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Tror fyren med Island cap på t-banen beskriver kveldens kamp best
Legit this country doesn't care anymore
I can’t stop laughing. Thank you Steve McClaren for this beautiful moment on TV.
England vs. Iceland. (Via: @vvvili )
フル発見wwwww ノンスタ井上と斎藤さんのラップバトルかっこよすぎた👏w
When you spot yourself on the big screen and want people to think you've got a plan...
Will Grigg didn't play a minute at Euro 2016. This was how he was welcomed back in Belfast. #NIR
Vine by Chris Towers - Bit much. #ENG
“You can leave Europe! You can go wherever the hell you want!” Icelandic commentator after win. Voice of #Euro2016
プリ機で竜昇が ディズニーのチケットくれました😭💗 誕生日に一緒に過ごせるだけで嬉しいのにこんなサプライズまでしてくれるなんて夢みたいやしほんとに幸せです。 ありがとう大好きだよ😌💭 (( 08.01の3ヶ月記念日に行きます🐭
England's new national anthem gives me goosebumps
いやこれは笑うww 2人とも最高w
omg they told me we were playing a rooftop and that there was also some people in the streets n I was chill and then
Vine by vizzy9 - England Captain. Wayne Rooney #ENG
#ACE #あばれる君 #ドッキリ ドッキリで完全な即興‼︎ 元ラッパーのスキルがすごい😳
Harry Kane Euro set-piece compilation. The worst peformances I've ever seen in an England shirt. RT's appreciated.
Sky: Tomorrow the Suning takeover will be completed then #Inter can operate on the mercato. Piero Ausilio right now
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Think Ive been misquoted.
2 days // SLFL
Its a done deal - #SadioSigns! ✍
M9 Bayonet + Karambit EMERALD Giveaway!

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Winners drawn July 27.
Oh bloody hell, they play cricket as well
NEW VIDEO: "Hot Messes Try Rollercoasters" ft. Queen Jackie: (RT for a DM full of love!!)
Nå blir det rødt og bredt sykkelfelt i #drammensveien #sykkelioslo #oslo #sykkel
Really digging the stripes 😂
Sign the petition ! They did not know they would be kicked out of the tournament if they lost #EnglandVsIceland
Kian & JC
cant thank u enough 
4 a perfect nite!
U outpaced & eclipsed
all our hopes!
we r forever in allegiance!
Hope in a world of conflicts: Colombias war that displaced 6 mil can soon end. Restitution&return should accelerate
This view.. 😍 miss this!
when u accidentally send the screenshot to the person u were bitching about
I want a boy to be so in love with me that he takes photos like this for his wallpaper smh is that too much 2 ask 4
@joshuadun I bought myself a treat as well
3 days // SLFL
Sweden has been elected to the United Nations Security Council! #SwedenInUNSC
Sprik i bruk av sosialhjelp blant unge; Kristiansand flest, Oslo færrest: @Fafoinfo
RIP traditional TV 📺
So, gay pride week in Turkey. 
I’ll be honest, doesn’t look that fun.
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RT @groobiraq1: هذا المطار يا ما نقل ارهابيون للدول العربيه نقل #داعش وماعش هذا اخر من يدعم الارهاب #مطار_اتاتورك #Istanbul


RT @enriqueiglesias: My heart is with you #Istanbul

Oslo, Norway

RT @SHAWSHANK5: BREAKING Video: policeman tackles and shoots one attacker who then while injured detonated himself #Istanbul


RT @Conflicts: PHOTO: One of the Kalashnikov rifle used by the attackers at Ataturk airport in #Istanbul - @arabthomness


RT @AvisenDagen: All trafikk til og fra flyplassen i Istanbul er kansellert etter angrepet på flyplassen #terror #Istanbul #Tyrkia


RT @cnni: Photos from the scene after terror attack at #Istanbul's airport


RT @jensstoltenberg: I condemn the attacks at #Istanbul's Ataturk Airport. My thoughts are w/ the families of the victims, the injured and the people of Turkey.


RT @AndreasChoice: curious to know how slaughtering innocent people that have nothing to do with their issues is supposed to solve their issues #istanbul

Oslo, Norway

RT #DrQadri: “The people of Pakistan stand in solidarity with their Turkish brothers and sisters. #Istanbul” #PAT #Pakistan Dr #TUQ Dr #Qa…


RT #DrQadri: “Grieved to learn about killing of several people in gun and bomb attack on Istanbul's Airport. #Istanbul” #PAT #Pakistan Dr #…







Sweden has been elected to the United Nations Security Council! #SwedenInUNSC


Sweden has been elected to the United Nations Security Council! #SwedenInUNSC




Ingen fikk bot, men betjenten tok iallfall i bruk sint kroppsspråk! #DEG #Oslo #sykkel
Norsk stortingsrepresentant casher inn politiske poeng på terrorangrep, lenge før me veit kven som står bak.