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Two kinds of people in this world
RT if you have the same problem as me :(
😂😂 my teacher really thinks this is a calculator
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End of my short trip to Sarawak. Goodbye. Having a great time with the families from Gedong. I'm gonna…


Paloi cina lantak lantak (@ Kuching International Airport (KCH) in Kuching, Sarawak)

Kuching, Sarawak

I'm at Shahfiq's House - @ehshahfiq in Cat city, Sarawak


Sarawak Art Meseum. Suwek! #harimalaysia #outingbersamakepochi @ Sarawak Art Museum

Subang Jaya, MY

I'm at E-Mart 24hours in Kuching, Sarawak


Sarawak Museum. Suwek ✌ #harimalaysia #outingbersamakepochi @ Museum Sarawak

Subang Jaya, MY

Supper (@ Lok Lok in Kuching, Sarawak)


Supper – with @zakieyrais (@ RedZone Cafe in Kuching, Sarawak)

Borneo | @zakieyrais 's❤

I'm at Kuching International Airport (KCH) in Kuching, Sarawak

Shah Alam

RT @sarawakupdate: Kami merdeka pada 22 Julai. Kami tidak masuk MALAYSIA. Malaysia tidak wujud tanpa Sarawak, Sabah dan Singapore....

RT @LawakOrgSarawak: "@SantaiDanSampah: Menteri Sarawak punya bini Selamat Hari Malaysia" ini Kim kardashian Kami!!!
RT @ohteenquotes: ????
RT @ohteenquotes: I love…
RT @elorakdshn: Two kinds of people in this world