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#NoRespectIfYouDisobeyIK Khan Sahb is the most brave leader of Pakistan and he has always proven it
Twitter Poll: Who do you support? RT for Pakistan Army, Fav for MQM terrorists! Time is 3 hours!  #UKMustArrestAltaf
Hearing4  #IK #PTI Disqualification Notice4 5th Aug issued. Petition was filed by #MQM MNA K. Navaid Jamil #Pakistan
|: ,: RT PakPolStats: Top tweeps for #شخصیت_یا_نظریہ:
1 DrAyesha4
2 Axmebkhokhar
3 sanaameem
4 YaSiR___kHaN
5 Ahsa…
#UKMustArrestAltaf We demand Altaf to be brought back to Pakistan and hanged for his criminal activities!
This Man Video Tapes His Wife In The Shower. What He Catches On Tape? Absolutely Terrifying!!
Visiting Khairpurs Kaccha area and meeting with flood affectees
RT DrAyesha4: #AltafQoamKaGhaddar

Kha Kha kar motay ki tabiyat kharab he honi hy
The Representative of Imam Mehdi (as) His Divine & Sublime Eminence, Sultan ul Salateen ul Fuqra, Sayedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, His Holiness Younus AlGohar explains:
WHAT and WHO is Dajjal?

A question surfaced online in regards to the authentic and detailed reality of what and who is Dajjal. His Holiness Younus AlGohar clarifies misconceptions and reveals the reality of Dajjal (Anti-Christ).

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Mujrem Pakro Mohajir Nahi
AIB : Every Bollywood Party Song feat. Irrfan

Irrfan teaches the AIB boys the art of the Bollywood Party song. 
[English and hindi captions available]

Download the song here -

Follow us on - 
Twitter : @AllIndiaBakchod
Facebook :
Instagram : @AllIndiaBakchod 

Starring - 
Irrfan, AIB, Naveen Polishetty 

Directed by 
Vasan Bala

Creative Director 
Tanmay Bhat

Singer/Voice Artist
Arjun Nair -

Shazeb Sheikh

Krishna Perla
Saiba Sawhney
Pranjal Agarwal 
Yash Trivedi
Rohit Gupta
Harneet Oberoi
Nimish D Shitole
Dipika Pandey
Vijendra Minekar

Song written by - AIB, Karunesh Talwar

Rangarajan Ramabadran

Second Unit D.O.P 
Satchith Paulose

Shashwata Datta, Mamlesh Tiwari

Online Editor
Mihir Lele

Sound Designer
Sanidhya Bohra

Location Courtesy 
Tryst, Mumbai
Brick House Café, Mumbai

Assistant directors 
Nikhil Pai
Lekha Deshpande
Kapil Gyanchandani
Apurva Ghabe
Jaime White
Love Upadhyay
Shraddha Singh
Ayesha Merchant
Swati Sahay
Shruti Arur
Naveed M

“Making of” shot by
Alitto Fernandes

Costume Designer
Abhilasha Sharma

Line Producers 
Vikram Singh, Vipul Mathur, Naveed M

Irrfans Team

Manpreet Bacchhar

Vijay Shikare

Mohammad Naqi

Syed Iqbal

Vikrant Studio

Makeup and hair 
Hasan Ali and Team
Vinod and team

Light Vendor
JP Sharma (CineKraft)

Camera attendants 
Ashok Yadav
Ravindra Patel

Lens and Grips 
Camera Plus
Mohapatra Movie Magic
Cine Grips

Special thanks to all our amazing fans who came for the shoot.
آپ کوکرپٹ چاہئے ھوتے ھیں تاکے سر نہ اٹھاسکیں
میراقائد نہ جھکنے والا نہ بکنے والا
#NoRespectIfYouDisobeyIK Imran Khan is the only sign of Federation in Pakistan! This is why we stand with him!
#NADRA #Pakidentity service you can obtain your CNIC from anywhere in the world #Pakistan
#MQM says Altaf Hussain did 
not say what he said #Pakistan #Karachi Details:
Chairman @ImranKhanPTI meets PTI Sindh delegation under leadership of @ArifAlvi
@InfoSecPPPP @MalirPPP_MCell @BBhuttoZardari PPP Chairman ne Sabit kardia ke who hamasha awam ke darmyan mujood ha
RT FarhanKVirk: #UKMustArrestAltaf There has been no leader in Pakistan who could ever challenge Altaf except one …
In Chester, at my khalas (the original insomniac)
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RT @mamur: The State of #Pakistan shld implement a zero tolerance policy against all traitors who are toeing the agendas of #India, #Israel, #UK & #US.

Karachi, Pakistan

RT @mamur: #AltafHussain & all his cronies who are defending him on #Media are traitors & shld be tried under Article 6 of the Constitution. #Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

RT @karachi4u: #Pakistan #MQM @QasimalirazaAli @2642671 @haniqureshi1 @KaleemAltafi @suhail_khanzada @noumankhan_uk

Karachi, Pakistan

RT @karachi4u: #Pakistan #MQM @QasimalirazaAli @2642671 @haniqureshi1 @KaleemAltafi @suhail_khanzada @noumankhan_uk

Karachi, Pakistan

RT @karachi4u: #Pakistan #MQM @QasimalirazaAli @2642671 @haniqureshi1 @KaleemAltafi @suhail_khanzada @noumankhan_uk

Karachi, Pakistan

RT @Ahsanwarsi2: کنور نوید نے آرٹیکل 62 ڈی اورای کے تحت عمران خان کیخلاف پٹیشن دائرکی ہے - #MQM #PTI #PMLN #PPP #Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

Enormous beauty of #Balochistan Undiscovered heavens of #Pakistan


RT @smnehad: #IamKarachi and I feed #Pakistan


Reality of online jobs in #pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

Finally at the #MoorMusicLaunch looking forward to meet @stringsonline #Karachi #Pakistan #pakistanicinema



The Right Man Altaf Hussain Bhai #LongLiveAltafHussain