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Connor Nolte's post on Vine - Wut - Connor Nolte's post on Vine
SALEM's post on Vine - نظرة غالب و شايع الخببببببل 😂 - SALEM's post on Vine
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Frente a leyes, bancos y policía...
Yo defiendo tu casa, tu defiendes la mía.
Fadel Halawa was shot dead by the #IOF, while farming in #Jabalia.
PS: Rockets dont grow in fields!
حائط البراق كما يظهر في الصورةهو جزء لا يتجزأ من المسجد الاقصى استولى عليه الصهاينة وهدموا حي المغاربة واقاموا الساحة
شكر واعتزاز بالشعب الأردني وبجمهوره الأردني عبر عنهم النجم @MohammedAssaf89 أثناء توقيعه لألبوم #Assaf #عساف في عمّان
BREAKING PHOTO: Flares being shot by IDF along Gaza border following reports of a suspect nearing security fence.
كونوا معنا في @GalleriaMallJo 
في حفل توقيع ألبوم #Assaf #عساف برعاية @ZainJo للحصول على نسخة موقعة #AssafLaunch
Grande Rayo.
JERUSALEM: Following wave of Terror Attacks, Posters hung in Yeshivas Mir selling Tear Gas in case of emergency.
Jerusalem mayor @NirBarkat and @OurCrowd s @jonmedved at Israel mobile app awards #ILApp2014
جاهزين لحفل توقيع الالبوم؟ مين جاي؟ 
شعب واحد مش شعبين #الأردن #فلسطين #Assaf #AssafLaunch @ZainJo @RadioHalaJo @GalleriaMallJo #Wuhuuu @MohammedAssaf89
الى متى يا وليد
الآن | من @GalleriaMallJo 
حفل توقيع ألبوم #عساف #Assaf برعاية @ZainJo
Tried this myself. This is what the worlds most powerful search engine said about the Palestinian/Israel conflict.
بالصور: #محمد_عساف يوقع ألبومه "ASSAF" في أبوظبي
#ليالينا #مشاهير
صورة من غزة أشبه بخلفيات Windows ..
الحياة رحلة لا يمكن عبورها إلا ...↓↓↓ 

PM Netanyahu is now taping an interview with ABC This Week
For the first time after the war
The Israeli army shot and killed mohmmad halawa 32 yo in east of Jabalya in #Gaza
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Moscow to Support Resolution on Palestinian Statehood. #Palestine #ICC4Israel


@1948refugee a lot of times, Palestinian prisoners are dragged from their beds and showered with freezing water to force-wake them up

Are you around?

Egypt will send troops to future Palestinian state to stabilize Palestine and protect Israel. I support this.


►Video/English/French ►#Anonymous Support Palestinian farmers & artisans #FreePalestine #GazaUnderAttack #Gaza


So in love with these Palestinian grannies ?


Palestinian teen seriously injured, 2 arrested at Gaza border | Maan News Agency


@EqualWorldTV @GEMPORIA after all there will come a time that you will start receiving donation for the Palestinian state if Israel continue

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Palestinian killed by Israeli fire in Northern #Gaza #Israel #Palestine


United Nations draft text on right of Palestinian people to self-determination. 7 voted against, including Canada and United States


@EqualWorldTV @GEMPORIA they have an excuse to do more to the Palestinian people therefore looking like they are defending the sleeves but

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