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"MARILENE NÃO SE METE" "Amo imaginário" melhor vídeo de 2016.
Video: Lingard and Pogba [sc lingard]
'Shawn Mendes is a diva' Nuovo video di Shawn con Funny or Die!
Fact check: Every time Donald Trump said "I didn't say that," he actually did say that.
I'll never forget the day I met this baby squirrel. Hope you're doing big things now. You weren't just a squirrel to me. You were my son.
Vine by - There was love in the air tonight on #MNF
Donald Trump called her "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping." Her name is Alicia Machado. #DebateNight
ชอบๆ อีเหี้ย ต้องว่างและสร้างสรรค์ขนาดไหนกัน55555555555555555555
wow so beautiful
Yall so quick😂😂 #Debatenight
me tryna balance school, work, relationships, and TV shows all at once
in all honesty, this was quite entertaining #debatenight
Vine by Super Deluxe - You've got to hand it to Trump (by Vic Berger IV)
Vine by Dalton Bennett - Scrum pleasantries. The show hasn't even started but things are off to a great start #debates
Donald doesn't respect women. Not one bit. #debatenight
debate recap
Our daughters deserve better.
sleep with who you want my love, but dream of me.
Ariana Grande defendendo Fifth Harmony sobre apresentador que só pergunta de macho EU VIVO PARA ISSO
@MancAK7 he did the same with Rashford LOOOOL
When it's Champions League tomorrow
Just amazing, @FlashGJr. #JDF16
[#민혁] 오랜만이야 😁🎉 #HBDMONBEBE #Guilty
Harry Styles' first solo magazine covers have landed, featuring some extreme knitwear and a LEATHER CHOKER 💥🔥🚨
cada dia sinto mais orgulho e amor da pessoa maravilhosa que é camila cabello
perdi o rumo aqui
Incredible. #JDF16
5H se juntará a Justin Bieber, Taylor swift e Katy Perry como os únicos artistas a ter 2 vídeos com 1bilhão de views
เป็นcoverที่กูขำสุดตั้งแต่เคยดูมา5555555555555555555555555555555555555 #PPAP
いとうあさこ46featuring欅坂46 「サイレントマジョリティ」 #KEYABINGO
The woman Trump called “Miss Piggy” has a name: Alicia. #debatenight
vc bobeou o close certo do Faustão passou
"Kaç kurtar kendini." oyunculuklara gel be. Çağatay Ulusoy ve Aras Bulut İynemli döktürüyor yine👊🏼 #içerde
This shit brought tears to My eyes. First at bat for any marlins player
Vine by Chelsea FC - Michael Ballack target practice at Cobham, 2008! #CFC #Chelsea #football #soccer
When your campaign manager accidentally spills the beans about your abuse... er... "record on women"
lester: that's factually incorrect trump:
É muito bom ser fã de alguém que usa sua voz pra ajuda seus semelhantes,nao consigo medi o orgulho q tenho da Camila
The official intro
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||| 29.9.16 |||
||| 29.9.16 |||
||| 29.9.16 |||
Just got kicked out of the debate 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
donald trump: I didnt say that 

the internet:
trump camp deleting tweets in real-time
Hvordan journalister på twitter kunne møtt kritikk vs hvordan de møter kritikk
Performing on @TheEllenShow tomorrow make sure to tune in and watch guys 😊
hillary: looks into the camera like shes on the office
"barack please dont leave me with them"
"joe youre leaving when I leave"
"oh right lmao love u"
#trumps team is deleting tweets in real-time #debatenight #debates #Debates2016 #ImWithHer
The worst go check it right now!!!!!!! 

#DangerousWomanTour 💘 when are you coming?
Ya puedes saber con quien esta WhatsAppeando tu pareja con esta App

EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION: England manager Sam Allardyce for sale #football4sale
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Jeg likte en @YouTube-video fra @truemu – THE 8 PORTALS


Jeg likte en @YouTube-video – M4SONIC - Weapon (Live Launchpad Mashup)


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Jeg likte en @YouTube-video fra @snickprackz – NORSK FIFA 17 | SØRLANDET STORMER SESONGER A-Å #1 (A)

Ski, Norge

Jeg likte en @YouTube-video – Tommy Chong Talks Weed, Bernie Sanders, and Smoking with Snoop While Eating


Ei annen låt som hun likte var denne. Jeg likte veldig godt å se henne danse på "Klubben" sammen med sine venninner.

Oslo, Norway

Jeg likte en @YouTube-video fra @robertalanmorle – Anni singing dog - Anni syngende hund

Hyggen, Norway

Jeg likte en @YouTube-video – MY NEW MOTORCYCLE REVEALED!!!

Gran, Norge

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Kristiansand, Norge

Jeg likte en @YouTube-video fra @jack_septic_eye – Grand Theft Auto V Challenges | BLIMP STUNTS | PS3 HD





Happy 40th Birthday to Francesco Totti!! #Totti40
.@Lovdata ved styrets leder Herman Bruserud holder Rettssikkerhetsforedraget 2016
Rettssikerhetsprisen 2016 deles ut til @lovdata av kronprins Haakon #Rettssikkerhetskonferansen 2016
Gratulerer Stiftelsen Lovdata med #rettssikkerhetsprisen2016 @lovdata ble opprettet av @UniOslo og @Justisdep i 1981
Utdeling av rettssikkerhetsprisen til @lovdata .. Gratulerer så mye.