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7million followers! More than a number... it's a United Family. #MUFC7
Vine by Manchester United - 7million followers on @Twitter. Thank you! #MUFC7
😂😂😂 Arsenal vs Barcelona.
I bet this Pig doesn't respond DMs and text messages...
Hey Twitter, I'm doing a Q&A at 11am. Ask me anything using #AskLarry and I'll send a video reply
#JokesWithSamWest My arsenal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wooii
Vine by Manchester United - #MUFC7: Eric Cantona
Nairobians crossing the flooded roads
Vine by Manchester United - #MUFC: Cristiano Ronaldo
Vine by Manchester United - #MUFC7: George Best
Vine by Manchester United - Wow. Just wow from Will Keane. #mufc
Thanks guys, that's it. I'll do another #AskLarry in Kampala next week for Uganda elections & Barcelona for #MWC16
Throwback when Jay-Z pretending to understand soccer.
Vine by Manchester United - Paul Scholes with a precise header at the Stadium of Light. #mufc
Vine by Manchester United - #MUFC7: David Beckham
On This Day: In 2011 Rooney scored the greatest ever Premier League goal. #Mufc
You can change the direction of this train just by thinking about it.
Vine by Manchester United - #MUFC7: Michael Owen
beautiful video of windows 95's launch
Vine by Manchester United - Textbook from Ronaldo v Sunderland in 2007! #mufc
I shared an easy & simple wings recipe on my YT page that will get you laid honey! Watch
Today Barclays is celebrating 100 Years of Banking in Kenya. Missed out on the launch? Well here it is. #BBK100
#Snp3valentinesedition Even Dog gon be partying at this event @SKYLUX_LOUNGE Tommorrow @seth_gor
Round of a blouse 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ayee! TGIF
Leo Messi's crossbar challenge 👏..
Lmaoo RT @LLCoolJalen: This is so fire
Vine by Woodsie - the assimilation of Borts computer is complete #BortVine
Reliving the best of the 90s on #BackInThe90s with @C_Kiarie
this lmao #kisiitings @comedycentralke
Vine by Manchester United - #MUFC7: Bryan Robson
SQUAD #YeezySeason3
#snp3valentinesedition Cc @NaziziHirji @AmorThige @SKYLUX_LOUNGE @seth_gor @usiuradio @KatitiKiteta @lunatic_stan
.@JNyiggih #AskLarry
Threw our teacher a surprise party. He doesn't remember the last time he has a bday cake 🎈😊🎉🎁
Lionel Messi has been named La Liga's Player of the Month, for the first time in his career.
LEGEND: Emmanuel Eboue's greatest moments in football.
Joey Badass got into a fight with a photographer today.
Despite claiming that he 'made her famous', Taylor Swift's lowest selling album sold more than Kanye's best selling.
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@ephysaf Tune in @MeruTVkenya  2-5 pm every Sunday With @Rafikiwakanga and @KennieTheDancer #GospelKonnect
#Rule68 REJECTED BY ICC, #Ruto Runs back home, #Sang Celebrates whilst others cry......!!
The album is being mastered and will be out today… added on a couple of tracks…
How Evil in Society, @RailaOdinga, British Government conspired to defeat justice at the ASP #Rule68
Kenyans expect change from the new FKF management - DP @WilliamsRuto
#ValentinesDaySurvivalTips come with her/him and donate blood:))
Finally the @IntlCrimCourt upholds justice by saying #Rule68 will not apply
At the official launch of the Chevrolet One World Play Project in Kenya-sponsored by General Motors @oneworldplayprj
SALIM KIPRUTO SEREM Is on the run after battering and killing his wife sharon.
This is a time of hope for football in this country. We have just elected a new generation of leadership.
The @oneworldplayprj initiative aims to provide every primary school in Kenya with five balls each.
#ValentinesDaySurvivalTips pretend to be sick!! She will ignore all valentine plans
CBK published bank average lending rates. Consumers now can make informed choices. FCB best lender @ahmednasirlaw
From now on we expect change-this is a fresh start & we cannot waste. We must play with vision, passion & dedication
#AmKenyan SHARE WIDELY @matundura78 @PoliceKE @WanjikuRevolt @Maskani254 @ThirdwayKE @Nanjala1 @bonifacemwangi
This game breaks barriers, teaches teamwork and other essential life skills, it keeps bodies fit and minds focused.
We must allow football back to its old days, when Kenyans loved the sport - DP @WilliamsRuto
"Babe, sadly Im broke this Valentines day but as long as weve got each other......"
How can some girls take photos with there legs like this but when a lad does it hes out for 8 months
DP Ruto wins appeal on use of recanted testimonies of five witnesses.ICC Appeals Chamber reverses Rule 68 decision.
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RT @kabetes: Why is ICC Appellate Chamber behaving like our Supreme Court? Was Justice peddled to the highest bidder? How did Bensouda lose this case?


RT @kabetes: For good Public Order, ICC should jail Ruto. Even if ICC discharges Ruto, Kiambaa Church victims will always hound him till his end on earth


RT @kabetes: Kenyans should dismiss ICC and even pull-out if they so wish at their own peril. Kenya is politically unstable. We need ICC to be sane!!


RT @kabetes: If ICC Trial Chamber jails Ruto, that will act as a deterrent to other politicians that are war mongers. Failure may cause crisis in Kenya.


RT @kabetes: For Kenya to have a peaceful political environment and election in 2017, ICC Trial Chamber must use inherent jurisdiction and jail Ruto.


RT @ahmednasirlaw: Ruto wins a 2nd round knockout against bensouda. The ICC case is now officially dead in the waters....


RT @ahmednasirlaw: Ruto wins a 2nd round knockout against bensouda. The ICC case is now officially dead in the waters....

Nakuru, Kenya

RT @Rtmwangifrancis: Ruto ...ICC Rejects Recanted Evidence Against Ruto #Rule68 #JoshuaSang #WilliamRuto Haha...this is Kenya @ICC


Standard Digital News - Kenya : ICC rejects use of recanted evidence in Ruto, Sang case


Focus now shifts to no-case-to-answer bid after ICC Appeals Chamber rejects use of recanted evidence in Ruto, Sang case #CitizenWeekend

Nairobi, Kenya

Focus now shifts to no-case-to-answer bid after ICC Appeals Chamber rejects use of recanted evidence in Ruto, Sang case #CitizenWeekend

Nairobi, Kenya