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tears I'm cryin
"Please upload resume " *uploads* "Enter work history "
He. Did. That.
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Mom: "fix that attitude before i fix it for you"
"What are we?"
"WE. ARE. FARMERS! DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DU--nah but fr get out my house"
Enough. RT @FUCCl: "bitch why you being boring? Arthur and Buster tryna come thru and smoke us out..."
Get out of my Caucasian house.
"I just dont get why I cant say it, too."
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"My girl Michelle...I brag different" #DemsInPhilly

Michelle is being too extra crying over Frank like that #BB18


RT @Ncoleycole: All these white ppl mad that Michelle said the White House was built by slaves and trying to fact check her always come back w/ some bs

Pueblo, CO x B'ham, BAMA

RT @nyctophil3: Me forcing myself to be optimistic about Hillary cause Uncle Baraky and Aunt Michelle told me to:


RT @_InkMyThoughts: Hate Hillary , hate trump .. It's all fuckin bad smh . Why Michelle Obama or Joe Biden didn't run 😭


RT @Vrice14: There will never be another First Lady like Michelle Obama


RT @BougieLa: "Our wives are Michelle and Jill... we brag different."


RT @ItsSimplyKayla: I don't want President Obama, Michelle, Sasha, Malia, or Joe to leave the White House. #DemsInPhilly


RT @JoyAnnReid: This week, the moms have it. The Mothers of the Movement, the Orlando mom, and of course Michelle Obama. Powerful. #DemsInPhilly



north korea: you crossed the line! prepare for war! the US: this is the 25th time youve sai- north korea: