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kik got u's post on Vine - "AYYE T SWIFT" 17 year old harry - TURN THE PAIGE's post on Vine
Ylvis - Trucker's Hitch [Official music video HD]
Soccer Vines's post on Vine - Sol Campbell's hilarious never ending slide tackle #funny #slide #rhcp #arsenal #england #soccer #football #campbell - Soccer Vines's post on Vine
Warriors - 2014 World Championship
WeeklyChris's post on Vine - 😊 - WeeklyChris's post on Vine
Nick Brooks's post on Vine - #NFFC Michail Antonio goal - Nick Brooks's post on Vine
Justin Bieber: #‎NEOwhere‬
Panic! At The Disco: Bohemian Rhapsody (LIVE)
Vimeo - Jane Oineza Official Debut SDE
The Norwegian Paradox - oil in Angola
10 spørsmål med Noobwork / Joachim Haraldsen!
Surprising Jenna Marbles!
Mia Broman's post on Vine - När man får två lektioner på sig att skriva ett arbete - Mia Broman's post on Vine
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Went outside today :)
The only place we belong
Oh Scotland, why do this so publicly? :(
Beautiful Norway
A lonely #HumpDay on set.  Picture courtesy of our camera department.  #enjoyyourdayoffjared @jarpad
I miss you in general @ThisIsMax
wanna feel old? This is the baby from the Nirvana "Nevermind" album
Finally getting some time to chill and draw some weird shit. And also gain a couple of kilos
Me trying to make room for iOS 8
Im just gonna say this is WAY more offensive then anything Marvel has done recently
Booty and the beast
me when I see dogs
When ur ex texts you
girls on their period
Im usually alot more sexy
Guess whos already had enough of this school year?
RT @HuntersHeaven: #Supernatural #Season10 #Spoilers J2 en el set
true 😂
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I miss you in general @ThisIsMax
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I miss you in general @ThisIsMax