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We live in a world where a killed Lion has more Media coverage than a burned child. RIP #AliDawabshe #WasBurnedAlive

Rabat - Morocco

RT @MaxBlumenthal: The tract by state sponsored Israeli rabbis authorizing the killing of Palestinian children: #WasBurnedAlive #Duma

Luton,England & Rabat,Morocco

RT @AbbsWinston: Video of US condemning 'vicious' Terrorist attack that burned baby alive #WasBurnedAlive

Luton,England & Rabat,Morocco

RT @PalestineSocial: Ali was burned alive in the cradle. #Palestine #WasBurnedAlive #حرقوا_الرضيع

Luton,England & Rabat,Morocco

RT @saberalian: This boy holds a sign that says: " Burn me as well, who cares?!!" #WasBurnedAlive





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