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Shit Lit For Elizabeth.
Here's an original song for you guys... Enjoy #dotheboogaloo
개구리를 잡았어요
This is my immigration policy
Vine by snuggles_thedog - wait for it
"please briefly describe your dream job"
😍❤️ RT @VanityLaviie: Lmao no I just love them 😂😂😂 RT @nique_sodivine: Relationship goals 😭😭😭😭 Elizabeth always lit
Brutal fight. Not for softhearted
So this happened. Full clip here. What do you have to say for yourself @JoaoKleberShow ?
The collection of USB-powered bling (shit) is growing, and I couldn't be happier 😊
🙄 RT @balleralert: Kid selling candy and an old lady comes up to the kids asking to see a business license
haters will say photoshop
me after watching 2 seasons of grey's anatomy
IT WORKS! Procedural dancing using music & physics! TURN YO SPEAKS ON. Music by @Tri_Tachyon #madewithunity
Vine by coogi - oh no 'send a card' on NZPost site be like
tyler busting his ass during trees, safe to say he didn't come back over there after the second chorus LMAO
Britain's next big decision. (from
Spy Valley Easy Tiger coming to a bar near you @SpyValleyUK @bibendumwine #sauvignonblanc #nzwine #lifestyle
Vine by kaoriiiii - R18#taehyung #jimin #방탄소년단 #防弾少年団 #BangtanBoys #BTS
desiigners timmy turner freestyle turned into a song and its fire🔥
the girls supporting lgbt is so cute
When #lcfc and #mufc come together to celebrate #leicestercitychampions #benidorm
me: im gonna go to bed early tonight. me at 3:00 am:
Petrol bomb was placed outside Mosque in perth where 100's of worshippers were Praying. Isn't it a Terrorist attack?
Janet asked him did he want to smell her punani...I can't 💀
when she said "my bad" i thought it was beyoncé 😫😫😫🍋
After traveling for 5 years and nearly 1.8 billion miles, NASA's Juno will arrive at Jupiter
Good night from @Space_Station
Today we pregnancy scanned and DNA sampled 1180 ewes at #smedley station. A great crew! @NZBeefLamb #Genetics
Upcoming: Japan, Australia and finally New Zealand 🇯🇵🇦🇺🇳🇿 #727Tour
me online vs me in real life
Vine by Derek Faye - #HVDY
Think your safe up there?
Leonie tells us about the World Cup theme at last years @AuckFootballFed Holiday Programme. Next one on 13-15th July
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tyler and me looking so handsome in char-lit NC
For those interested what I really thought while hiding my despair yesterday
1 day // SLFL
Dear sir, I have recently learned how voting works and I am APPALLED.
Barack can u handle this?
Justin can u handle this?
Enrique can u handle this?
I dont think they can handle this!
London Mayor Sadiq Khan breaks Eid fast with the Archbishop and the Chief Rabbi. I love this picture so much.
가만히 있다 셀카가 땡겨 찍었어요!
근데 지민이 형이 끓인 라면 진짜 싱거워 보이지 않나요?
라면은 한 봉지당 400ml에다 냄비 뚜껑은 안 닫고 끓이는 게 더 맛있어요
그렇더라구요 ㅎ 계란은 자유👍
we got caught in the rain but werent allowed to be on stage so we had to hightail outta there. I wasnt scared.
outdoor show in raleigh delayed. be safe during evacuation. were doing our best to tidy up so the show can go on.
불태웠다!!!!! 허허허 오늘 하루도 고생하셨어요 여러분
Farage spot on as ever
(With thanks to @tweeter_anita )
멤버들 보고싶구만😭
Hey @thewarehousenz, I appreciate that the girl in your ads is playing with action figures and a lightsaber. 💙
Worth tweeting again in light of the latest inequality statistics here in New Zealand . . .
New Zealands going for a bunch of office workers getting ready for indoor netball, a couple turned up late look.
We hereby present to you a video in which Matty Healy says the words New Zealand and yes
joshs broken kick drum, charlotte.
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RT @nzherald: South Otago town of Kaitangata makes world headlines punting the Kiwi dream

New Zealand

@nzherald 40k in fees, when most of the investing they talk about is all automated, it's a ripoff that banks love, money for nothing

Auckland, New Zealand

South Otago town of Kaitangata makes world headlines punting the Kiwi dream

New Zealand

RT @nzff: .@DominicCorry lists his ten must-see films at #nziff 2016 via @nzherald

New Zealand

NZ Olympic team outfits revealed via @nzherald

Auckland, New Zealand

Kiwi wearable tech gets big investment via @nzherald

Auckland City, New Zealand

@2TAPU @nzherald Kia Ora for that

Lower Hutt City, New Zealand

Well that's quite an unfortunate #typo. @nzherald


@rogerdodgernz @nzherald good schools, high-ish decile. Subway yes. Climate is warm summers, cold but not too wet winters.

Dunedin, NZ

RT @nzherald: Buying a home in NZ? How much would you pay for a home with a view? #NZHFocus