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.@moanatribe on stage at the #silverscrolls16. "We never heard our language on the radio back in the day."
!!BREAKING: India just launched air strikes inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir across LoC–multiple casualties reported
At Monday's debate, Trump denied saying a lot of the things he's said. Let's set the record straight.
Vine by 9_shower - [SNOW X GOT7] #하드캐리 한 갓곰돌이들 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Donald Trump may lie, but the tape doesn't.
BTS X PUMA BOG SOCK #방탄소년단 #지민
- Vine by `สตรีyeah!
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Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego.
#BREAKING: Colin Craig did defame Jordan Williams, a jury has found. More soon at
I found her!!! Emily from Street Chant!!! So cool :0)
this is the best screensaver cos whenever i get a notification, Kanye holds it up for me
Looking at Pats transactions and all I see is "Carparts LTD" and Im like..... I dont remember fixing the car 🤔😂😂😂
Shark stubbed its toe on a rock
#8DaysToLionHeart God bless u all
.@2pac has taken out the top spot yet again! #MaiHot900 #1 - Changes
Don Brash, you make me tired. Heres a picture.
#방탄소년단 #BTS #WINGS Concept Photo 2
Avez-vous besoin Pokecoins? #PokemonGO Essayez ceci:
Heres tonights team... #MUFC #UEL
Thnx Indian army for the action against terrorism.V should all pray for safety & well being of our Indian soldiers.
Bet a few people were hanging out to see where this one would be. #MaiHot900 #4 California Love @2pac @drdre
Wow, if a senior figure from the tech sector can do this with social media, what could they do for the city?
Shout out to millennials lifting the political signage game
This from @richardhills777 is so on point about Brashs Hobson Pledge. #ThatsUs
Some people just cant keep themselves out of the news.
IM SO EXCITED! 😊 ticket sales go up on Nov.19th!! Cant WAIT TO SEE MY INTERNATIONAL BABES! ❤️
Many are voting 4 a business man who states he’s paid NO taxes & at the same time hate on the Daywalker every April?
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This is going to be a remarkable case study for decades to come. Meanwhile Colin Craig will still be trying to enter Parliament :-(

Auckland, New Zealand

"Fuck you Colin Craig" - the people of NZ

Mt Eden, Auckland, NZ

RT @dpfdpf: I'm told by people who observed the trial that Bomber Bradbury's testimony for Colin Craig probably helped Williams immensely.


Colin Craig says he's dissapointed, confused but wont say why after being found guilty of defamation, to pay $1.27m

Auckland, New Zealand

Watch: 'Colin Craig's public threats could not go unanswered' - Jordan Williams reacts after shock $1.27m verdict:


Between Colin Craig, Don Brash and Donald Trump - white men are NOT having a good day. Which is rare.

Auckland, New Zealand

"I am Very very surprised and disappointed" Colin Craig.


'craig' is now trending in New Zealand

New Zealand

Colin Craig says he's "surprised and disappointed" about the verdict. @NewshubNZ

Auckland, NZ

RT @RobJStewartNZ: If Craig had pulled Williams hair instead it would have only cost two bottles of wine and a non-apology #nzpol

Auckland, New Zealand


Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego.
Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego.