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Its v humbling 2 c all the prayers 4 the PM!! Really appreciate this gesture 👍🏽#WorldBOSS @henrygayle @MaryamNSharif
Support n prayers at times when it's needed has no substitute..Thank u @KP24 4 ur call n concern..stay blessed bro
Huge number of people welcome the #KarwanEBilawal. Supporters showering rose petals on Chairman PPP @BBhuttoZardari.
As Ishaq Dar gets ready to unleash budget figures upon us, be ready for this type of superior maths.
A cow attacked two men to save the woman they were stabbing in an honor killing.A cow has more humanity than humans!
All prayers & wishes r with our PM Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Sb.. Get well soon , Aameen 💐💐💐
Jiyalas are waiting to welcome Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari - Islamabad to Mirpur Azad Kashmir. #KarwanEBilawal
19810 ppl connected wid GuruMantra! #MSGwelfareServices Cheques for medical cure, Home keys &Tricycles given 2 needy
Cricketing Star Shoaib Akhtar sends his well wishes and prayers before Prime Minister's operation.
@BBhuttoZardari Overwhelming Welcome In Gujjar Khan The Heart Of Potohaar. #KarwanEBilawal @BakhtawarBZ @AseefaBZ
Nawaz Sharif having lunch in London, Shopping in malls? Anyone who thinks NS is ill, he himself is mentally ill
ZM Third class man on earth who traded hatred & distributed weapons among Peoples Amn Committee #Sindh #Pakistan
MPA @madihapmln daughter praying for Premier NS. @MaryamNSharif
خیبر پختونخوا پولیس نے مردان میں خود کش حملے کی کوشش ناکام بنا دی #Mardan
Heart patients are advised to be happy and having good food in #London restaurants is happiness.
@BBhuttoZardari leading #KarwanEBilawal of Jiyalas towards Mirpur Azad Kashmir as part of election campaign
Enjoying in London,baki hum to pagal hay na 2/2 @ShkhRasheed @MurtazaGeoNews @ShamaJunejo @AfshanMasab
لندن کے ہسپتال سے براہ راست
The PM filmed lunching at Harrod's food court prior to open-heart surgery #Pakistan
Finance Minister Ishaq Dar speaks his heart and prays for his leader, the PM of Pakistan. #دلوں_کی_دھڑکن_نواز
Chairman @BBhuttoZardari reminds us of #SZAB & #SMBB today. He represents 65% of youth @YR_Gillani #KarwanEBilawal
Defence Minister @KhawajaMAsif speaks his heart and prays for his leader, the PM of Pakistan. #دلوں_کی_دھڑکن_نواز
As the nation prays for #PMNawaz good health, he is spotted in #London Selfridges enjoying Indian food
Meet me in karachi with the other fighters tomorrow at Dolmen mall karachi 6:30pm.
#دلوں_کی_دھڑکن_نواز قوم کی دعائیں نوازشریف کے ساتھ
" Heart diseases can be cured by eating Indian food " - Nawaz Sharif. He must be disqualified for another lie to ppl
Large number of people welcoming the #KarwanEBilawal at Gujjar Khan.
This is how PMLN made fun of Jahngir Tareen n Aleem Khan's Cancer.Now shamelessly using NS ailment 2 gain sympathies
Pray for the Health of the PM @BBhuttoZardari Appeal #KarwanEBilawal
Molvi making his followers Chootiya... "Mumtaz Qadri hugged me in Ambulance after execution & died again".
When you try to beat your wife lightly but she turns out to be female version of Muhammad Ali #CII
He Is My Leader Fearless,Honest An Idealistic Visionary Leader Non Other Than @BBhuttoZardari #KarwanEBilawal
My son Muhammad praying for the speedy recovery of the Prime minister! Get well soon. We want you back in Pakistan.
I.T Minister Anosha Rehman speaks her heart and prays for her leader, the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
رائونڈ کا بجٹ خطہ پوٹھوہار سے زیادہ رکھا گیا ہے، بلاول بھٹو زرداری کا گوجر خان ریلی سے خطاب #KarwanEBilawal
Enjoying in London,baki hum to pagal hay na 1/2 @ShkhRasheed @MurtazaGeoNews @ShamaJunejo @AfshanMasab
Bhutto De Naray Wajjan Gay... PPP rally from Islamabad to Mirpur led by @BBhuttoZardari starts shortly from F-8. ✌✌✌
Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari waving to the gathering upon his arrival on stage. #Mirpur #KarwanEBilawal
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Zia said the party was over. Sharifs thought same.People of #Punjab proved them wrong. #JiyaBhutto #KarwanEBilawal
󾌧 @BBhuttoZardari right now
Can anyone ever repay such love & sentiments ? 

Can only say, God bless you all .....

Never forget your heroes
Thank you #Mirpur #JiyaBhutto
#سکائپ_شریف  Nawaz has betrayed those Hurriyat Leaders who spent their lives in love of Pakistan!
#سکائپ_شریف They want Pakistan to suffer worst load shedding in the next year
Participant also tweeting on 
President Tehreek-e-Nojwanan e Pakistan
Mr Abdullah Gull has reached 
We Welcome him 
@mmasief  #National_YouthJirga
#سکائپ_شریف Is this how you want your cities to develop? Ask your conscience
Honored to be at #YouthJirgaWithSiraj #YouthJirga #Islamabad #Pakistan
#FakePMFakeSurgery It is Patwari SMT that always attacks Pakistan army on the orders of Maryam Nawaz
Top tweeps for #ChitralRisingWithSiraj:
1 @JIPOfficial
2 @hizbi_313
3 @sa_rana12
4 @mhassan4468
5 @mmasief
#سکائپ_شریف Now they will send us budget via Skype because they cant face the anger of the nation
Dr Hassan Qadri arrives back to Lahore after attending political & religious meetings, seminars in Karachi. #PAT
#سکائپ_شریف Our rulers today are the punishment of our own sins as a nation
#Pakistan is staying away from global initiatives on tax, transparency and anti-money laundering: @Asad_Umar
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