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Doing great! Physical therapy has been my savings grace - try it!!

My series of post-surgical one level spinal fusion recovery videos, after having a PLIF (posterior lumbar inter-body fusion) and discektomy at L4 & L5.  Also, a bunch of other stuff...

PLIF surgery performed by Neurosurgeon, Johns Hopkins on Dec. 9, 2014.

Currently, my videos are recorded via iPhone and according to my son...Ive not recorded/uploaded them all "correctly." What do you expect from an amateur? :)  Most of my videos are to track my own personal progress, while others contain info that I found extremely helpful prior to having spinal-fusion surgery and/or, I wouldve loved to have had in advance; pre & post-surgery.
If you wish to email me with any specific questions or issues, Id be more than happy to reply and help, based on my own personal research, opinion and experiences.
(Im not a doctor and my videos and advice are reflective only of my personal experiences.)
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