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Once a Taliban stronghold, now they enjoy their football in peace, scenes from Wana, South Waziristan, FATA
#PTIWithSteelMillWorkers MaryamNSharif باجی مریم پٹواریوں سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے
AL says"I got threat frm MQM's mil wing n i know the person".but he told us fr 3 months thr is no mil wing.asked him
This is their love for Cricket.... Lords celebrates Sarfraz's 100. #PakvsEng #Lords
Just arrived at the President's house Istanbul to have a one-on-one meeting with H.E Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
The Song Tells The Story💕 @iamAhmadshahzad @Khurram32177687 @isanaahmad
And #Sarfraz departs.... Now his name would be on the historic board of Lords. #PakvsEng #Lords
Feading people and serving to the poor at Data Darbar 10 huge pots. #Lahore
#PMsHealthcareInitiative Thanks to PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. @MaryamNSharif
Altaf's address to MQM supportrs in US asking all to raise slogans against Pakistan. This is after his false apology
بابرغوری نے الطاف حسین سے اپنی "پاکستان زندہ باد" والی ٹویٹ پر معافی مانگ کر "پاکستان مردہ باد " کا نعرہ لگا دیا 😡😡😡
Me trying to top in exams
VMware: TolgaTohumcu
#PMsHealthcareInitiative Thanks to PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
VMware: RT jbmassae: Ever wonder what it looks like behind the scenes VMworld #solutionsexchange?
رینجرز اہلکاروں کے سر پر ہتھوڑا مار کر سر کے دو ٹکرے کر دیں اور انکے جسموں میں ڈرل مشین سے سوراخ کریں۔ #BanMQM
Watching Pakistan team tumbling. #PakvsEng
Time does not always heals.. some times it only hides the scars
This is so cute.
#العاده_السريه_سبب_فقدان_العقل من يعاني من العاده السريه
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Why no action against Monal ???? where is CDA and concern authorities ??

Why monal is destroying the beauty of islamabd..????
#HappyBirthdayShamaJunejo She is one the best journalists of Pakistan. We wish a very happy birthday @ShamaJunejo
#HappyBirthdayShamaJunejo  We just want to tell you that Pak is more beautiful than UK  Give treat here
Guys, Please wish @ShamaJunejo a very happy bday using hashtag  #HappyBirthdayShamaJunejo This is a must
#BoycottMonal These beautiful natural water springs are in danger due to sewerage water from Monal
Boycott monal to show your support for margalla hills and said pur…
#HappyBirthdayShamaJunejo She was one of first journalists who stood bravely against Bhatta Mafia @ShamaJunejo
#HappyBirthdayShamaJunejo  We hope you get to visit Lake Saif Ul Malook someday soon
#HappyBirthdayShamaJunejo  I am hoping the entire twitter family gets a birthday treat from you
#BoycottMonal We request honourable Islamabad High court to take notice of pollution by Monal Restaurant
#BoycottMonal it is our request to CDA & Islamabad High court to please save margalla Hills.
#BoycottMonal We need this natural spring back in its true form. Monal has denied this right
#BoycottMonal  Locals of Saidpur village dont have any water because Monal dumps all sewerage inside it

This Waterfall and streams is extremely beautiful and is ruining by waste of Monal.
#BoycottMonal Saidpur village has been famous for its natural springs. Now Monal has ruined it
We Request CDA to please take notice of this issue,
#BoycottMonal Will we eat food at this restaurant at the risk of thousands dying from diseases? I wont
Saidpur Is Heaven But Monal Take Place Of It #BoycottMonal
#BoycottMonal CDA has totally failed to protect this historical water spring. It should wake up & do something
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اچھی صورت بھی کیا بری شے ہے! #IndvsWI

Islamabad, Pakistan
@justbeauty18 #IndvsWI

Islamabad, Pakistan

🌷🌷 میری لئے اللہ، اس کا نبی ﷺ اور نبی ﷺ پر نازل کتابِ مقدس ہی کافی ہے۔ یہی م� #IndvsWI

Islamabad, Pakistan
@justbeauty18 #IndvsWI

Islamabad, Pakistan

Ameeen..... #IndvsWI

Islamabad, Pakistan
@justbeauty18 #IndvsWI

Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan startup aims to bridge gap between salons and customers #IndvsWI

Islamabad, Pakistan
@justbeauty18 #IndvsWI

Islamabad, Pakistan

⒈ #IndvsWI ⒉ #معصوم_خواہش ⒊ #ThoseDaysWereLove ⒋ #میرے_دل_کی_آواز ⒌ #MUFC 2016/8/28 00:45 PKT

Islamabad, Pakistan
@justbeauty18 #IndvsWI

Islamabad, Pakistan


Pic1: Pakistan Cricket Team in Tests Pic2: Pakistan Cricket Team in ODIs #PakvEng #PakvsEng #EngvPak #EngvsPak


#HappyBirthdayShamaJunejo Breaking: Shahrukh Khan nay bhi hmain join kr liya hai
#HappyBirthdayShamaJunejo Breaking: PMLN walo nay bhi @ShamaJunejo ki birthday ka trend join kr liya
Rising Pakistan with GOP logo. NASDAQ New York Stock Exchange building yday. The world acknowledges Brand NS.
This is not a beach, this is DHA Lahore..Hun vi Sherrr?? @MaryamNSharif 😃😀😄
#PMsHealthcareInitiative Thanks to PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. @MaryamNSharif
@MaryamNSharif Much needed step towards the betterment of Pakistan. Mian Nawaz Sharif deserves all the appreciation.


@Sadaqat_Ali having meal with @ImranKhanPTI.