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At home with the @superrugbynz trophy held by our glorious @highlanders @ Dunedin Town Hall


Hi Dunedin! It's the George Street School fair tomorrow from 11-2. I can confirm that the bargains are numerous. And there's a petting zoo.

Dunedin, NZ

Hmm... temped by Black Sabbath coming to Dunedin. But.... people

Dunedin, New Zealand

Looks like we're going to be using the R word with respect to the large Dunedin U institution in the near future

Dunedin, NZ

RT @theJDuce: Booked Halloween trip to Dunedin for sex & science conference. Now taking recommendations for food, booze & shenanigans. (CC @OliBridgman)

Dunedin, New Zealand

@eXDeeNZ it's so good in Dunedin hahaha

Dunedin, New Zealand

Pro-refugee protestors are picketing outside the Dunedin office of the Minister of Immigration:


RT @mellopuffy: Dunedin tweeps: George St Normal Fair is on tomorrow, rain or shine - will be indoors so regardless of the weather it'll be warm :)

Dunedin NZ