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I'm at Sampath Bank in Colombo 07, Western Province

Sri Lanka

I'm at Aitken Spence in Colombo


If the past is anything to go by it will rain in colombo this evening.. Cz my car is being serviced today..

Colombo, Sri Lanka

alone ??? (@ Majestic City in Colombo, Western Province)

kaduwela @night_kade

so hot ? (@ Colombo | කොළඹ | கொழும்பு in Colombo, Western Province)

kaduwela @night_kade

#busRide from pettah (@ Pettah | පිටකොටුව | புறக்கோட்டை in Colombo, Western Province)

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

I'm at Borella Junction in Colombo, Western Province

-earth-not for long though-

I'm at IIT - 5LA in Colombo 06

Sri Lanka

I'm at The Central Hospital in Colombo 10, 01000

Colombo, Sri Lanka.

RT @colomboinformer: #Colombo China Merchants to take more stake in Colombo port

Colombo, Sri Lanka