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I've opened some wonderful playgrounds - love this one at the Lake. Hamilton has 5 destination playgrounds, plus...

Hamilton,New Zealand

Lovely morning tea with Hamilton Gardens Friends, big thank you for all your support and work

Hamilton,New Zealand

It's 5 o'clock in Hamilton.


@dritchie Jfc by that rationale I'm about to win the Hamilton half marathon this weekend.

Hamilton, New Zealand

It is so cute when little seedlings get theirs heads stuck in the seed. 😍 @ Hamilton, New Zealand

Hamilton, New Zealand

@torshin we have tuis back in urban Hamilton now thanks to something called Hamilton Halo it's sweet.

Hamilton, New Zealand

@CAM_AnnaMac I'm hoping to buy the latest Mi-Sex CD if JB Hifi in Hamilton get round to stocking it.

Hamilton New Zealand

Watching the first #potus #Debates2016 in Hamilton, New Zealand - go @HillaryClinton !

Hamilton, New Zealand

Getting locked in an escape room proves popular in Hamilton

Hamilton, New Zealand

@NashScarecrow89 hi a hot girl that I lave to have same fun with here to in Hamilton nz let no

Hamilton City, New Zealand


Take a trip down memory lane with this video of the Waikato from 1956 (via @ArchivesNZ)