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Czech group completes acquisition of logistic park near Bucharest - Romania http://t.co/291yneFGdn

Bucharest ,Romania

I posted 113 photos on Facebook in the album "JUDAS PRIEST IN ROMANIA (1.07.2015)" http://t.co/WU6UNp0IOh

Bucharest, Romania

Access Investments-European Union- ROMANIA: Merkel repeats there can be no negotiations on new... http://t.co/rpNsTrUt9J

Bucharest - Romania

RT @RudimentalUk: From Glastonbury to Romania! #ElectricCastle #WeTheGeneration http://t.co/b6UGeRi9An


Access Investments-European Union- ROMANIA: Greece is in Depression with a capital D. And what... http://t.co/4mnjWg2COl

Bucharest - Romania

Rețete de Top - BRITISH BALL 2015 cu FRANKE ROMANIA! http://t.co/MLou7tKjG1


Great Job Opportunity: 4 x Agent de turism in Bucharest, Romania http://t.co/YaKLsyM9M6 #job


Situatie de criza financiara in Europa! Cum este afectata Romania? http://t.co/z5TL6CidgK

Bucuresti, Romania

RT @iPhoNewsRO: Romania nu are suport pentru iTunes Match, de aceea nu se poate activa iCloud Music Library!! https://t.co/6wgfUtFqE5


#SocialEntreprenorship #firstrun in Romania! #AEGEEBucuresti #DemosPromotori http://t.co/mgV6NNm72c

Bucuresti, Romania
#Arch2Arc #AndreiRosu is on the last 15 miles winding into Paris he could finish within a couple of hours http://t.co/oBaBNHR1Ck