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459 people on board;
325 high school pupils
15 teachers
30 crew members
89 other passengers
First title of the season. #FinalCopa #champions
FT: FC Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid (68’ Bartra | 10’ Di María, 85 Bale). COPA DEL REY CHAMPIONS!!!!! #FinalCopa
when history repeats itself. 

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Ipoh, Malaysia on Twitter

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Video Karpal Singh Maut Dalam Kemalangan Ngeri

Ipoh, Perak

RT @ShakirAmeer: In 2002 Karpal singh defended a Singaporean Malay girl's right to wear tudung to school. He was barred from practicing by Singapore govt.

ipoh. perak

dulu mase MH370 hilang org ckp dirancang...sekarang ni karpal singh mati pon org ckp dirancang jgk...

Ipoh, Perak

Wow dad took Karpal Singh case. Wow.


RT @syahredzan: "Don't play-play with the Constitution" - Karpal Singh, 2014. We will make sure of that, sir.


RT @JetsamCadillac: Ala karpal dh xde, kurang dah satu pembangkang berkualiti dalam negara ni, xkan nk harap mat sabu je kot.

Ipoh, Perak

2014 - Kapal MH370 . Karpal Singh . KAPALAHOTAK hang .


RT @JojoAnnaBieber: Karpal Singh was someone i really looked up to. Such an inspiration. Rest in peace sir.



Ipoh, Perak

RT @twitpsis: Warga PSIS mengucapkan takziah buat keluarga Karpal Singh. Antara peguam yang otai. Salute.

Taiping Perak