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Vine by warriorsworld - Steph drops CP3
Vine by brit's edits - This is a new era. THIS is One Direction.
Harry mocking Niall is the best thing on this planet ???? IM LAUghinf ???????? - Vine by 90s'edits - Harry mocking Niall is the best thing on this planet 😂 IM LAUghinf 😂😂
Vine by Tomlinsun Edits - omg his face this is so cute #harrystyles #1dedits #edit
Vine by kimmyofficial - WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF
Vine by tmh tia - not sure how I filmed this without shaking tbh
empty arena edits's post on Vine - Vine by empty arena edits - (use headphones) happily
Vine by ❥Micky&Dani❥ - So Harry told everyone to throw anything they want on stage 😂😂
Vine by BBALLBREAKDOWN - I mean, Steph Curry just did THIS to the best on ball defender in the NBA
Vine by livsta - He is so cute oh my lord
Vine by On The Road Again - they have planned this didn't they
never forget - Vine by one direction edits - never forget
(use headphones) happily (left ear harry & right louis) - Vine by empty arena edits - (use headphones) happily (left ear harry & right louis)
Vine by 1Dxclusive Clips - but look how happy he was 😭❤️
Vine by Bleacher Report - Magic can't believe Steph just did that to CP3 😂😂
Vine by fckn louis - he's suck a dork 😂💕
Vine by kimmyofficial - I CAN'T COPE
Vine by kimmyofficial - ME TOO
Vine by lame edits - trash rm: 60's styles
Vine by tomlinswizzle [ IT HAPPENED ] - "You've let me down, you've let these beautiful people down. What have you done?" I COULD LISTEN TO LOUIS SASS FOREVER
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Were back. 🌉
“@clingyboypren: "@reanberdijo17: My mom so strong 😭" HAHAHAHA”
Holy shit, what does this suppost to mean? 😍
“@5SOS: Check out that smiley dude” #TheyreTheOne #5SecondsofSummer @radiodisney
Gala muna.#Ganda ng view sa likod GoldenBridgeSanFo.👏👏👏💋💋 @imryanko @bernardokath @bernardomin @seriousblack_
ตัวปลอมป๊าวววววววววววว "@IBGDRGN: #BIGBANG2015"
여기는 내가 접수하겠다아아아
My poort hearteuㅠㅠ♥
"@tropicolourry: “@_stylesss09: Stadiums have started to take Zayn out of OTRA promotion photos!”:(" hurting so much
|@sintanuryanti_ : nuguyakk?"@BTS_twt: 태디자이너 이길수있는분 와보세요."|
Reunited after 19 years dahil dito sa "Sing to Your Perfect Pares Contest" kasi the last time we talked ay nung Grade 1 pa lang kami. And ayun dahil sa same passion for music nagka chat, nagkita at gumawa ng video at ito na nga nandito na po sa harapan niyo ang aming video. Hihihihih.. Salamat po sa panonood at support ^_^


“Sing to Your Perfect Pares Contest” Entry

Datu Puti Pares Song
Cover by: Jheanna Nungay & John Elbert "Abo" Hizon

Contest Duration: Feb 13 – Mar 7, 2015

Eligible participants of “Sing to Your Perfect Pares Contest” must be of legal age and are residents of Philippines.
Interested participants must upload a video of themselves singing the Datu Puti Pares Song together with a partner.
Participants must come up with their own version of Datu Puti Pares Song and upload it on Youtube. See lyrics here.
Participants have the following options in submitting an entry.
Make use of musical instruments. See chords and lyrics here (
Sing along with minus one version (
5. Entries should be uploaded on Youtube with the title: Datu Puti Pares Song Cover – [Names of Joiners]. Participants must also include the contest mechanics on the description box.
6. Links to the video should be messaged to Datu Puti’s Facebook Page ( together with the participant’s complete contact details.

Mobile Number

7. All entries must be available for public viewing in order to qualify.
8. Contest duration will run for (22) days. Participants must submit their entries on February 13, 2015 (8:00am) – March 7, 2015 (11:00pm). Scores will be calculated on March 8 and will be announced the same day.

Datu Puti shall facilitate in choosing the winners.
There will be a total of 3 (three) pairs of winners in the whole promo duration.
Winners will be chosen on March 8, 2015.

Perfect Pitch (Quality of voice) 20%
Perfect Pares Blending 20%
Originality / Creativity 10%
Audience Impact (no. of video views) 50%

Total 100%

Winners will be announced through Datu Puti’s Facebook Page on this date: March 8, 2015, and will be notified via private message, e-mail, and SMS.
Winners must send a confirmation message upon receiving the notification.
Winners who do not respond within (3) days of being contacted will forfeit their prize and a new pair of winner will be chosen by Datu Puti.

For the promotion duration, there will be (3) three pairs of winners. Winners will win the following prizes.

1st Prize: Two (2) iPad Air 16gb WiFi
2nd Prize: Two (2) Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
3rd Prize: Two (2) Airborne Tech Powerbank

Participants can only win (1) once during the promotion period.
Employees of Nutri-Asia Inc., advertising and promotional agencies and their relatives up to the second degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from winning in the promo.
Submitting of multiple entries is not allowed. All submitted entries will be deemed property of NutriAsia and can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
Prizes are not convertible to cash.
Winners who do not respond within (3) days of being contacted will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen by Datu Puti.
Only residents of Philippines will be considered eligible participants of “Sing to Your Perfect Pares Contest”
“@5SOS: Mike laying a rap down” #TheyreTheOne #5SecondsofSummer @radiodisney
"@cjteng8: “@ShitHappensDre: Cant stop laughing. 😂 #PinoyTekken” 😂😂😂😂😂
pagod after the race... 🚩🏊🎾🏁☺️ #kathrynxix #missingmisibis
Watching @praybeytbenjamins #showtimeholyweekspecial!!! Belated happy birthday!!!!! My wish is for you to never cry like this in real life!!! =)
[Trans] 150401 @BTS_twt: @BTS_twt สอนสกิลให้หน่อยสิฮะ
With the growing popularity of novels being adapted for the big screen every year and after the success of the bestsellers turned blockbuster movies “Diary ng Panget” and “Talk Back and You’re Dead,” VIVAFilms is proud to release another popular Wattpad story entitled, “YOUR PLACE OR MINE?” Written by Turning Japanese, with 13.7 million reads.
“YOUR PLACE OR MINE?” stars VIVA Princess Andi Eigenmann and newest heartthrob Bret Jackson, together with Diary ng Panget’s Andre Paras. The film is directed by Mr. Joel Lamangan .
“YOUR PLACE OR MINE?” is a coming-of-age romance movie that features the crazy love story of HALEY SAAVEDRA, a 19 year old girl taking up BS Psychology, who gets drunk in a bar and sleeps with a guy who’s a complete stranger to her. This man who comes from a rich family is CLAY RUSSELL SANDOVAL, a soccer star player from the same school where Haley studies.
They see each other again unexpectedly inside the school, recollecting the details of what really happened on that night. Their actions show that they both enjoy the night and still desire for more.
“YOUR PLACE OR MINE?” will open on April 29 in cinemas nationwide!
"@KevinPadillaFTW: tignan nyo tong ungoy na to effort hahahaha." i pity them. Lol!!😄😂
"Kami na ulit pre!" #AprilFools 😭😖
“@/itsbeben11: Jeron Teng, Julia Barretto, Kris Aquino and Daniel Padila as #PinoyTekken 👊😂” yung xiaoyu :(((((((((((
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Father, forgive us for our sins. Amen. Its Holy Wednesday. God bless everyone.
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Ladies and gents, the #PinoyTekken ???????????? laftrip
April Fools Day. Trust no one