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Eyy Bochey Kaley nidhigalhanee!! 😂😂😂
@RifauMP nidhanee Suja aafurenee. Majubooruvegen thanthanah gosthibenyaa thihenvaane :)
China-Maldives Friendship Bridge project progressing fast. Thank you HEP Yameen & HE Xi Jinping.
MIV reclamation almost half completed in less than 2days.Such is the speed of development under HEPYameen #rangalhu
She knows what's up.
Hehehhe This is @RifauMP at the press conference
Why they don't show this Desiigner freestyle 😳
We do not need our past 2b our future.We do not fear the promising technology & development #Stand4Change #alhan2018
he wasn't ready but nobody cared 😂
AINDA NAO CONSEGUI PARAR DE RIR!!! Muito bom loool 😂😂😂
Where there is bakamoon, there is full moon
What a strike from Nainggolan!
Vine by Bleacher Report - 😳
GOAL! Wales 2-1 Belgium (Robson-Kanu 55) #WALBEL #EURO2016
"When a man finds a woman he loves, he will go through hell & high waters for her..." 🌹
PPM/MDA press kuda vaguthu kolheh thereyga channel13 vaguthun.
Man I'm crying real tears man 😭😭😭
PPM musthashaaru ihuyaa kuravvanee.
Happy Birthday dan selamat ulangtahun perkahwinan buat Noh Salleh & Mizz Nina 😊
This is how people living next to Masjid al-Aqsa are woken up for suhoor.
Maymoon at the end of his press conference @yaamyn
To all the doubters.. Zlatan has something to say to you! #WelcomeZlatan
Selamat ulangtahun perkahwinan buat Noh dan Miz Nina. Sweet je tengok dorang berdua ni 😍 #InstaSeleb
I love internet 😭
.@AhmedSaeedGahaa @Jameel_Usman ves nidhanee
LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul on vacation together.
PPM minivan kurey! E party ga asurumaa folhen jehey 🌸🌼🌸
@AhmedSaeedGahaa Nunidhaa kamah hedhen vegen Bochey @RifauMP
When politicians who ruled with iron firsts has to come to the rescue cos his brothers tyranny is too much.
On a brighter note #ZlatanIsRed
Goal - Robson Kanu with an unreal turn.
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Yameen fahathuga thibi hamaekani rayyithunkolhu, amilla visnumuga chuppu bunelan kereyne ekakuves neiy. #ladh
Share your climate story. #Film4Climate
Komme beyfulhakah ves mi ihusas kureveni thimannaya kamaka kurimathi vumun.
Prove it. Resign now & seek fresh mandate from voters without hiding behind @maumoonagayoom

No? Of course not.
It was such a pleasure releasing Shalabees madhaha album last night. Wish him every success.
#BOALHAKOBA ? ge rangalhu javaab dhimaakuri nasbeebveri faraathakee 9923264 | #WALBEL #EvoEuroFoari @Raajje_tv
Kevin De Bruyne is the only player to create more than 20 chances so far at #EURO2016 - 22 in total. #EvoEuroFoari
Tharagge ah Jaaga Dhevvaaa!
My official show of interest to participate in the PPM leadership primary.
MUO called on EU & like minded countries in Colombo. Death Penalty & PPM split discussed  @mvopposition
.@abkhaleel Corruption noanna kamah vidhaalhu veema, please do keep this note. have a nice day
Noted and waiting..............
#BMLEUROQUIZ | BML (SPACE) A, B OR C SEND TO 450 | @bankofmaldives #WALBEL #EvoEuroFoari @Raajje_tv
The image youve been waiting to see! #ZlatanTime
Joining ex-AG Niyazs call that @mvopposition declare corrupt agreements will be terminated by any future gov.
Umaru Naseeruge raningmate aka Faarish Maumoon?
Veterans Cup: Final gai NEW aai Valencia
Dhaulathuge TV in vaki party ehge PG group ge press conference eh live koh mi gennany kon usoolakun? #corruption
PPM ge mashvaraa Majileehuge member kamun hon. Umar Naseer vakikiurahvaifi.
Thiyaee tourism aa gulhigen rajje ga hingi ENME BODU VAHKAMUGE sarukaaru. 3bl Rufiya mihaaru ves vany dhiruvaalafa!
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RT @NaniiNashid: Guess UK didn't #brexit the #EURO2016 after all! #WAL killing it!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️❤️

Male', Maldives

RT @UEFAEURO: #WAL: 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Hulhumalé, Maldives.

RT @UEFAEURO: #WAL manager Coleman: "Don’t be afraid to have dreams. Don’t be afraid to fail." 💪 #WALBEL #EURO2016

Male', Maldives

RT @UEFAEURO: Allen: "This team never gives up. It's going to take something special to stop us." #WAL #EURO2016


#Euro2016 Eiffel Tower pays tribute to the Welsh side who marches forward to the Semi finals. #WAL


RT @Squawka: Thibaut Courtois pre-match chin scratch: Didn't do it v #ITA & #WAL and lost. Did it v #SWE, #IRL & #HUN and won.


#BEL balikoh #WAL semi final ah


RT @PSMnewsmv: #BEL balikoh #WAL semi final ah


RT @UEFAEURO: Wales don't want to go home. 🐉💪 #WAL #EURO2016🇫🇷


RT @HabaruFeetha: #RTVLIVE: #WAL ge thaareehugaives kulhey furathama bodu Semi final gai nikuhnaanee #POR aa dhekolhah | | #WALBEL #EvoEuroFoari @Raajje_tv

My official show of interest to participate in the PPM leadership primary.
@UmarNaseerPPM Go to a doctor and check ur mental condition first.
@UmarNaseerPPM congratulations ????????????????????????
Hey @UmarNaseerPPM ! You promised to #Findmoyameeha!!
Hello Presidential candidate 2018 @UmarNaseerPPM - I am a Maldivian and WTF you block me? Its 1 vote! ????
Businessmen? One Umar Naseer = Many Businessman #PPMEnglish @UmarNaseerPPM
@UmarNaseerPPM sir, more campaign posters in the making
Yameen fahathuga thibi hamaekani rayyithunkolhu, amilla visnumuga chuppu bunelan kereyne ekakuves neiy. #ladh
@RifauMP nidhanee Suja aafurenee. Majubooruvegen thanthanah gosthibenyaa thihenvaane :)
@raajjemv @tvmaldives @AhmedMahloof @maumoonagayoom @PoliceMv @MNDF_Official