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Daily Adhkar (Invocations) #Dhikr
تحریک انصاف کی احتجاجی ریلی میں کسی کوپتہ نہیں کہ وہ احتجاج کس لئےکررہےہیں تبدیلی کوپتہ نہیں کہ کیاتبدیل کرناہے😂😂
ths is wht Pervaiz Khattak claimd on 1st day as CM"mein aisi tabdeeli laun ga k Shabaz Sharif mjhy follow krain gai"
#HafizSaeed strikes a different tone, wants #India to give visa to doctors to visit #Kashmir.#NewDelhi should listen
Lightning Strike hitting a pole in Chicago 😱 😱
دینی مدرسوں میں اصلاحات پر خیبرپختونخوا حکومت سرفہرست ہے،ان غریب بچوں کو وہ تعلیم ملے جن سے وہ معاشرے کا حصہ بن سکیں
What was wrong with our batting and bowling in old Trafford test?? Asked Waseem Akram and Shoaib Akhtar...
ہسپتالوں میں رکاوٹوں اورمافیا کے باوجود انکو خودمختاری دلوائی اور بہتر مینجمنٹ اور میرٹ کا سسٹم شروع کیا #IKPressCon
After defeat in AJK Election PTI leadership & PPP leadership are Upset like ......
صوبائی فنانس کمیشن ہر ضلع کیلئے فنڈز کا فیصلہ کرے گا- نمائندوں کے پاس صوابدیدی اور خفیہ فنڈز ختم کر رہے ہیں #PTI
The awkward moment when brother @TarekFatah could not hold his fart while shouting loudly against Pakistan.
We condemn violent attack on media workers by PTI activists. Govt must take action against PTI outlaws
MoUs signed w/ diff Chinese companies who wish to invest in Energy & Infrastructure #ShehbazInChina #RoshanPakistan
Pakistani bating lineup
Right now in Pakistan
KPK سے گُل خان صاحب کا PTI کےسپورٹرز کو پیغام: جس میں وہ دو انگلیوں کامطلب بتا رہیں ہیں۔ #کپتان_کا_حلال_پروٹوکول
پی ٹی آئی کی تازہ صورتحال
خیبرپختونخوا 13 نکات کا اصلاحتی چارٹر- پہلی مرتبہ بلدیات میں اختیارات منتقل، 33 ارب روپے مقامی حکومتوں کو جا رہے ہیں
#MQM Main Meri Wapsi Nahi Hoi Abhi Sirf Rukniyat Bahal Hoi Hai - @AamirLiaquat @OfficialMqm @nadia_a_mirza #NewsOne
#America Main Bhi 8 Saal Sey Ziada Koi Saddar Nhi Reh Sakta Yahan 14 Saal Sey Aik Shakhs Governor Hai @Aamirliaquat
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We request everyone to Tweet the #Kashmir pellet wound posters to the respective celebrities. Push them to speak.
New leased PIA planes. Day not far when PIA will be at par with the worlds finest airlines IA. Thats Nawaz Sharif!
#COAS arrived Cairo,Egypt -2 days official visit.Guard of honour in Army HQ, met Chief of Staff&Def Min separately-1
وڈیرا سائیں وڈیرا ہی ہو ہوتا ہے چاہے امریکہ پڑھ آئے۔ملئے نئے وزیر اعلٰی سندھ سے
Amazing campaign, uses #Indian celebrities as #Kashmir victims. Click on these HTs #IndiaCantSee #KashmirKillings
This📷is both sad&inspiring.Sad that U were taken from us&suffered in jail while innocent&Inspiring coz U still smile
Happy birthday to my loving father.
#BuildBhashaDamNOW Pakistan needs new dams and we must quit politics on this issue
It is Nangapushpa flower which blossoms once in 36 years. It happened yesterday in Himalayas
Wifi Goals 😂
A 5yr. Old kid (Nisar Ahmad) was caught by Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir & inject a steel needle into his eye.
#BuildBhashaDamNOW First Indian funded politicians stopped Kala Bagh Dam now they target Bhasha
This is #Kashmir. Trapped & facing death BUT living a life of dignity & dying with Honor BUT Never surrendering...
Pellet-hit faces of celebrities meant to highlight Kashmiri suffering go viral
What if Mark Zuckerberg was born in Indian held Kashmir??? #KashmirKillings #Kashmir
Both sides vowed to synergise all efforts &resources to fight and eliminate terrorism.Pic with Def Min-3
#BuildBhashaDamNOW Nationalist leaders have only been a curse for Pakistan. We must disown them
Punjab Government builds $1-billion Lahore Knowledge Park.
Discussed Pak-Egypt mil to mil relations,enhanced def &security coop&collaboration,trg exchanges.Pic with COS-2
@CMShehbaz visits #Huawei HQ in Shenzen,China.
@GovtOfPunjab @mahobili
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Insha Allah we will go Kashmir without permission of India sooooooooooon

Pakistan, Lahore

Aoa! Hum request krty hai tumam dunia k musalmano ko Kashmir k musalmano ki azadi Kay lia apni awaz bulad kary....

Lahore, Pakistan

Compare peaceful Pakistani occupied Kashmir and Indian Occupied Kashmir Why there is difference? #IndiaCantSee #KashmirKillings


RT @TahaSSiddiqui: Dear hypernationalists: Situation in Indian Kashmir horrible but media access better compared 2 total media blackout of Balochistan conflict

Dublin,80's and 90's Lahore

@Kalraj76 @IndianExpress ye kesa baap hy jo bety k aik din bad paida hua 15 1947 jb k PAKISTAN 14 1947 hv u any sence PAK is not in kashmir

Lahore, Pakistan

RT @HamidMirGEO: Kashmir in Crisis:Modi Govt cannot claim that Pakistan is behind this editorial of NYT

Lahore, Pakistan

Beauty has a price and sadly Kashmir is paying a lot more than that :( tyrannical rule of India does not want to understand Kashmiri Voice


RT @HamidMirGEO: Indian army should leave Kashmir: Noam Chomsky - Kashmir Times

Lahore, Pakistan

Does the army in Indian occupied Kashmir know only one way of treating people ? #Kashmir#peace At least for your own good,DONT BE INHUMAN.


Azad Kashmir Election 2016 6am by Zubair Sajid Dhillon: via @YouTube



New leased PIA planes. Day not far when PIA will be at par with the worlds finest airlines IA. Thats Nawaz Sharif!
#BuildBhashaDamNOW Patwaris will never ask Nawaz why did he delayed Bhasha Dam till 2037
Why is nawaz gov delaying basha dam construction ?? #BuildBhashaDamNOW
Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar trying to kill banking sector again as they did in past. #DarEats280BillionLoan
#BuildBhashaDamNOW Nawaz Sharif is putting Interest of Pakistan at stake for his personal Interests
#BuildBhashaDamNOW Nawaz delayed construction of bhasha dam till 2037 just for Modi happiness
#BuildBhashaDamNOW Nawaz is indian agent
Alhamdulillah a successful protest against NAB giving IshaqDar clean chit. Submitted Reference against Nawaz &family
#BuildBhashaDamNOW Wali Khan Is One Of Raw Agent Working Here with Nawaz And both Funded By Raw.
#BuildBhashaDamNOW For pleasing Modi Nawaz Sharif has compromised Future of Pakistan
#BuildBhashaDamNOW Nawaz is buisness man he has no care for our futuure...Go Nawaz Go
Brand Nawaz Sharif... Punjab has the least allocation of budget for education!
#BuildBhashaDamNOW It is because of Nawaz that projects like Bhasha Dam are still delayed.


New leased PIA planes. Day not far when PIA will be at par with the worlds finest airlines IA. Thats Nawaz Sharif!
#BuildBhashaDamNOW give us what is more importnt than those stupid metro orange trains projects @MaryamNSharif
Chief Minister @CMShehbaz s visit to Liver Transplant Beijing Friendship Hospital #ShehbazInChina