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Chest-Bump's post on Vine - That laugh... #IceBucketFail - Chest-Bump's post on Vine
Keemiemillz's post on Vine - Ice bucket challenge 😂😂 - Keemiemillz's post on Vine
Nicki Minaj - Anaconda
Tae Rob's post on Vine - What the hell? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #humour BdotAdot5 _Summerella_ cluelessmind DontéMacc - Tae Rob's post on Vine
VineGuru's post on Vine - #ShmoneyDance #Frozen Edition - VineGuru's post on Vine
@CassperNyovest x Phumakim (Cover) By Astro_nje
FOLLOW OUR TWITTER @ManU_FC1878's post on Vine - Some crazy ball control by Manchester United target Marcos Rojo in training! #MUFC #MANUTD - FOLLOW OUR TWITTER @ManU_FC1878's post on Vine
LLKoolGrey(Clutch)'s post on Vine - this is bigger than color. this is police doing whatever they want without consequences. WE as a people need to stand together against this. - LLKoolGrey(Clutch)'s post on Vine
Ciaran Trotter's post on Vine - #Goalgasm #GaryNeville #Chelsea - Ciaran Trotter's post on Vine
HipHopVines's post on Vine - #SuchARealNigga #SanQuinn #E40 #StunnaKid - HipHopVines's post on Vine
Blue Inc's post on Vine - To those who gloated at having Spain in the sweepstake. #SPA #worldcup2014 #fun #lol #funny #soccer #football #worldcup - Blue Inc's post on Vine
Flavs's post on Vine - Adebayor #IceBucketChallange - Flavs's post on Vine
2014 WTAL Conference - Girl Talk Moment
Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross - New Flame (Explicit Version)
SamTakesOff's post on Vine - African parents always say they won't hit you w/ PEGO WILL #SamTakesOff - SamTakesOff's post on Vine
WORLDSTARHIPHOP's post on Vine - The way paparazzi talk to me is disrespectful.. yeah right Kanye! 😂😂😂 #worldstar - WORLDSTARHIPHOP®'s post on Vine
Hamas Takes Responsibility on the "heroic" kidnapping & murdering of the 3 Israeli Boys
Noko vs Izikhothane Part 2
Chest-Bump's post on Vine - Guys...a ninja got into a motorcycle accident. @_chestbump_ - Chest-Bump's post on Vine
Overcoming the challenges of launching a start up - Given Mkhari
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RT @SebaGranate: Flawless Victory
Marcos Rojo will wear the no.5 shirt for Manchester United. #RojoIsRed
For @magsol, @traiLion, @carrie3823, and other nerds MT @mitchellmoffit Metric system vs imperial @gosharpshooter
Weve lost our morals for mentions SMH
RT @Sandraxf: @Fran41319 O M G
Well... U cant say hes wrong👏👏👏
So strange and cool at the same time 😳
Photo confirmation of Marcos Rojos move to Manchester United. (Source: @ManUtd)
As part of the Marcos Rojo deal, Nani will join Sporting Lisbon on a season-long loan. #mufc
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