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After a long journey, Zuri leaps into her new home at @WellingtonZoo #giraffeonthemove
Vine by @StoolMilmore - Barstool Sports - It was a good run
오늘 힘들어 하시는 분들 많으시던데 힘내 쿵침 #JIMIN #침침시리즈 #끝
Vine by NBA TV - Chuck on Steven Adams
just for shits and giggles 😮
19810 ppl connected wid GuruMantra! #MSGwelfareServices Cheques for medical cure, Home keys &Tricycles given 2 needy
Vine by B2 #12 - Le but de Giroud contre le Cameroun #FRACAM
Vine by CUZO - 😂😂😂😂😂😂 the break up will happen if they lose game 7 #TeamEdit
MVP!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Congratulations @MisElizaJane on your #ChoiceSciFiTVActress nomination for #TeenChoice! RT this tweet to vote now!
Like how does this even happen??
New clip of my single "Treat You Better" out June 3rd ! #4DaysTilBetter
Some massive praise from Charles Barkley of Steven Adams! #GSWvsOKC
Vine by Leah Apablasa - San Diego weather got us all like
See scope needed! Look up & to right of the moon to see Mars at closest approach:
Dying 😂😭
- Vine by Moleman
RT this tweet to vote now for @LanaParrilla as your #ChoiceSciFiTVActress! #TeenChoice
Dinah dancing with a child is the cutest thing ever
when you tell her you got a girl but she still thirst…
When looking cool goes wrong.
Vine by Bleacher Report - Strength 💪
ayyy!!! Ibiza you ready ?!??
Every article we've ever published is now online #deepsearch #sharks #parthenogenesis
Coalition agreement while in Opposition....Greensbour/Laboureens.
When the Clique's ampme game is on FLEEK👌
When you finally exorcise that demon that's been bugging you
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 RT @DukeOfZamunda: LeBron at home like:
Ain't nobunny got time for that.
물방울 고양이들
I quit casting. I'm going pro.
Did you guys see this part in the FaZe 6 year video?
Vine by Joseph Durie - "That boy Steven Adams is REAL! He is gonna be a star in this league!" - Charles Barkley
Vine by NBA - Steph & KD embrace after an incredible Western Conference Finals series! #ThisIsWhyWePlay
#Penguins or #Sharks? Five reasons why you need to watch the #StanleyCup
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U voted for it & itll be back onboard nxt month by popular demand 😍 RT 2 be in 2 win a carton of these delicious 🍪🍪
Fact checking by the Morgan Foundation. Seems the Nats may just not be very good at housing.
.@nzlabour built about 600 more houses per 1/4 than under @NZNationalPartys term thus far
ppl are freaking out bc a lesbian couple is in Finding Dory but no one cared when a girl fell in love with a bee smh
The Fix - my cartoon in todays @nzherald #housingcrisis
Todays MoU is a fresh start - a sign of strength in our relationship and our mutual commitment to #ChangetheGovt
:.:can not wait to show you, frens, what me and my other frens have been working on.
starts tomorrow:.:
And lets be brave  #DolceAmoreScar
Im incredibly proud of @NZGreens our members, MPs & supporters today. The first step is taken to ChangetheGovt 2017
happy bday cutie
guys last night I went to this weird party where there was a lot of things on fire
Zuri arrived from @aucklandzoo last night and came bounding out of her crate and into her new @WellingtonZoo home.
Why does Steven Adams always look like hes contemplating life when he gets assaulted
.@AustralianLabor: You suck.
@Greens: You’re death camp monsters.

*cuts to New Zealand*
Thanks @polaroid for helping #HoranandRose capture a great charity weekend for @CRUK_kids #polaroid
every time i hear our music play  #DolceAmoreScar
just quietly, when I wrote that column a prizewinning blogger torched me good.
"What would Labour do?"

This is one thing Labour would do, endorsed by the NZ Herald.
Today in History 31 May 1916, HMS New Zealand fights in the Battle of Jutland #Jutland100
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Labour & Green agreement = Labour's move to the left. Aspire's left of centre but morally conservative. Is that you?

New Zealand

1. #VANvNZL 2. #ChangeTheGovt 3. Labour and Greens 4. #GSWvOKC 5. #nzqt 2016/6/1 01:32 NZST #trndnl

New Zealand

Labour to appoint a shadow minister for neurodiversity

Upper Hutt City, New Zealand

1. #VANvNZL 2. #ChangeTheGovt 3. Labour and Greens 4. #GSWvOKC 5. #nzqt 2016/6/1 01:13 NZST #trndnl

New Zealand

Labour, Greens to work to change govt

Christchurch City, New Zealand

@LewisHoldenNZ @tmurphyNZ was a messy 3 years for Nats & High unemployment, low wage growth. No direction. Labour fought hard polled well.

Auckland, New Zealand

1. #VANvNZL 2. #ChangeTheGovt 3. Labour and Greens 4. #GSWvOKC 5. #nzqt 2016/6/1 00:53 NZST #trndnl

New Zealand

1. #VANvNZL 2. #ChangeTheGovt 3. Labour and Greens 4. #GSWvOKC 5. #nzqt 2016/6/1 00:33 NZST #trndnl

New Zealand

@richardhills777 @tmurphyNZ Richard's right on this one - Labour better be hoping for another global recession

New Zealand

Nothing historic about a pre-election deal, Labour did one with the Alliance (remember them?) in 1998.

New Zealand