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Selamat pagi. Semoga hari ini lebih indah dari hari semalam. Hehe
Media Statement from @MAS with regards to discovery at Reunion Island. @501Awani
Org ckp jodoh kuat kalau muka sama, jd aku pun cuba compare selfie aku dgn bini aku. Btl sama, patut la ktorg kawin.
HT : Manchester United 0-2 PSG (Blaise Matuidi, Zlatan Ibrahimovich). #ICCUSA
Control level - Dimitar Berbatov.
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RT @flight_report: [BREAKING] First wreckage of #MalaysiaAirlines #MH370 #777 could have been found at Reunion Island! via @PeurAvion

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RT @501Awani: [PHOTO GALLERY] Could this be #MH370 ? (4 photos)

Bandar Shah Alam, Selangor

RT @bharianmy: #MH370: Masih terlalu awal tentukan kesahihan serpihan - MAS Selanjutnya di

Shah Alam, Malaysia

RT @bharianmy: #MH370: Malaysia hantar pasukan khas ke Pulau Reunion Selanjutnya di

Shah Alam, Malaysia

RT @australian: #MH370 speculation sparked by debris found on Indian Ocean. island

Kota Bharu-Shah Alam

RT @sumishanaidu: #MH370: Where Reunion Island is in relation to the missing @MAS Boeing-777's departure point, KLIA

Shah Alam

RT @WSJ: Could ocean currents have carried #MH370 debris to Réunion?

Shah Alam

M'sia akan sahkan sama ada serpihan dari #MH370

@shah alam

RT @WIREDScience: Even if that debris belongs to #MH370, it still won't tell us where the plane crashed. Thanks, ocean currents:

Shah Alam

Hoping for a good news. #MH370 be safe where ever you are



1 - Were under way in Chicago! #MUtour
Dont forget, well retain the ICC trophy if we beat PSG. Lets finish Tour 2015 with a bang! #MUtour








Media Statement from @MAS with regards to discovery at Reunion Island. @501Awani