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KFC Spicy Gangnam Chicken
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Sa Jeep. #SakayNaSaTV5
These three little girls made my day ❤️
Lily Collins is everything 😍😍
a mans true meaning of pain
Yung ganto.. 😏 #KwentongJEEPNEY
My X Factor journey has been incredible, I would not be where I am without your support!
sobra... 😭
@rwmanila I want to Win a movie cards plus passes!
Halloween at Resorts World ♥
This kind of relationship: 💜
@geeannkyut Open this Link and Fave! JARON vs JOSHANE... Go Keypers … …
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RT @jokesatibapa: Me: Para po... ............. .......... Me: Manong Paraaaa! .... .... ..... Everybody Now: Para na daw!!! #KwentongJEEPNEY

Makati City

RT @jokesatibapa: Pasahero: bayad po Driver: Saan to? Pasahero: Sa puso mo manong. Heart heart <3 #KwentongJEEPNEY

Makati City

RT @jokesatibapa: Cute ang katabi + Traffic = Lord thank you. ?? #KwentongJEEPNEY

Makati City

RT @jokesatibapa: Hahahahahahahahahaha ?? #KwentongJEEPNEY

Makati City

Mahal kita. Alam mo yan. :) #KwentongJEEPNEY #PagdatingNgPanahon #IkawKasi #AkalaKo #MasayaAKO

Makati City, Philippines

RT @LibrongPatama: Yung ganto.. ? #KwentongJEEPNEY

Makati City

"@AyyPakshetDre: Kung ang jeep nga nang-iiwan na pag puno na, tao pa kaya. #KwentongJEEPNEY"


"@BobOngWords: Sa jeep… #KwentongJEEPNEY"


"@BobOngWords: Yung humuhog pa si kuya Driver. #KwentongJEEPNEY"


"@BobOngWords: Sa Jeep: PUNONG PUNO NA, KASYA PA RAW LIMA! Aba matindi! #KwentongJEEPNEY"



RT @ShitHappensDre: #AkalaKo magiging masaya sembreak ko.. ????????
RT @ShitHappensDre: Yan tayo eh. ???? #SabiMo
RT @ShitHappensDre: #SabiMo diet ka na?
#AkalaKo namimiss mo ako.


RT @jokesatibapa: Hahahahahahahahahaha ???????? #KwentongJEEPNEY
Pati jeep humuhugot.???????? #KwentongJEEPNEY
RT @jokesatibapa: #AkalaKo madami pa. ????????????
RT @jokesatibapa: Sa Jeep ???????????????? #KwentongJEEPNEY
Its not that hard, right? ????
My life ????
RT @ohteenquotes: MOVE ON.
I love my mom. ❤️
RT @ohteenquotes: My mom is a blessing. ❤️????????
Tweet the hashtag: #WinMAGICticketsWilbroslive and follow @WilbrosLive to WIN tickets!
Youre so special. ❤️
RT @ohteenquotes: Someday...
RT @ohteenquotes: Be the NEXT winner of MAGIC Live in Manila concert tickets! Just follow @WilbrosLive ???? #WinMAGICticketsWilbroslive
RT @ohteenquotes: And it hurts :(


RT @BTS_facts: 141017 THE RED BULLET Day 1 - V (Cr: ATM) @BTS_twt #방탄소년단
Atm with igop ???? @ReigngelBurgos
RT @fion_li: Amazed. RT "@PDChina: A woman disassembled an ATM machine only by hands in Dongguan after bank card was swallowed up"
141018 THE RED BULLET Day 2 - V (Cr: ATM) @BTS_twt #방탄소년단
Real ATM hacker: a womans card was swallowed by an ATM, then she disassembled that machine by her own hand.