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Vine by warriorsworld - Steph drops CP3
Vine by OTRA TOUR - I remember this 😍😂
Harry mocking Niall is the best thing on this planet ???? IM LAUghinf ???????? - Vine by 90s'edits - Harry mocking Niall is the best thing on this planet 😂 IM LAUghinf 😂😂
Vine by 1DInfectioMNL - Throwback to when Harry did a Michael Jackson thing during #OTRATMNL
Vine by kimmyofficial - WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF
Vine by Ranz Kyle Viniel E. - April fools day "I love you" 😅 #RanzOnVine #AprilFools
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Were back. 🌉
“@reanberdijo17: My mom so strong 😭” hahahaha shit
(BIGBANG​ - 2015) สรุปเป็นบิ้กแบงจ้า😭 เหมือนตายแล้วเกิดใหม่ ต่อไปก็ iKON เนอะป๋าเนอะ💕 #BIGBANG #BIGBANG2015
LOOK: Photos of Chedeng captured by astronaut
covering our chubby cheeks 😁😋😊
Gala muna.#Ganda ng view sa likod GoldenBridgeSanFo.👏👏👏💋💋 @imryanko @bernardokath @bernardomin @seriousblack_
"@/clingyboypren: ARIEL 7.50 NA LANG!" @LSPotatoKids  paki post nga ulit ng Video nyo pantapat dito.. Ahahahhahahaha
“@BraceArquiza05: Nag tweet ba ako nang ganyan HAHAHAH
one wash clean (?) HAHAHA”
Team DJP! We miss you here anak!:))
“@5SOS: Check out that smiley dude” MICHAELs HAIR IS FUCKING GLOWING @Michael5SOS
"Kami na ulit pre!" #AprilFools 😭😖
Jeron Teng, Julia Barretto, Kris Aquino and Daniel Padila as #PinoyTekken
Click for more 👊😂
Thank you @StephenCurry30 for meeting my sons Jimuel and Michael tonight at the game. God Bless!


#Sanfrancisco #OneMagicalNight2015
With the growing popularity of novels being adapted for the big screen every year and after the success of the bestsellers turned blockbuster movies “Diary ng Panget” and “Talk Back and You’re Dead,” VIVAFilms is proud to release another popular Wattpad story entitled, “YOUR PLACE OR MINE?” Written by Turning Japanese, with 13.7 million reads.
“YOUR PLACE OR MINE?” stars VIVA Princess Andi Eigenmann and newest heartthrob Bret Jackson, together with Diary ng Panget’s Andre Paras. The film is directed by Mr. Joel Lamangan .
“YOUR PLACE OR MINE?” is a coming-of-age romance movie that features the crazy love story of HALEY SAAVEDRA, a 19 year old girl taking up BS Psychology, who gets drunk in a bar and sleeps with a guy who’s a complete stranger to her. This man who comes from a rich family is CLAY RUSSELL SANDOVAL, a soccer star player from the same school where Haley studies.
They see each other again unexpectedly inside the school, recollecting the details of what really happened on that night. Their actions show that they both enjoy the night and still desire for more.
“YOUR PLACE OR MINE?” will open on April 29 in cinemas nationwide!
Stadiums have started to take Zayn out of OTRA promotion photos!
"@KevinPadillaFTW: tignan nyo tong ungoy na to effort hahahaha." unggoy😂😂😂
Evil👀 by: @bernardokath Bwaaahhahaha!!! @seriousblack_ #OneMagicalNightWithKathNiel
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"@1DMetro: Miss this? Same ? I vote for #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney"

niall horan enthusiast

RT @omfgboobear: The last person who RT this gets solo DM with Niall..I promise.. I'll wait for 2hours I vote for #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney

Quezon City,Philippines

I can't stop hahaha lol #HarryGotArrested #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney

Manila, Philippines

"@igotlarryx: QUOTE W/ PICS OF HARRY BC HES ARRESTED #HarryGotArrested #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney"

Manila, Philippines

Quote this with your fave picture of Harry #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney :)) #HarryGotArrested

Manila, Philippines

RT @atomicnjh: ARIEL 7.50 NA LANG I vote for #OneDirection #TheyAreTheOne @radiodisney

Quezon City,Philippines

STYLES ON MAH TV RN?? I vote for #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney

In Harry's casa

RT @shittyxhoran: @rhinourry I vote for #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney ?


RT @_djofficial: He shouted so loud! "Goodevening! We are ONE DIRECTION!" I vote for #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney

pasig city, philippines

RT @izaynielove: April 1st today I'm warning ya'll DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING I vote for #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney



Now, this is an APRIL FOOL ????
Father, forgive us for our sins. Amen. Its Holy Wednesday. God bless everyone.
Have faith
April Fools Day. Trust no one
Ladies and gents, the #PinoyTekken ???????????? laftrip
April Fools Day moves


Harry and Cal in Cape Town, Africa yesterday - 03/31/15
The boys have a sold out show tonight at the Cape Town Stadium, with a capacity of 55,000! (via @OTRAUpdates2015)
Lottie and Lou walking around in Cape Town, South Africa yesterday (31 March 2015)
Fans waiting outside the Cape Town stadium.
Harry and Cal in Cape Town today
Harry and Cal in Cape Town, South Africa today!
Fans waiting outside the Cape Town Stadium. #2 (via @1DAsiaCrew)
"@reanberdijo17: My mom so strong ????" HAHAHAHA
Makapag enroll nga sa PAC U ????
ARIEL 7.50 NA LANG! ????????
“@TheVampsPauline: It made my day ARIEL 7.50 NA LANG HAHAHA” ???? ????GOODNEWS
“@itscamillegrace: Ariel 7.50 Na Lang Hahaha! Natawa ako nung nakita ko to!!” haha adik nyo ????
My mom so strong ????