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Calum na TT
"Dlaczego musimy nosić rurki?"

If someone did this for me Id marry them on the spot 😍💕
Again, good luck and fight til the big night @janeoineza ! Ill always be here to support you no matter what. ✊
olha a cara dessa criança
I wish I got this text
You guys ready for SJ 7
Everyone! I got my instagram back! Please follow me at ------------leedonghae-------------
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#TVKDarrenUltimateTotalPerformer <3

Valenzuela Philippines

Here's my ranking based on #TVKGrandFinals performance: Darren, Lyca, Juan Karlos, Darlene. #TVKDarrenUltimateTotalPerformer

Manila, Philippines

Darren has an incomparable musicality for his young age. He deserves to win the Voice Kids. #TVKDarrenUltimateTotalPerformer

Manila, Philippines

I SALUTE YOU :) #TVKDarrenUltimateTotalPerformer

Sampaloc Manila

RT“@Mam_Charo: Darren deserves the title, Lyca deserves the prize. #TVKDarrenUltimateTotalPerformer”

Mandaluyong, Philippines

RT @darren_espanto1: Happy 50k to me! ;) #TVKDarrenUltimateTotalPerformer

Manila, Philippines

RT @darren_espanto1: Sana manalo ako bukas. #TVKDarrenUltimateTotalPerformer

Manila, Philippines

somebody to love -Darren Espanto♥ #TVKDarrenUltimateTotalPerformer

Manila, Philippines

parang nag concert si Darren nung kinanta yung Sombody To love whooooooo #DarrenEspantoTheFinale #TVKDarrenUltimateTotalPerformer



RT @OhsnapitsAyisha: Jgh. Was with @AlaissaTolents @ItsVincentPuzon @NikkoPonesto ????????
RT @CONDEnsada_Rod: JGH from Tramway Shaw ???????????????? Special Thanks to Ate @Mitchigo23 ????
Jgh from @DANIEListaz s blockscreening whooooo. #Happy #Pordalab


“@MatamaanKa: Pranktips hahahaha” walang gagawa sakin ng ganto ah! masakit umasa hahahahhaha


RT @ohteenquotes:
RT @ohteenquotes: True or not? #HuliKaSTALKER
RT @Senyora: Yung mga ganitong mga Kahampaslupaan nagpapainit ng ulo ko. ????#Selfiyak
“@_annairwin: @Senyora Ikaw na lang magperform, Senyora.” ---
Yan, naka boto na ako
RT @Senyora: May pinaglalaban si ateng sumakit ang ulo dahil sa Math kaya pinakita dede nya.
"@yhaaasminn: "@Senyora: Pigilan nyo ako, masasampal ko to! #SumakitLangUloDapatKitaDede?" ????????" the hashtag omg
Binigyan kong sabon si Marimar - Senyora Santibañezs post on Vine
“@Senyora: Itatama na lang shushunga-shunga pa! Sinong mas tanga?”sheep sheep sheep ????????????????


RT @_TheVoiceKids: DARREN ESPANTO singing "Somebody to Love" by J. Bieber. RT this to promote DARREN for the voting. #TheVoiceKidsFinale