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"We know that...Vote for Swapo"Our Politician reacting to this---> "Namibia has the second highest housing price increase...."


King Kambonde kAngula (1909-1912), far right, circa 1900, Namibia (photo: M. Wehanen/Museums Association of Namibia). http://t.co/mOyqDls46Y

Windhoek, Namibia

Namibia's fifth post-independence general elections slated for November 28, 2014. #NamibianElections2014

Windhoek, Namibia
RT @Mr_Ndilula_JR: #NamTwitter watching the EFF vs Mbalula twar like: http://t.co/28ENEFFcQY


Dillish calling @TheNamibian like http://t.co/VYlbfkQuan
RT @Someone_Ben: Hahaha RT @ChilliKong: That electricity pole can get it "@Eshete_Meke: Road is clean RT @veloptious: Hot sunny day!! http://t.co/HhpTmrwAqI"
RT @shatipaul: Lord Bendtner RT @Pa_Silvester: :""""D RT @Bendtner__Facts: Haters will say its FIFA.. http://t.co/AZ8MfbQHik
RT @Alex_N_Elias: ???????????????????????????????? “@Its_Asser: ???????????? RT @T_Nambahu: The way your wingman looks at you when you start lying to the girls... http://t.co/pMc5uhuElC”
:""""D RT @Bendtner__Facts: Haters will say its FIFA.. http://t.co/Rnl118K8TV
RT @shatipaul: #Factsonly RT @2ChainlezChainz: Bloody hell!!!! RT @Bendtner__Facts: Respect http://t.co/gHFkVGItNI


:""""D RT @Bendtner__Facts: Haters will say its FIFA.. http://t.co/Rnl118K8TV