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Yesterday with IDPs in Bannu. My heart went out to these innocent children displaced from their homes in NWA.
A slap on the faces of #PMLN workers.Nawaz enjoying #EID in KSA & Poster with #IDPs
#FakeLeaderFakeMandate #shameless
.@BuzzFeed Well This is What Terrifies the World #NOW and its not a sci-fi
RT @sadaf_Ary: Respect 4 Moeen Ali #Gaza
RT @bashirgwakh: President Karzais influential cousin #HashmatKarzai was recently in news for his pet lion.Killed in suicide attack
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Eid Mubarak to all Muslim ummah :-)

Lahore, Pakistan

Obama wishes 'Eid Mubarak' to Muslim world . via @GoBubblews

lahore pakistan

Eid Mubarak, via @GoBubblews

lahore pakistan

Jumma Mubarak Hadees Hadith, via @GoBubblews

lahore pakistan

RT @faisalirikkur: @Aish_Shweet Khair Mubarak Takabbal Allah Minna Wa Minkum

Lahore (Pakistan)

RT @RanveerOfficial: Eid Mubarak, darlings! :)


RT @RanveerOfficial: Eid Mubarak, darlings! :)


RT @taashyy: "@fnkasian: @taashyy Eid mubarak desi girl stay blesd on a blesd day" eid mubarakk!! Thanks for the lovely wish


RT @chaulamodi12345: @NJLahori jadu ki jhappi Chotu to u!Eid Mubarak with a forcible kiss!


RT @FareehaJahangir: @mjoharraza Khair Mubarak. :)



Wore these shoes today ♡♡...loved them .. #HeelMadness #love #shoelover #eid




RT @ArifAlvi: I am sorry for sensitive people,but keep on spreadng these images for the world 2 recognise Israel for the evil it is
RT @ArifAlvi: Brought tears 2 my eyes RT @DrBasselAbuward Most painful look Ive evr seen No child in the world shud feel like this
RT @ArifAlvi: RT @MarieRigby3: How many more kids are going to loose their father justice for these kids and Gaza
RT @ArifAlvi: Agreed. Making matters worse rather than better RT @Maria_Memon: This is ABSOLUTELY DESPICABLE!!!!!!!!
RT @ArifAlvi: Brought tears 2 my eyes RT @DrBasselAbuward Most painful look Ive evr seen No child in the world shud feel like this
RT @DrBasselAbuward: Ive never seen such heavy bombardments before. 100% i am going to DIE , said GOODBYE to everyone #GazaUnderAttack
RT @DrBasselAbuward: He is too beautiful & young to be dead 258 children have been killed in #Gaza so far #GazaUnderAttack #ICC4Israel
RT @DrBasselAbuward: On the St,in front of a Hospital in #Gaza an injured man with his x-Ray& child Waiting to be treated #GazaUnderAttack