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Tapir selfie ? #HamiltonZoo#zookeeper#tapir#selfie @ Hamilton Zoo

Hamilton, New Zealand

Mos Def cancelled on Soulfest Brissy. Please cancel him for Auckland and make Anthony Hamilton & Angie Stone longer

Hamilton, New Zealand

I'm very happy to report that Hamilton Hamilton City Council is a finalist in the Waikato Waikato Chamber of...

Hamilton, NZ

RT @timmacindoe: Looking 4ward 2 celebrating Hamilton West School's150th anniversary (& Spring Fair) 2day. Happy birthday 2 a gr8 schl & thks 2 all involved.

Hamilton, New Zealand

RT @timmacindoe: My predecessor Martin Gallagher + @suemoroney & I were honoured 2 plant kauri marking Hamilton West Sch's 150th b'day

Hamilton, New Zealand

Must be a steam train going through Hamilton, can hear the railway line 2kms away

Hamilton, New Zealand

RT @JakeQuinn: Check out the Hamilton City River Plan on pages 1 & 2 of the @waikatotimes today. @juliehardakerNZ @CouncilHamilton

Hamilton,New Zealand

1pm and looking good in Hamilton, NZ

Tauranga, NZ

将来このはちゃんの働くマックでビックマックを大量に買わなきゃいけないので小手調べにニュージーランド(Hamilton Centre place店)のビックマックセットを購入。

Hamilton New Zealand

Just joining in on some Saturday morning Peart Family traditions. @ Hamilton, New Zealand

Vancouver, Canada