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Sad? Makisali sa 1st simul #ThisTimePremiereNight livestream at 6PM! #CornettoKiligThisTime
Alden: "Mahirap na... mahirap na baka ma-holding hands pa ng iba." @mainedcm @aldenrichards02 #ALDUBSportsFest
Leicester City players celebrate becoming champions.
Alone again naturally... 🎼 🍷😘
불타오르네!!! #마술 #FIRE #불타오르네 #호비사진첩
Bagay tlaga si Meng na maging Steffi part 1 . ctto wm #ALDUBSportsFest
Daniel and Kath on voting for Mar.
NicolasMaduro: RT PartidoPSUV: ¡Pueblo venezolano llegó la hora de trascender el rentismo y la dependencia!
NicolasMaduro: RT candangaNoticia: #ConAmorSeguimosLaMarcha Pdte NicolasMaduro reunido con Comités Locales de Abas…
NicolasMaduro: RT candangaNoticia: #ConAmorSeguimosLaMarcha (VIDEO)
🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 @aldenrichards02 #ALDUBSportsFest
NicolasMaduro: RT candangaNoticia: ¡Con amor seguimos la marcha! NicolasMaduro #ConAmorSeguimosLaMarcha
NicolasMaduro: RT candangaNoticia: #ConAmorSeguimosLaMarcha Sede #Pdvsa, el presidente NicolasMaduro en evento de …
NicolasMaduro: RT candangaNoticia: #ConAmorSeguimosLaMarcha Junto a la clase obrera NicolasMaduro celebró el Día I…
"Magpapatuloy ang ikot ng mundo. Mananatiling bukas ang puso ko." Tenten 😭 #DolceAmoreSearch
NicolasMaduro: RT candangaNoticia: #ConAmorSeguimosLaMarcha Junto a la clase obrera NicolasMaduro celebró el Día I…
ETO YUNG VID OH!!! "Uy President" - Robi "Yes Vice President" -Vice cute diba!!😥💙💙 nag effort po akong hanapin yan😹
NicolasMaduro: RT candangaNoticia: #ConAmorSeguimosLaMarcha Presidente NicolasMaduro Gracias al pueblo de Nueva Es…
NicolasMaduro: RT candangaNoticia: #ConAmorSeguimosLaMarcha
good morning! good morning! good morning!!!! super loooooooooooonngggggg day ahead!!!! 🤗😉😊
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Malungkot, Masaya, Nagulat, Na-love at first sight, Gutom, Gutom na Gutom. :)
antoniojrv33: rerchacin: RT SibciGuarico: Los CLAP en #Guárico no se detienen. Los más humildes reciben alimentos …
Heres one last LoiShua photo in honor of their #MagandangBuhayMarisLoisa guesting today. Yall asked so nicely, so I decided to give in. Let me know if you like this photo taken by Jules Explains it All photographer @afsancon at the Tatak Star Magic show. 😉 💕
LOOK: List of the Top 10 passers of the 2015 Bar exams | via @LiaManalac
Hi guys! Want to travel across @CebuPacificAirs network for 7 days FOR FREE? Ako oo!! Join this years #JuanforFun2016 Backpacker Challenge! All you have to do is take the Travel Profile Quiz, find out what type of traveler you are and send in a simple video! Heres the link: You have until May 15 to submit your entries! Im a YOLO Traveler! Hahaha Let me know what type of traveler you are by commenting below :) #YOLO
Graded A by the cinema evaluation board! Thank you! ❤️
See you at #ThisTimePremiereNight!
"Hawak kamay, di kita iiwan sa paglakbay.."

@mainedcm | © Bingo Cookie Sandwich on FB [5] 

More photos & Video Coverage of Bingo Event 👉 

@mainedcm @aldenrichards02
The power behind Duterte straight from Atty. Panelo who forgot his privacy settings. Hi GMA! Wheres the neck brace?
Excited for this 😍😍 nakaka miss na bebes... Sobra
KathNiel movie screening at Los Angeles County. 🔜😁 #InGodWeTrust ☺️
James Reid and Nadine Lustre, live sa Its Showtime na! #ShowtimeThisTime
I hope youre all enjoying #MagandangBuhayMarisLoisa. Just so you know, Ive always thought LoiShua is a good tandem. Check my tweets during the PBB All In days if you dont believe me. Hehe. Speaking of LoiShua, heres a photo of us three backstage at the #TatakStarMagic show.
antoniojrv33: NicolasMaduro: RT candangaNoticia: Detrás de cada vivienda hay un esfuerzo enorme del legado del Cmd…
Hi everyone! Kindly like this page on Facebook and also follow them on Instagram, @heliosphilippines. Thank you. 😊
The Queen of Hearts, Kathryn, before her awesome dance number 😘😘😘 #ASAPAtWork
Happiness really is contagious. 💕 @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm @BingoCookiePH

© @docdirector_g 
sila po yung magkalaban kanina pero forever ng magkakampi ; 😍💛
Leicester City. Champions of England.
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Yung nakakalimang cornetto pala si @hellobangsie sa isang araw. Haha #ThisTimePremiereNight #ShowtimeThisTime

@jayehanash @hellobangsie

RT @heellobangsiee: Its so effortless for Nadine to wear this kinda outfit, SO BAGAY! Pag ako, pag iba? Ang baduy! ? #ShowtimeThisTime

quezon city

Kung namromroblema ka sa unrequited love mo, wag kang mandamay ?, may pinagdadaanan din ako #ShowtimeThisTime

Quezon City, National Capital

RT @iamracheljoana: Si Vice ginagaya paano sumayaw si bagets. Si Karylle ginagaya si Vice. *insert dilaw na puso #ShowtimeThisTime

Mindoro ✖ Quezon City

@n_zurcaled @JaneJannice_ just reading his comments parang grade 3 lang ang level eh. Sorry. Di papasa #ShowtimeThisTime

Quezon City, National Capital

Ang bongga ng Red Carpet ??? #ThisTimePremiereNight #ShowtimeThisTime

@jayehanash @hellobangsie

@n_zurcaled @JaneJannice_ ipakita mo nga picture ng bahay dyan sa zamboanga na maraming kwarto #ShowtimeThisTime

Quezon City, National Capital

RT @makkymhou: hahahaha bigyan ng jacket,cd, techno marine ayos nasoundtrip #ShowtimeThisTime

Quezon City, National Capital

God you're our lucky charm. #ThisTimePremiereNight #ShowtimeThisTime

@jayehanash @hellobangsie

@n_zurcaled @JaneJannice_ di yan papasa as kasambahay, kailangan ko may master's degree. #ShowtimeThisTime

Quezon City, National Capital




Graded A by the cinema evaluation board! Thank you! ❤️ See you at #ThisTimePremiereNight!
SM Cinema will be giving away a BRAND NEW CAR if you watch THIS TIME at any SM cinemas! Watch THIS TIME on tomorrow in cinemas nationwide! #ThisTimePremiereNight
Another GOOD NEWS! This Time is Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. #ThisTimePremiereNight
Another GOOD NEWS! This Time is Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. #ThisTimePremiereNight
This Time is GRADED A by the Cinema Evolution Board! SO PROUDDD!!!! ???? #ThisTimePremiereNight