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RT @Daraghma1988: I cannot stand watching the #Palestinian toddlers & children in #Gaza dying on live TV. Fuck the whole world, our children shall live!!!

male maldives

RT @ThisIsGaZa: . @lmconte you can always be a part of the greatest PAlestinians and Pro-Palestinian movement #BDS Boycott israel. spread the word


RT @PalAnonymous: 287 Palestinian kids among over 1230 murdered in #Gaza #WarCrimesInGaza


RT @Ramdog1980: Palestinian Teen Farah Baker Live Tweets Nighttime Bombardment in Gaza - NBC News | @scoopit via @boadhigu

This is in my area. I cant stop crying. I might die tonight #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #Gaza via @Farah_Gazan


RT @PopMathobela: A child in alShifa burns unit. 2000 children have been injured during Israels bombardment of Gaza. #GazaUnderAttack