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RT @NeilFinn: I wish Noel Crombie had submitted a design for the flag. It would have been ace .

Hamilton, New Zealand

RT @insiderslive: Regretting I didn't submit David Bain's sweater as a flag design. #nzflag

Hamilton, New Zealand

RT @LilyLivingstone: Hone Heke rejecting the British flag in the Bay of Islands 1845 by repeatedly cutting down the flag pole

Hamilton, Aotearoa

RT @eronsalazar: Hey Mr. Prime Minister, I like the flag of the Kingdom of Gondor better. ??? #nzflag

Hamilton, New Zealand

RT @Megapope: Seriously though, shouldn't we be talking more about how one of the flag 'finalists' is LITERALLY the logo from NZ Trade & Enterprise?

Hamilton, NZ

RT @buildmaster: Imma let you finish NZ but I come from the land with the best flag so you were never gonna win.

Hamilton, New Zealand

RT @NeilFinn: The old flag is looking pretty right now

Hamilton, New Zealand


Here are the official images showing the final four flag referendum choices in flight: #nzflag