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Kim Fajardo and Alyssa Valdez hug it out #UAAPSeason78Volleyball
Vine by Charmie Lising - Alyssa: Life goes on, hindi naman natatapos dito. Thank you, mami-miss ko kayo.
Alyssa Valdez goes around the court to say goodbye to the fans #UAAPSeason78Volleyball @spinph
Vine by Paolo del Rosario - A tearful Alyssa Valdez bids the crowd farewell after playing her last game for Ateneo | @cnnphilippines
Vine by ALDUB Vines HD - ALDUB DAY 237. Going nowhere fast.. 🔥 Ang mga nagbabagang pag-giling ng MaiChard! #ALDUBHBDBossing #AlDub
An emotional Alyssa Valdez consoled by former teammate Dennise Lazaro @abscbnsports
Animo La Salle! @abscbnsports
Vine by Charmie Lising - Denden hugs Alyssa and Kiwi
The best ka menggay haha! #ALDUBHBDBossing
kathniel 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Yep, he is head over heels for that girl in front of him. 💕 #ALDUBHBDBossing
Lady Spikers showing love to coach Ramil @abscbnsports
Alyssa Valdez in the final post game press conference of her UAAP career @gmanews
Yes na yes! 😁😁😁 #ALDUBHBDBossing
Alden & Meng's new endorsement. (c) Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation's FB Page #ALDUBHBDBossing
She could not keep eyes dry in her last goodbye. #PhenomDay
Making their way to the court, the two-time defending champions! @abscbnsports
"We love you, Coach" #ALLINLaSalle #UAAPSeason78 @spinph
AND YES!!!! NABAWI!!!! 👑💚🏹🏆
Wooo more maichard. #ALDUBHBDBossing
Kim Dy dances after being hailed as the Finals MVP. | via @marspanaligan
Valdez salutes the Ateneo crowd
IT'S A YES with conviction and affection. @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm #ALDUBHBDBossing k
Whenever they’re together, sparks fly. 💕 #ALDUBHBDBossing
Only @mainedcm knows how @aldenrichards02 feels, so 104. You know you toot me. TeamKampante here😍 #ALDUBHBDBossing k
Vine by ALDUB Vines HD - ALDUB DAY 237. "Si Maine mas mahal si Alden?" "Ate kayo lang po nagsasabi niyan. Very wrong." #ALDUBHBDBossing #AlDub
Ito! Itong dalawang to, nang-aano ehh. Napaka-sweet.. parang mga bata ❤️😍 #ALDUBHBDBossing
Haist anu ba kayo eyyy #ALDUBHBDBossing
Ngaun hinarap nio ng buong puso at tapang.salamat sa tiwala😢👊👍😍 .@aldenrichards02.@mainedcm 🍒 #ALDUBHBDBossing
"@honasantino: One last time for Lady Eagles seniors Alyssa Valdez and Amy Ahomiro. @abscbnsports"
Maine be like: "OH AYAN GETS MO NA?!" #ALDUBHBDBossing
Vine by ALDUB Vines HD - ALDUB DAY 237. "104. You know you *toot* me." ADN be like: "HOMAYGAD 104 DAW OMG OMG (himatey kahit di gets) #ALDUBHBDBossing #AlDub
DJ Bae and Barista Maine @mainedcm @aldenrichards02 @MAINEnatics_OFC #ALDUBHBDBossing
Alam na this... @officialaldub16 @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm #ALDUBHBDBossing
Yung tawa ni Bossing ang nagdala e!tuwang tuwa kay @mainedcm #ALDUBHBDBossing k
Ingat Meng sa pupuntahan mo ngayon #ALDUBHBDBossing
Coach Tai congratulating the Lady Spikers @abscbnsports
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To the greatest MVP, thank you.
Ito yung hinihintay ng lahat, ito yung gusto naming makita. Valdez-Reyes hug 🙌💙💚 #R3peatTheGloryAteneo PhenomDay
Thank you for the 5 years! You will be our forever MVP! @AlyssaValdez2 🏆 #R3peatTheGloryAteneo
Sayo ang Ravena, akin ang korona 👑
"Championship runs end. Skills brittle in time. But the heart knows no range or end."

Thank you for the OBF!
Salamat Phenom.
Denden Lazaro comforts Alyssa Valdez
My forever MVP @AlyssaValdez2 💙👏👍💪

Salamat sa inyo. #UAAPSeason78VolleyballFinals
Lets go girls! #AWVT #OBF
Grabe nakaka-excite! Ano kaya itong surprise gift na ito? Naka-gift wrap pa kasi eh! #ALDUBHBDBossing
5 Finals Appearances 
4x Best Scorer
3x Best Server
3x MVP
1x Finals MVP
2x Champion
Proud of you girls 💙 Welcome to the #ThundersClub @alyssa_valdez2 @amyahomiro @maetajima.
Theres still a whole lot more that the world has to offer. Thank you, Alyssa Valdez! You the real MVP! We love you!
This is one of the reasons why I have trust issues. People can change anytime. CHAR.
Ako lang meron nito kaya exclusive ko to... the king and queen archers! Ngiting.panalo...
I could still remember how everyone of you promised me that youll get the crown back to taft na ibabawi ninyo ako.🏆
One last time 💙
UAAP will never be the same without these girls. 🙌🔥 #UAAPSeason78Volleyball #R3peatTheGloryAteneo #ALLINLaSalle
The Archer pose marks their return to the top.
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RT @itsMeAiryn25: Thank you @AlyssaValdez2 .. speechless ako.. basta. Thank you.. love you 'neng! ? #PhenomOut


Bigla akong sumaya nung naalala kong may Season 2 ang The Phenoms ? #PHENOMOUT

Cebu City, Central Visayas

Truly a remarkable athlete. ? #PHENOMOUT

San Pablo City, Laguna

RT @vbeoav: Fought hard until the end. Remained classy until the end. My love and respect for you will never ever end.@AlyssaValdez2 #PHENOMOUT

Pasig City


Batac City!!!

RT @SuperstarPhenom: Super Thank You, heartfelt-read! @TiebreakerTimes ??? #PHENOMOUT "Coach Tai, we really loved and hate hate hate hate you." ALY ???


RT @m_janechavez93: Hanggang sa muling paglipad IDOL "ALYSSA VALDEZ #2" salamat sa lahat lahat..saludo ako sayo.??☝☝?? #PHENOMOUT

Central Luzon

RT @AlyssaValdez2: Win or lose, its the school I choose. THANK YOU, ATENEO. THANK YOU, UAAP. #PHENOMOUT


No doubt! ? #PHENOMOUT

San Pablo City, Laguna

RT @alyssuhvaldez: The official "signing off" post on ig 8h ago by the one and only Alyssa Valdez. #PHENOMOUT

Central Luzon


JGH! and here i am crying ???????????? #PHENOMOUT © fabilioh
Jgh! Nice game team @janeljacinto @mightymark02 @_GabrielJaring @dublinjosua @JmsCfr ????????????


Lets go girls! #AWVT #OBF
win or lose its the school we choose! ???????? #UAAPSeason78Volleyball #OBF
Pizza never fails #OBF #PhenomOut
We love her attitude more than anything else. Thank you, Inay Lita! We got her back ALWAYS. ???????????? #OBF #PHENOMOUT RT
This is how we end championships… win or lose. +AMDG+ #OBF #AMVT #AWVT
Happy til the very end. Thats Team Ateneo. #OBF © Fabilioh - Mon Rubio
The Blue Crowd yesterday!! #OBF ???? © fabilioh
I Still Love you @AlyssaValdez2 . Thank you ???? We Still Here To Support You ???? #OBF #PHENOMOUT
Last but not the least. Thank you, Lady Eagles. Thank you, Coach Tai. We will see you soon. Fly high! ???? #OBF #AMDG
What was @IdoolSumaangs reaction after winning his first UAAP gold? ???? #AMVT #OBF #HIS2RY #UAAPSeason78
Thank you @AlyssaValdez2 ! ???? #OBF #PhenomOut



April 30, 2016, marks the end of your volleyball career in the UAAP. Thank you for the 5 years of greatness, ANIMO ????
Animo!!!!! Champs babyyyyy