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RT @VanessaSubes: "@Mr_Ndilula_JR: THANK YOU  @Samanthcaakes: No excuses ”"
:""D RT @Mr_Ndilula_JR:  @Samanthcaakes: Facebook has no chill "

I think it goes for them too bruh@mr_ndilula_jr


LOL ask those things RT @Mr_Ndilula_JR: Beyonce gives her husband head. Who's boyfriend/husband/father do you give head?


RT @Mr_Ndilula_JR: The best shit are always the morning shits @AllyTheJedi: Don't start off your day full of shit. Take that morning poop ????"


RT @Mr_Ndilula_JR: People will talk bout your financial status like they're your personal bankers or some shit.


RT @Mr_Ndilula_JR: Always remember that what you say bout somebody else speaks volumes about the kind of person you are


LoL!! "@Mr_Ndilula_JR: :""""D @tatenande: ma'gents DM the girl TF!! . @TiahDavids Sad thing is,I can't even DM myself☹”"


RT @Mr_Ndilula_JR: June. The month some of the girls on SA twitter & Nam twitter are looking forward 2. The month their men come back to Africa for the holiday


RT @Mr_Ndilula_JR: A lot of people hide their insecurities behind the insults they dish out on the daily ouchea.



Pic looks like that of sperm sef "@Mike___MJ: LoL RT @ayinnu: Smh RT @Mr_Miharbi: Horny?! Lool "@AmosJayd: Naija! ☹""
HotoH though RT @LydiaCMatheus: Babe, I dont care."@Mike___MJ: Im hating RT @LydiaCMatheus: Whatsapp DP :)"
RT @Mike___MJ: Damn RT @CarlosGurirab: Caramel Ass is the only ass il eat.
RT @SirTanga: Plenty food at my house, come thru :D RT @LydiaCMatheus: Whatsapp DP :)"
Haha RT @CarlosGurirab: Niggas have time. . But I also see a devils face 
RT @Mike___MJ: Damn RT @CarlosGurirab: Caramel Ass is the only ass il eat.
RT @AllyTheJedi: 