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2 weeks ago ISIS executed Syrian Muslim journalist Bassam Raies. The world didnt give a damn. #Syria
And were off! Bryce has started his 55 hour bowling challenge for @CureKidsNZ. Video stream:
@vicmandrake Those butts will not look so nice after they receive this portion of American "culture" Just wait.
North west probably has more money in her purse than me....
This is what we see looking down while being inside an #aurora.
Kids, this is how we texted in the 80s.
a normalidade desse ser humano ficou no útero
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RT @deltablues_king: Key claims @nzlabour to intro 5 new taxes. Funny, when Keys Govt has introduced at least 15... #nzpol #realitycheck
RT @nzlabour: People are at the core of Labours values. Were #forabetterNZ. #keyvcunliffe
RT @TedTedwin: "My Dad votes for you!" Kids <3 @nzlabour @younglabournz and @DavidClarkNZ - we will make life better for all NZ kids
RT @denistegg: Fact Check: Key lied about @nzlabour policy on capital gains tax on family occupied home held in a trust. Exempt.
RT @miriampierard: And @DavidCunliffeMP said #InternetMana wouldnt be at the table with @nzlabour :P Always good panels with these two
Street corner meetings in Port Charmers with @DavidClarkNZ and @nzlabour talking about state housing-100,000 homes!!
RT @Nil_Joel: @DavidClarkNZ giving a street corner meeting out in Port Chalmers this morning @nzlabour #VotePositive #ForABetterNZ