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This is how small NZ is: sitting in an Auckland bar randomly talking 2 person next 2 me, said I was from Dunedin, turns out I know his cuz!

Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin Town Hall #DunnerStunner #gigatowndunedin http://t.co/z1avgRoc2t

Dunedin, New Zealand.

GNews: Dunedin fashion show calls for entries - NZ City: Dunedin fashion show calls for entriesNZ CityIt's tim... http://t.co/opTXDzx3Z0

Dunedin, New Zealand

RT @Jiayi_Leong: 5190 quiz totals for dunedin! lets keep increasing this for #gigatowndun

Dunedin, New Zealand

RT @CraigMoirOtago: Need to keep this up #gigatowndun Social Media Share Share of voice #1 Dunedin 29.9% #2 Gisborne 24.4% #3 Wanaka 21.5%

Dunedin, NZ

RT @hawke_bernie: Great to see that Dunedin now has over 25,000 supporters. Go #gigatowndunedin

Dunedin, NZ

RT @reite522: lewis road should build a factory here in dunedin to supply whole of south island with yum milk #gigatowndun

Dunedin, NZ


RT @Ellerayner1: Will there be a limit put on how many ppl can move to #gigatowndun when we have gUFB? Dont want it end up like this http://t.co/UbMI06XtFP
Proud mum! This is why Im doing this. Winning GUFB will be great for our kids & for our whole community #gigatowndun http://t.co/yeFj00w4jL


RT @sue_bidrose: Timaru gained 0.1 overnight but we held steady, so thanks to the evening and night tweeters in #gigatownDunedin ! http://t.co/rwcWDokXYm




RT @gigatowndunedin: Were down in Mosgiel with gigafeet! If you drive by give us a toot #gigatowndunedin http://t.co/vARJl0xEzQ