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Vine by Khoa - What about dogs? #runningmanchallenge
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Bey in the rain last night, still looking like a goddess
Things I put her through, thought I lost her for good. Strongest woman other than Moms that I queen 😍
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- Vine by Barstool Sports - Coley

RT @CloydRivers: Damn Ted, just ‘cause you won’t be President doesn’t mean you can punch your wife. Hit home runs, not honeys. Merica


RT @yohosiefgc: Ted Cruz abandons presidential bid as the magic holding him together fades and he turns back into a bowl of potato salad


RT @jonswaine: Ted Cruz ends campaign by accidentally hitting, elbowing his wife in the face

DC - NOVA - Bama

RT @Gawker: Failed candidate Ted Cruz elbows wife in face

athens, bama

RT @thetomzone: Seriously, drop everything you're doing and watch this Vine of Ted Cruz accidentally punching his wife in the face


RT @NiggaCommentary: Ted Cruz just two-pieced his wife in the face

texas bama

RT @RyanCFowler: Ted Cruz and Auburn have a lot in common; both overestimate their importance.


RT @ashleeeymarrrie: when Ted Cruz drops out of the race but that means Donald Trump is gonna be the nominee

texas -- bama

RT @thetomzone: Ted Cruz accidentally punches wife in the face while dropping out. Then elbows her in the face.

texas bama

RT @barstoolsports: Ted Cruz just two-pieced his wife



Vine by LegionNBA - HOLY SHIT KYLE LOWRY!!!!