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Police Photography Exhibition (@ Lionel Wendt Theatre in Colombo 7)

Sri Lanka

@Vindi_B Pleasure :) You should be able to find it at one of the stalls during the Colombo Book Fair. These guys specialize in leatherbound

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Lunch (@ Santoré Bistro Italiano - @santorebistrosl in Colombo, Western w/ @jagathkumarmano)

Colombo, Sri Lanka

I'm at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall in Colombo, Western Province


@Yazblu But I saw lot of Police Officers going with special dress with long sleeves. They may have a celebration somewhere in Colombo.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

I'm at SEMA Building in Colombo 01, WP


I'm at Quantum Fitness Head Office in Colombo 05

Colombo, Sri Lanka

I'm at Pegasus Reef Hotel in Colombo


RT @ESPNcricinfo: Tour diary: Is Colombo the cleanest city in South Asia? Sharda Ugra falls in love with Colombo all over again

Colombo, Sri Lanka

♫ Just Announced: Colombo, Sri Lanka - Sep 25 at SKYLINE

Colombo, Sri lanka