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One more week !
Ay wow. Pak na pak. Ganern. @bernardokath 😻💓
@AlDubBigBoyz @aldubnation16 @EatBulaga ito na oh Yung Ka kulitan ni meng Kay tisoy haha.😂 #ALDUBSepAnx
HAHAHA! Happy! :))
Bibi's Hugot Lines 5 ...ako agad? Pero nung ako yung nawalan may sinisi ba 'ko? © jamesvallefas | IG #ALDUBSepAnx
nakakakilig nemen ctto #ALDUBSepAnx
Gosh!!!! My heart!!!! She said "miss na kita! Ingat ka alden ha" pakihanap puso ko!!! Jeskelord! -ctto #ALDUBSepAnx
'Yung "Miss na kita" ni Meng para kay Tisoy! 'Yun talaga ang bumuo ng araw ko. ❤️ © EB's FB Live #ALDUBSepAnx
Why is #Suga running? Find out in their @MnetMcountdown exclusive backstage video!
Bibi's Hugot Lines 1 Kulang? Lahat naman kulang. Ano ba sa ginawa ko ang sapat? © jamesvallefas | IG #ALDUBSepAnx
Bibi's Hugot Lines 3 Malakas ako noon, ngayon mahina na kasi nasaktan na'ko. © jamesvallefas | IG #ALDUBSepAnx
SORRY but we didnt steal this 🙏🏻 @justinbieber @bloodpop
Bibi's Hugot Lines 4 Si "kuya" Alden? Kuya ko yan. Magkapatid talaga kami nyan. © jamesvallefas | IG #ALDUBSepAnx
New tour vid coming…1 hour
Takusa ? 😂Pg sinabi ni Love na ganun dpat,sundin ha. Dba DaddyBae @R_FAULKERSoN 😄 #ALDUBSepAnx © @lyssamae30 🍩
Bibi's Hugot Lines 2 Kahit gawin mo lahat, kahit anong mangyari, matatapos din. © jamesvallefas | IG #ALDUBSepAnx
Teka, tanungin natin si Alden kung ano masasabi n'ya sa mga kaganapan. #ALDUBSepAnx
The Queen of (Dancing) Hearts. ❤️ Thanks, @ASAPOFFICIAL, for granting our wish: more @bernadokath on the dancefloor.
Tabi sila sa van😍😍 pero @mainedcm ,kulit mo talaga a! Kakaiba ka talaga! ©@MsBanatera /@AMInaticsOFC #ALDUBSepAnx k
Playtime with @aldenrichards02 for Mitsubishi Mirage TVC shoot Credit: princessjadev IG #ALDUBSepAnx
Teka lang Parang bitin dun sa @aldenrichards02 "...Ingat ka Alden ha and..." And Ano?! Ano @mainedcm #ALDUBSepAnx M
"Treat You Better" the new single out June 3rd #7DaysTilBetter
Pakinggan muli ang mga tinig ni Alden at Maine na sintamis ng Magnolia Ice Cream at nang maibsan ang #ALDUBSepAnx 😊
Buy 1 mirage u take Alden package haha. Siguradong sold out yan 😂 #ALDUBSepAnx
Namimiss na ng bibi si bibi boy.. ♥ Awww! Meng.. (c) EB FB LIVE #ALDUBSepAnx
Hard not to miss them but I'll get by reliving moments like these in my mind 💜 TeamReal #promo 😜
160528 EXO 상해 햇츠온 팬미팅 요고요고 스포 같은골...?😁😁😁😁😁 내새끼 춤선이가 아주👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 #KAI #종인
Grabe ka Maine. You're on a roll! Hahaha. Tuwang tuwa sayo jowa mo. #ALDUBSepAnx C: jamesvallefas IG
"Miss na kita. Ingat ka, Alden ha?" @aldenrichards02 BAKIT AKO NAIIYAK 😭😭😭 ©EB FB page #ALDUBSepAnx
Abangan ang bagong TVC ng @kaCebuana! #ALDUBSepAnx @officialaldub16 @MaiDenALDUBRKDS
Maine asking Alden where her shoeboxes are. ➖Alam ni Alden ang gamit nya 😂 Mag-asawa? @mainedcm #ALDUBSepAnx
Yung gagawin mo ang lahat mapansin lang ni crush 😂😍 @mainedcm @aldenrichards02 Video: ©aimeesarmiento #ALDUBSepAnx
Vine by NBA - LeBron & Kyrie embrace!
Vine by Brian Waddington - Views of the King #Lebron Cavs #nbafinals #raptors #drake
DAMI KO TAWA SAYO MENG! HUGOT PA MORE! HAHA 😂😂 @mainedcm ⓒ jamesvallefas #ALDUBSepAnx
Haist. My heart. My heart. 😢 C: EB FB #ALDUBSepAnx
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@mainedcm See you soon Maine. Ganyan nga. Eat, eat, eat lang. I love you anak. #CHINEEEEEESE
아미밤 합성해주세요
So grateful I came across this picture... with the o.g. crew during one of the most cherished times of my life. #fbf
이런게 있었넹
Sobrang daming school supplies! Maraming salamat sa pakikiisa nyo sa Isang Lapis Isang Papel Project! 🤗 #ALDUBSepAnx
This is a scam FB and google ad using my name and image without approval. How to report? Please help thanks.
#ALDUBSepAnx ❤️ @mainedcm @aldenrichards02 we love them super duper!
Getting ready for today! :)

Kung sino man gumamit ng account ko kanina.. Ill send jiggly puff over to you at patutulugin kita 🌚
I never settle as an artist. I like to give my 100% best in what I do and I expect my burger a #1ChoiceOfGenYum
We grow together, we keep chasing that dream together.
My new single "Treat You Better" comes out June 3rd & is the 1st single from my 2nd album 🎸#7DaysTilBetter
When you turn into bears and you still get Jadine zoned
사진이 맘에드는 걸 지우다 보니 많이 안 남았어요 다음엔 그냥 다 가져와야 겠어요
Takbuhan na!! 💃 

#BTSinMANILA FAQ Series 002: Show Concerns
Could spend the whole summer alone  in Jamaica not talking to anyone and be happy 🌴🌊
#BTSinMANILA FAQ Series 001: Ticketing Concerns
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???????? #PapaJack
travel the planet with me! ☺️
I need to go to a Lantern festival ????????