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- Vine by Josh Zembik
알유레디~~~?!? 마닐라 기대해라잉~
Vine by POLITICO - 🎈🎈🎈🎈
Ok but the 1996 DNC was lit
What went wrong in the Napier siege? @SundayTVNZ has the answers - from the negotiator who watched it all unfold.
idc if you don't wear or really get makeup, this is funny af😂😂
Best moments of Bill's life: 1. Chelsea born 2. Hillary nominated 3. Balloons
Band practice
สุดอ่ะแบบโคตรสุด โคตรพีคคคคคคคค 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
If you were slippin & didn't catch them 64bars I did w/ @RBStudiosAKL & @DdotDallas. Watch:
RT if she deserved it. Fav if it's never okay to hit a woman.
Vine by FLEX KARTEL - Ohhh shittt 😂😂😂
Poly Movement taking Cook Island culture to Portugal. Drum dance is lead by 3 Mexican women. #CILW
I got my wisdom teeth pulled out today (I messed up Ayatul Kursi LMAO forgive me!!!)
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New Pencilsword. Tried to write about housing, but all that came out was a scream.
bill: hey hill check this out
hey hillary
hey hillary check this out
hillary look what i 
#HealthTipsByMSG कभी भी बासी चाय न पियें; ½ घंटे बाद इसमें पोषक तत्व नहीं रहते व बैक्टीरिया इसे जहरीली बना देते हैं
finally @AmazingPhil exposed
Heres brilliant @roweafr - Putin and Trump watching the Democratic Convention at home ... #FinancialReview
#HealthTipsByMSG Never drink stale tea; after ½ an hour it loses its nutrients & the bacteria makes it poisonous.
This young @NZWarriors fan returns to Mt Smart tomorrow in different colours

@_nathancleary #FlashbackFriday #NRL
This political cartoon captures all you need to know about Clinton and Trump
More evidence, this time from Perth, that e-bike trials result in strong uptake of cycling to work over driving:
Catching up today with new @roskillcv candidate for the Puketapapa Local Board @OfisaTonuu957
The @NewshubSport team off to Rio to bring you home the gold - thats once we get all our luggage there #21bags 👍👍
Like a dazed bunny in the headlights here, tackling an assignment. 😳😁Have a fantastic weekend, friends. MG 👍
Look who it is!
I swear, I can stop whenever I want!!
จะเผือกก็ต้องเผือกให้สุดไม่ใช่เผือกแค่ฝ่ายเดียวถูกม้ะ #เสียงสูง
Our work protecting AKLs precious Hunua Ranges got recognised at the @lgnz awards
New Zealand turned an old highway offramp into a shocking pink bike path. via @Slate
Loved being in the studio with Brett McKenzie last night! What a guy! X
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RT @JulieAnneGenter: Flipping insanity: the mad world of Auckland house prices via @nzherald

Stoneyhunga, Auckland

House flippers in Auckland profited $200m in under 18 months or 19% per sale says @nzherald . That's all income taxable. I hope IRD r awake!


Trapped on bottom rung of the Auckland property market - those who can't afford to move via @nzherald


I doubt that... via @nzherald

Auckland, New Zealand

RT @TaylorMooreK: Steve Braunias: Secret Diary of The Prime Minister via @nzherald - GOLD!!! This could actually be real I reckon ;-)

Auckland, NZ

@JulieAnneGenter @nzherald @nzheraldbiz it's also that these houses are left empty so rents go up that also worries me. Bring on taxes!


New Samoa Consulate Office opens today via @nzherald

Auckland, New Zealand

Graeme Hart's mansion escapes rezoning via @nzherald


Brian Gaynor: KiwiSavers throw away thousands of dollars via @nzherald


RT @TaylorMooreK: Steve Braunias: Secret Diary of The Prime Minister via @nzherald - GOLD!!! This could actually be real I reckon ;-)

Auckland,New Zealand
finally @AmazingPhil exposed
finally @AmazingPhil exposed


finally @AmazingPhil exposed
Hey @camerondallas Im sleeping in your bed... Dont get mad at me 😮