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this happened while my Mom was at the gorilla exhibit. Her video. #cincinnatizoo #gorilla #harambe
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RT @CourtneeHendrix: RIP to the gorilla who was just tryna be a gorilla but white people captured him and then other white people wanted to touch him now he dead

Northern Florida Carolina Bama

RT @CherguiaMbark: Gorilla died today at The Cincinnati Zoo today because of irresponsible parents He just celebrated his 17th birthday

texas bama

Am I the only person who doesn't care that the gorilla got shot?

Murrland✈️ Bama

RT @_JessiVanessa: I'm so mad reading about this gorilla story . The gorilla didn't even look like a threat


RT @iamTresor: If the gorilla didn't kill me my mom would've


RT @Afro_Clutch: So they just gon kill the gorilla for behaving like a gorilla?


RT @kayarand: Black mom reaction #1 Sees you struggling and yelling in the gorilla pit


RT @Kristian_idk: You mean gorilla dies cause white people cant control their kids....


RT @ClaudioManera: video footage of the gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo looked as if it were protecting the child as one of his own....atleast use a tranquilizer

The Core of Dova in Bama

RT @Amber_Soler: this happened while my Mom was at the gorilla exhibit. Her video. #cincinnatizoo #gorilla #harambe