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How it feels like NZ went about signing the TPPA: a story in .gif format
Me as a parent
One more to go ☝🏽️ Thanks for the support #WarriorNation #NRLAKL9s
We're in this together #WarriorNation #NRLAKL9s
Vine by WORLD RUGBY - How to celebrate scoring the match-winning try at the #HSBC7s @sydney7s!
Go time for the @NZWarriors #NRLAKL9s #NRL
Welcome to #SB50, @KDTrey5!
And that's why New Zealand is awesome!! Crowd doing the Haka after the the show!!
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Back-to-back! Thanks to @Aussie7s for an epic final in Sydney! Bring on Las Vegas!

#NZ7s #Sydney7s
RT if you think we have got this..
Guess who is in the #NRLAKL9s Final?

The @NZWarriors!!!

Theyll play the @TheParraEels
“Look at that, you son of a bitch."
What is there to do after winning back-to-back titles? A cheeky #TwitterMirror of course. 

#Sydney7s #NZ7s
A Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. And were taking 600 over three years?
Fairfax writes a rehabilitating portrait of Jordan Williams, but the person in charge of the URL had other ideas:
The entire Kiwi contingent over at Sydney regionals. Great to see the passion of all @XboxNZ_Official @Halo players
The @NZWarriors have secured their place in the Semi Finals!

@downergroup #NRLAKL9s
Heaps of people walking, cycling and running on the now-carless Mt Eden access road this morning. Its great!
Eels clinch the #NRLAKL9s title in dominant fashion!

Theyve done it!

@TheParraEels have won the #NRLAKL9s!
I was about to sleep when I realised the shadow of the coat on my door looks like a creepy Easter Island statue 🗿
insightful takedown of why twitter is fundamentally broken, from former reddit CEO

BREAKING: Eels take out Warriors in Nines grand final. #nines
This is my favourite thing in a long time :) RT @ryoondori: Golden Ratio
// L O V E // @nbcsnl
Just taking my daughter @beamiller shopping last week. 😂😂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my honorary little sis. ❤️ you girly!!!
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Wellington turns on the weather for Waitangi Day BBQ lunch with the global CX training crew #dobeautifulwork

Auckland City, New Zealand

RT @cowanphotograf: Waitangi Day onboard HMNZS Canterbury @LocalAuckland

Auckland, NZ

RT @cannibality: im not saying this happened to me, but, if you're burning the NZ flag on Waitangi day, don't stamp it out bc it will melt onto your shoe


RT @johubris: Rare for me to share a white cis-het dude, but this @guywilliamsguy column on Waitangi Day nails it for me as pakeha

Auckland, New Zealand

RT @Spark4Good: ""We can do this by the end of Waitangi weekend." Come on, New Zealand! :)

Auckland, New Zealand

Current mood | Waitangi weekend #publicholiday #nz #auckland #summer #urbanexploration…

Auckland City, New Zealand

Celebrating Waitangi Day with cheese and cured meats Farro fresh extravaganza

Devonport, Auckland City

.@guywilliamsguy Why I love Waitangi Day and he slays it.

Auckland, New Zealand

RT @ShakingStick: Why I love Waitangi Day @guywilliamsguy : -->

Auckland City, New Zealand

Softening us up for TPPA. Crown to breach Treaty over Maori land review process - Waitangi Tribunal via @ONENewsNZ

Auckland, New Zealand




Noice @LocalAuckland