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I hope to see more of those dance moves @Arsenal soon... 👊💃😅 @MustafiOfficial @mertesacker #GermanGunners
Finally it's time to announce I've signed for @Arsenal! Can't wait to play for this great club! ⚽🔴⚪ #GunnerShkodran
You're spot on @VintageBrady - and here's the man himself! #BienvenidoLucas
She's one of the Best Gymnasts That didn't go to the Olympics.
Us waiting for the paperwork to be completed… #GunnerShkodran #BienvenidoLucas
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@theonion,#NnamdiKanu is the leader of over 70M #Biafrans, we will revolt worldwide if anything happens to him
@iainastewart,We call on people of good conscience,advocates of true democracy to support #NnamdiKanus release
Not sure I ever listened to my parents like this 😂😂😂 #Titi #LearnFromTheBest
Hello @Arsenal!!! #anewGunnerisintown #BienvenidoLucas ⚽️🔴⚪️🔴
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Good sturv #SheyJejeByDafresh
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Yall, me choosing to be makeup free doesnt mean Im anti-makeup. Do you! 😘😘
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Was kidnapped 10 days ago at Mpape, Abuja. 
She is 2 years old
The first headline is from the @MBuhari era. The second is from the @GEJonathan era. You cant argue with facts!
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The allocation of capital projects mirrors PMBs electoral victory of 2015. Thank you @channelstv for this expose.
hello,  have you heard of #UniqueUltimateSearch its a talent  hunt event happening tomorrow at Uniport.
My twin brother not long ago. From being pronounced dead to carrying me  at my grad. Dont tell me God is dead 😭❤️
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria and currently visiting tech entrepreneurs
I dont know who won the MVP "Award of the Year" last Year but this Nigga here is the Realest MVP for this Year. 🚶
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WHICH WAY NIGERIA: More Hardship: Buhari Government Set To Introduce 9% GSM Tax

Port Harcourt

RT @buchishine1: @CNNAfrica Your father. Nigeria is now too difficult to spell abi?

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

RT @CheRox: Uncle Yellow, shut it The US has an enabling environment for Mark's to achieve their full potential, Nigeria doesn't

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

RT @ManUtdInPidgin: Thunder Fire Una! Na Nigeria wey Brother Mark enter...

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

RT @all4allNuel: @CNNAfrica say it after me. Mark Zuckerberg visit the most populous African country, Nigeria. Now fix it like that.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

RT @Tutsy22: @CNNAfrica See list of Sub-Saharan African countries. Next time be specific. @MarkZuckerbergF was in Nigeria #Dazzol

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

RT @pam_E_chic: Nigeria rn Cant really spend cos harder times coming Cant really save cos ur money keeps losing value Cant invest cos businesses are failing

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

RT @GalacticoHD: No one knew Mark Zuckerberg will be in Nigeria until he landed & u saying u can't leave home cuz your dad is home?

Port harcourt

RT @BlacB: Mark Zuckerberg's visit to Lagos is actually a big deal for programmers and developers in Nigeria. everything is not comedy & music.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria




Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria and currently visiting tech entrepreneurs




I hope to see more of those dance moves @Arsenal soon... 👊💃😅 @MustafiOfficial @mertesacker #GermanGunners
Finally its time to announce Ive signed for @Arsenal! Cant wait to play for this great club! ⚽🔴⚪ #GunnerShkodran
Weve announced @MustafiOfficial - heres the man himself with how to pronounce his name... #GunnerShkodran