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A Little Rain - Official Music Video
Bad Kids's post on Vine - When Your Entering The Car Wash🚘💭FOLLOWING BACK AT 300k! #BadKids - Ratchet Vines's post on Vine
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RT @MdMIllesBalears: Se ve desde el espacio, pero no lo quieren ver #GazaUnderAttack
Das sind dann die, die beständig von Menschenrechte sprechen, wenn es um die Durchsetzung ihrer Interessen geht: #UN
Who could possibly vote *against* a UN resolution to respect intl law in the Palestinian Territories ? Oh wait.
Fk and I .. #milivikram😍
im curious - why is this a crime ? i thought we have freedom of speech.
UN Human Rights Council suspects Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Vote for investigation: UK abstains, USA votes against.
Don’t drop the phone. Don’t drop the phone. #skiliftselfie
Me and the little lad :)
Were interview Cimorelli girls once again! Send your questions NOW!
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RT @Qureshiverified: #IHateYouIsrael Samaj gaye na


RT @_syedshoaib: Enough said. #PrayForGaza #IHateYouIsrael


RT @NakarOye: #IHateYouIsrael We Believe Allah Kay Ghar Dair Hai Andhair Nhi


RT @GM491: Fuk u Israelis. #IHateYouIsrael


RT @LeMeTalal: What We Did To Help People Of Palestine?? Yup We Change Our Handles And Started Trends On Social Websites It Surely Help :/ #IHateYouIsrael

Karachi, Pakistan

RT @Qureshiverified: #IHateYouIsrael Khash waha pai koi godfather jaisa banda hota Phir chass ati

Karachi Pakistan

RT @sonia__noor: #IHateYouIsrael Plz stop slaughtring

Karachi Pakistan

RT @fittaymoo: #IHateYouIsrael #IHateYouIsrael #IHateYouIsrael #IHateYouIsrael #IHateYouIsrael #IHateYouIsrael #IHateYouIsrael #IHateYouIsrael m

Karachi Pakistan

RT @dawar_baig: #IHateYouIsrael


RT @M_BilalArain: ALLAH Tumhain Gharak Kare #IHateYouIsrael

Karachi Pakistan






RT @omar_quraishi: Hahahah -- WAPDA advert for 5,000 men who can pray for rain via @khawajaNNInews
RT @MaleehaManzoor: Dear Muslim clerics, isnt it blasphemy?! "ISIS destroys the Masjid Fatima Zehra in Iraq" via @omar_quraishi
RT @adil_hu: Reclaimed from Hell. @omar_quraishi "Looks like a town from Hell .... Miralis main road -- North Waziristan"
Bravo America! -- UN Human Rights Council vote tally on whether to open war crimes inquiry against Israel on Gaza
Operation in N Waziristani town of Mirali - via picture taken by militarys PR wing v/ @omar_quraishi
RT @omar_quraishi: Bravo Bolivia -- the countrys UN ambassador wears a kiffayah at a UN session
RT @omar_quraishi: Interior of Karachis Lakshmi Narayan temple -- right next to the citys Native Jetty bridge and port area
RT @realsanambaloch: Shameful Allegations on #SaniaMirza by #BJP. Indian #Muslim married to a #Pakistani Muslim. Is that a sin?@MirzaSania