hey what time do wanna hangout? Me:
So my lil Brother Think he ah tough guy already 😂😂😂💯
A better look at that Zlatan goal. #MUFC (via @ArsenalTerje)
When your dog watches too much Soap Opera
I'm sorry but this was the best scene in the movie precious 💀😂
Vine by Best Movie Scenes - "Are you not entertained?" #Gladiator #bestmoviescenes
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Today is the day #KOT 
Lets tune in at 1-4 pm 
Unemployed graduates playing football in gowns in Harare. Peaceful protest under a violent regime #ThisFlag🇿🇼
Three assists today for this guy. 

Nice one, @Anto_V25 👍 #MUTOUR
Museveni receiving #ElgonCup results... 😂😂
FT: United 5 Galatasaray 2. #MUTOUR
Honoured to launch the Regional Pastoral Livelihoods Resilience Project, at Muwarak, Laikipia County.
Police brutality, this victim beaten by an officer at Kondele police station in ksm  inside police cells
Glad to have a cup of tea at Mama Lucias cafe and inspect the ongoing construction of Muwarak TTI.
Dont have a ticket yet?? Call 0711445651 to book yours. @AllAboutAfrika    
Its #ZlatanTime! Here is todays team to take on Galatasaray in Gothenburg... #MUTOUR
Wen your mom calls you asking if you have greeted the visitors in the sitting room
"Wholl win 2017 Presidential elections? asked President Uhuru Kenyatta
Ugandans shielding themselves from the shame when were done with them! #KenyaXVs #SimbaNiMoja #ElgonCup #TheScoreKE
Isaac Rutto Before and After DEVOLUTION 😂
Every Saturday. Until I see the replanted trees #Karura
The project is aimed at provision of water, vaccinating and identification of animals and construction of abattoirs.
Ongoing upgradation of General Wards and Maternity Wing at the Coast Provincial General Hospital in good progress.
Great time tonight with @PUMAFootball @Arsenal Bring on the new season
1st Leg: UG 10-48 KE 
2nd Leg: KE 45-24 UG
Aggregate: KE 93-34 UG

Well done #KenyaXVs!! #ElgonCup 2016 CHAMPIONS!!
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