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1st half good, 2nd half not so good. 2-0 is not impossible to overturn. See you at...

Wuuuuuuuuuuuu~  btol keee?? Sebab boleh jadi gak ~
He has a girlfriend. #7
Start lists: Thailand vs Malaysia #AFFSuzukiCup
Brotherhood Respect. Salute to Thailand National Team. #THAvsMAS #AFFSuzukiCup
What wrong has Sara done this time?😂
Safee Sali
Lets give our salute to Ultras Malaya at the Rajamangala Stadium 👏👏
Sorry girls, i dah ada girlfriend.
The first battle for the #AFFSuzukiCup is tonight! If ur in BKK with #HarimauMalaya, dont forget to roam with @DTAC!
Best photo from the World cup!
Nak sangatkan player no 7. Ni haa menangis tepi perigi la korang perempuan sana HAHAHAHAHA
7 malaysia vs 7 thailand!!!
No religion tells you to kill. Seeking revenge by killing children isnt justice. RIP #PeshawarAttack victims.
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Worldclass attitude! RT@TeamMalaysiaFC: Brotherhood Respect. Salute to Thailand National Team. #AFFSuzukiCup

RT @TeamMalaysiaFC: Brotherhood Respect. Salute to Thailand National Team. #THAvsMAS #AFFSuzukiCup


RT @MyMalaysia_: Malaysian fans welcomed by Thai fans in Bangkok. #AFFSuzukiCup


RT @affsuzukicup: FULL TIME!! Thailand 2-0 Malaysia #AFFSuzukiCup


RT @affsuzukicup: The Malaysian fans are still singing in full voice, they know they have a 2nd leg to come!! #AFFSuzukiCup


Suara keramat Ultras Malaya kedengaran. #AFFSuzukiCup


Tabur semua jajan biskut air kuaci depan tv. Bak penuh hall rumah. #HarimauMalaya #Finale #AFFSuzukiCup


Harimau Malaya! #Finale #AFFSuzukiCup


RT @ultrasmalaya07: Mana kamu Malaysiaku? Di manapun kamu kami ada selalu! #BangkitBersama #AFFSuzukiCup

3.044917 N , 101.445562 E

RT @johardyibrahim: #HarimauMalaya vs Thailand 1st leg final #AFFSuzukiCup in Bangkok tonite. YAKIN BOLEH!

3.044917 N , 101.445562 E
Sementara itu...
Special birthday girl #HappySweet17SoniaJKT48 #Happy3rdAnniversaryJKT48
“@TeamMalaysiaFC: Brotherhood Respect. Salute to Thailand National Team. #THAvsMAS #AFFSuzukiCup” hats off
udah malem, mau tiduuuurrrr, bhaaayyy :*