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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - J.J. Abrams Movie HD
Kadhim's post on Vine - Fights breaking out #BlackFriday - Kadhim's post on Vine
nick crosswaite's post on Vine - Well done asda! Building up a storm for shit tvs that you can't get rid of! #asda #blackfriday - nick crosswaite's post on Vine
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A tribute to Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes at the training ground this morning #PutOutYourBats #RIPPhilHughes
Salutations... @narayanwagle
Bangalore Traffic Police: "Dont talk while he drives."
Le Palpasa Cafe
@narayanwagles PC in French
introduced by @kundadixit
Congratulation @narayanwagle and @surajshakya dai on the launch of French version of "Palpasa Cafe".
Hes so extra. 😭 RT @DaniFantastic: Lmaoooooo RT @alexischntelle im rlly weak bc my moms ex came to flex on her😩😭
Shame shame puppy shame....!
Divided by Politics,United by Cricket. People playing cricket in rural area of Nepal. Interesting field placing too.
#63NotOut Kane Williamson scores the first international Hughey #PH408
Congratulations to #mufcs Angel Di Maria, one of 15 midfielders shortlisted for the 2014 FIFA/FIFPro World XI.
There we go! @narayanwagle has his #PalpasaCafe on 4th language(French) and @surajshakya does it happen! @kundadixit
And @timesofindia writes "RIP Sachin Tendulkar" !!! #Blunder
All week, the City of #Geneva has been wearing IOM colours. #IOMCouncil2014 #Geneve @IOM_news
Fans in Mirpur pay tribute to Hughes, who died after being hit by a ball, during the 4th ODI on Friday.
EXCLUSIVE- #Badlapur #Raghu first look. All is fair in revenge #badlapurteaserdec2nd.Are you ready India? it begins!!
Cricket all around the World stands as one today to pay their respects to Phillip Hughes #63notout
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