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Kathmandu, Nepal on Twitter

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RT @theyouthlegend: "Love is something that you need.You should be able to accept love and give love." - Paras Khadka #NCT #Nepal

Nepalese Premier League NPL You Can Be Selected For @ [344578282250900:s] 2014 Bring Your Talents On 26 April...

Kathmandu, Nepal

We are born optimistic, although life can be a great discouragement. In every bad situation, there're usually a few good people. #RogerEbert

Kathmandu, Nepal

RT @manunitednews: Manchester United news and transfer gossip: Ex-Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti ... -


Moyes - How? Why? When? | feat Musa Okwonga | ANALYSIS: via @YouTube

Kathmandu, Nepal

मालपोत र नापीमा सीसी क्यामेरा जडान गर्ने भूमिसुधारमन्त्रीको भनाइ (Kantipur) #fb


संविधानसभामा तीन दलद्धारा निषेधको राजनीति : कमल थापा

kathmandu, nepal

RT @zoyamalik052: @Kushal_TandonFC @Love_Gaushal @FCKusGau #GetWellSoonKushal


one person followed me // automatically checked by

Kathmandu, nepal

The hardest thing about growing up is that you have to do what is right for you even if it means breaking...

kathmandu Nepal

RT @asimplify: @Pulseofavampire Looks like Thor is about to drop in with this tweak on your pic.







Ryan Giggs called up Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt to assist him for coaching.. And Paul Scholes talks about Fellaini.








RT @myryan1969: His Names Giggs..... Ryan Giggs xx