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Gamer changer. Wow.
my brain in math
Overly-attached girlfriends be like
The full track list.
just a normal day at DLSU...
scary how accurate this is 😳
Track 12
my brain in math
you have cool tattoos sir
PRESS RELEASE: MMDA Urges LTFRB to Spare Uber Commuters. #mmda
hello upper east siders looks like S & B still got it 😻
this is what eyeliner and eyebrows should look like 🌸
probably the most romantic thing I have ever read 😍😭
"@TheseDamnQuote: yess pleaseee
"@TVPatrol: Daniel, Kathryn sabik na sa Pangako Sa Yo remake  #StarPatrol"
태현이랑~ 분위기있게 한컷!!! with Taehyun 😌 photo by QT Jinwoo
Couldnt have said it better myself!🙌🙌
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RT @PRAsiaWorldwide: #NothingBeatsFIRST Guess who was the FIRST Hollywood star to do a MAYON adventure? Its more FUN with @ZacEfron
My mom is my first love. #NothingBeatsFIRST
Baby, let me be your LAST, YOUR LAST FIRST KISS! :"> #NothingBeatsFIRST
RT @MgaPinoyPatama: Someday.???? #NothingBeatsFIRST
A girl never forgets.. #NothingBeatsFIRST
RT @BobOng_Official: #NothingBeatsFIRST to travel the world.
RT @jokesatibapa: GOD IS MY FIRST LOVE #NothingBeatsFIRST
RT @WagAssuming: ME EVERYTIME #NothingBeatsFIRST
RT @bipolareh: So true #NothingBeatsFIRST
Dear boys..#NothingBeatsFIRST
RT @Friendstagram: Yes ???? #NothingBeatsFIRST
"@PINOY_QUOTES: When your crush chat you first. #NothingBeatsFIRST" MIGZZZZZZZZ ????
RT @TeenQueenPost: The face when you caught your first crush staring at you. #NothingBeatsFIRST
RT @AbaMalandii: RT if you agree! ???? #NothingBeatsFIRST

RT @MgaPinoyPatama: Someday.? #NothingBeatsFIRST

Caloocan City,Philippines

"@MisterBanatero: 71% of people fall in love with someone they were not attracted to at first. #NothingBeatsFIRST"


"@QuoteUniversity: Paris with the one you love. :') #NothingBeatsFIRST"


"@PINOY_QUOTES: Hindi ko malilimutan yung unang seenzoned mo sakin. #NothingBeatsFIRST"??


My first crush in FEU. #NothingBeatsFirst

Taguig City, Philippines

"@BobOngWords: It's amazing what prayer can do. It comforts you, makes you feel whole inside, and gives you hope. #NothingBeatsFIRST"

MNL, Philippines✌

"@BobOngWords: One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is time alone with God. #NothingBeatsFIRST"

MNL, Philippines✌

RT @WagAssuming: Nakita si Crush ? Lumapit si Crush ? May sinabi si Crush ?? Crush ka din daw nya ? Nagising ka ?? #NothingBeatsFIRST

tondo philippines

"@MisterBanatero: I am the kind of person that laughs even on a simple joke, but easily get hurt in a simple way. #NothingBeatsFIRST"

qzwv wviiznzh

"@Heartstagram: Girls shoud RT this. ❤️ #NothingBeatsFIRST" ??





"@ILoveJoseMarie: Ang kanta ni Vice Ganda para sa lahat. @vicegandako"
“@itsmeDonnaBaby: My short poem for you. @vicegandako Masasandalan mo kami. Di ka namin iiwan. We love you. :*”
RT @iloveyouviceral: "@AntonDiva: Grabe ang iyak ko! Eto na ko after watching #Showtime5thAnniversary @vicegandako @ryanbang"
"When I see you, 工 レo√乇 ㄚ◯∪ at he first time" #NothingBeatsFIRST
RT @MisterBanatero: Mahirap talagang kalimutan ang "FIRST LOVE". #NothingBeatsFIRST


RT @SanBedaHIRAYA: Vice Ganda and Ryan Bang showcase Equality as performance in Its Showtimes special segment, Magpasikat.
Hindi ko makakalimutan. #NothingBeatsFIRST


“@WagAssuming: NEVER ❤️ #NothingBeatsFIRST”