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Vine by UK in New Zealand - How will your overseas EU referendum vote work? Postal ballot, which looks a little something like this. Register now!
Vine by UK in New Zealand - UK expat? Register to vote now, it takes less time than a good cup of tea!
Vine by Dynabrick - More sweet dynaboppin :D this is what happens when I realise I can easily sync music to game events with a mod player! #gamedev #audio
Watch West Wing press secretary C. J. Cregg deliver today’s White House press briefing:
On Monday, we're bringing you @twhiddleston dancing....and more. UNRELATED - 6.15pm @paramountcinema
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This chart shows NZs house price to income multiple rose more in the last 4 years than anywhere else in the world
#Breaking: Hilary Barry quits TV3
Nix to play in Canberra! @actgovernment @CCMariners @CapitalFootball @WgtnCC @SingaporeAir
NAME A NEW SPECIES OF FISH! This gorgeous fella deserves better than Fishy McFishface.
Our first annual report ready for mailing to @IABCWellington members @IABCAPAC @IABC_Auckland @iabcsouth
BIG HUGS! <3 We love our team! #FormalFriday
Such Formal. Much Women. Here are some of the lovely women of PikPok! #FormalFriday
Congratulations and thanks to our Turf Team for achieving a high score in @thepfa @ALeague 2015/16 pitch ratings
so good. “A poem about Silicon Valley, assembled from Quora questions about Silicon Valley”
Everywhere within 800m of a school in central Auckland. In other words, almost all of central Auckland. #junkpolicy
Graffiti from the site where Daisy was taken in CHCH. If you recognise the tags, contact us on
Thank you to Wellingtons Weather for extending this years summer.  Really helps a new bike business! #whywellington
Happy International dance day! Dont miss free public workshops and performances this Sun, 10.30am-4pm @Te_Papa WGTN
Restoration Day 2016 – become a protector of our region’s forests, rivers, coasts and parks
#HappyFridayGiveaway! 💙  Like & RT 4 a chance to win 4 #HappySocks items! Winners announced 02/05! 😁 📷  @martaassi
Mothers Day - when every mum is eagerly awaiting a new set of batteries.
Oh wow, someone doesnt think this out too clearly
This Green Party flyer is a snackable summary of the Key and Antipodes Trust business.
These guys at Lyall Bay lit the waves up with their car headlights for a twilight surf
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Who do we petition for a national day of mourning for the @Hilary_Barry news?


@edufk @johnkeypm @Hilary_Barry #science


@jasegunn @Hilary_Barry my biggest worry is who will keep @PaulHenryShow in line now?!???

Wellington NZ

@Hilary_Barry who is going to keep @PaulHenryShow in line?!?!?!

Wellington NZ

So....the news just got a little bit shit @Hilary_Barry ...whos going to giggle their way through it now????☺ #hilarybarry

Wellington NZ

Good luck @Hilary_Barry. Look forward to hearing what's next. Perhaps a disappearing act, ride into sunset, travel, away from spotlight

Wellington, NZ

RT @MicheleACourt: Damn it @Hilary_Barry If some newsreader had to tell me the world was going to end, I'd want it to be you. You'd give it heart & panache.


RT @Hilary_Barry: 4am on the way to work and some comedian's blocked the road with wheelie bins.

Wellington, New Zealand

@WendyWings @Hilary_Barry We will miss you so much. Hope you come back for the odd cameo, at least. Maybe the occasional Doco hosting etc.

Wellington, New Zealand

@Hilary_Barry I love you Hilary, more than you'll ever know. You've given so much to Aotearoa.