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"Mommy loves you" as ur child is being dragged by a gorilla. Bitch I can tell yo white ass ain't been thru a gotdamn thing


RT @whysotrill: What y'all think would've happened to this gorilla?


RT @Papabearant: Cuz he wasnt a white gorilla.

Eastside of Harlem

Bro I'm a fuckin untamed gorilla dawgs


RT @iBuyMyOwnBebe_: ? RT @yoyotrav: Universal reaction of Black parents if they caught us climbing into a Gorilla exhibit:


RT @JayZOverrated: maybe if you had yo child on a leash like a normal white person that poor gorilla wouldnt be dead


RT @PartitionBeat: *forgets to wash the dishes* SEE THATS WHY I SHOULDA LEFT YA ASS IN THAT GORILLA PIT

Eastside of Harlem

I dont get these gorilla jokes at all, maybe Im missing the context. I hope the baby is okay

Los Angeles via Black Harlem

RT @kayarand: Black mom reaction #10 Future arguments: "You gon stay out all night, after I jumped in a gorilla pit for you?!"


white people pay browns to raise/nanny their children, I'm not surprised one fell into an entire gorilla exhibition under the mothers watch