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Why cant we have these in Malaysia ? Why why why ?
Photos: South Korean ferry carrying students capsizes, hundreds missing
Omg this is so heart breaking . #prayforsouthkorea
Condition of the vehicle that killed @KarpalSinghDAP and his assistant. Our condolences to the family
First title of the season. #FinalCopa #champions
our Malaysian sweetheart, Yuna at Coachella :)
"same date, same month, same tragedy but different year." #prayforsouthkorea 😢
Deepest condolences to their families, these two are real heroes. #PrayForSouthKorea 🙏
459 on board
325 high school pupils
15 teachers


this is so heartbreaking #prayforsouthkorea
Verde Aventador Roadster
FT: FC Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid (68’ Bartra | 10’ Di María, 85 Bale). COPA DEL REY CHAMPIONS!!!!! #FinalCopa
MUST READ: This is unbelievable!
Dear smokers, heres some tip on how to stop or reduce smoking habit. Please share :)
I could eat this everyday 😋
u cant hate cats
Premier League title for Liverpool?
New look for the Kaaba..
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RT @amrin_hidayat: ade pulak yang konpius antara Karpal Singh dengan Karam Singh Walia. Teruk betul

Petaling Jaya

tolong lah . ? Yang excident tU KARPAL SINGH okay . Bukan KARAM SINGH WALIA :/

Petaling jaya

@NurainMSalleh karpal singh dduk atas kerusi roda. Karam singh tgn suka angkat bila ckp. Hehe

Shah Alam, Malaysia

How can people blh tertukar karpal dgn karam. Tak de rotan lempang pun boleh..

Shah Alam

RT @NajibRazak: I have just landed at Ankara when I heard the news that YB Karpal Singh died in a road accident . My condolences to the family .

shah alam

Gambar Keadaan Kereta Remuk Teruk...Kuat Impaknya...Apa Apa Pun Takziah Untuk Keluarga Karpal Singh

Shah Alam

Karam singh dengan karpal singh tu memang sama singh nya je bruh. Lain lain tak sama bruh. Tangan dengan pantun tak sama bruh.

Shah Alam

Bhahahahaha ni epic gila RT "@aniszady: Dan bila masa Karpal Singh baca berita bang? ????"

Shah Alam

RT @Intanyuzy_: Orang lain salute #KarpalSingh Yang Malaysia,Kutuk Karpal Singh.

shah alam

RT @KingGopoh: Bro, yang mati tu lawyer, Karpal Singh bukan Karam Singh si pembaca berita.

shah alam
RT @Ean_Yong: Deepest condolence to @GobindSinghDeo & Sdr Karpal family. Extremely sad. The nation lost a great & fearless leader!
RT @Khairykj: Offering support to my political mentor. Tough times requiring great leadership from @HishammuddinH2O.
RT @NST_Online: Condition of the vehicle that killed @KarpalSinghDAP and his assistant. Our condolences to the family
RT @imokman: We lost a national hero this morning, we will always remember the Tiger of Jelutong @KarpalSinghDAP
RT @ReadingMonk: He forgets. Even his freedom to express such hatred is made possible by sacrifice of good men like @KarpalSinghDAP