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CAMBODIA PRESS-Coca-Cola, Lord Puttnam to 'Rebrand' Cambodia ... - Reuters #cambodia

Phnom Penh

In bizarre news from #Cambodia today, Coca-Cola and British "Killing Fields" director enlisted to "rebrand" country

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

RT @poppymcp: Unbelievable. Khmer Rouge photographer tries to sell his book outside genocide museum in #PhnomPenh #Cambodia”

Phnom Penh

This view. ? #SherylsGetAway #Cambodia @ ក្រុងកំពត

Seattle, WA

Welcome to #cambodia! Fun and games at ICO Day 1 for 2 new @VSOYouth @ICS_UK teams

Hawassa, Ethiopia


EU police training #Burma counterparts in crowd management last year. #Myanmar