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The wait is over! Watch the breathtaking teaser of Thala Ajiths Vedalam directed by Siva with music by Anirudh Ravichander. The film also stars Shruti Hassan & Lakshmi Menon

Movie - Vedalam
Starring - Ajith Kumar, Shruti Hassan & Lakshmi Menon
Director - Siva
Music - Anirudh Ravichander
Producer - S. Aishwarya
Studio - Shri Sai Raam Creations
Music Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt Ltd.

© 2015 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

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Director Samuthirakani about Ilayathalapathy Vijays PULI
Programme website: Victorian London and an impossible case - Sherlock returns for a special episode. Coming Soon. 
The #SLvWI Test series will be played for a trophy named after former captains. READ:
Do you remember this #UNP ad? මැදැයි ලැබෙන සොච්චම් පඩියෙන් වහනයක් ගන්න හිටිය. කෝ මේ පවුල lol!
United National Party (UNP) Ad # 15 - සොච්චං වැටුප වෙනුවට තමන්ට සරිලන වැටුපක්
With a skeleton crew, filming for Amazon Primes new motoring programme has begun.
டலஅதிகமா இப்படிலாம் பண்ணினா புழு பூச்சி தான் வரும் நம்ம #கிரிஜா அக்கா சொல்றத கேளு #TherikkaVidalama #vedhalamteaser
Meeting with Chinese Special Envoy Mr. Liu Zhenmin today. #SriLanka #China
#VedalamTeaserBlast s Likes in one hour on @YouTube beats American Singer @taylorswift13 s Likes record..
How many of You notice @shrutihaasan in teaser..:-) Crossed 90K likes..:-)
Believe me this is Sri Lanka trensmap & see all the trends are related to Thala, Theri Mass :-) #VedalamTeaserBlast
Distance btw Sri Lanka & India is 32 KMs (Indian ocean). distance btw the two countries in T20I rankings in 32 CMs
RT if the way #ThalaAjith says #KannamoochiReRe in the #VedalamTeaser is just too good!
Kondaya maranthutingale boss😲
#ROFLVedalamTeaser #Vedalam #Ajith #AjithKumar
Massive traffic jam on Beijings 50-lane expressway as Golden Week holiday ends
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are holding civilians as hostages. They are killing and torturing the civilians attempting to flee. Then LTTE blames the Sri Lanka government showing the dead bodies. And the fools in USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, and India are pointing the finger at the Sri Lankan government.

Military formations advancing in three fronts determined to rescue civilian hostages held by LTTE at the newly declared civilian safe zone, at Velamullaivaikkal have succeeded in their objective this afternoon (May 14), with an estimated number of over 1500 civilians freed from LTTE hostage.

According to ground military sources, the civilian exodus is continuing with people seeking protection with the 59 Division troops now operating North of the Wadduvakal causeway. The three frontal simultaneous military surge led by the 58, 53 and 59 Divisions have denied LTTE, strategic ground advantage also thining-out the LTTEs lines of defences, providing enough escape route for hostages, security sources said.

Meanwhile, terrorists have continued mounting indiscriminate shelling and mortar attacks at both hostages and troops, military said.  According to Air Force Spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, 12 hostages injured due to indiscriminate LTTE small arms attack  were airlifted from Mulliyaweli to the general hospital at Anuradhapura.  

Presenting Matargashti Video Song in the voice of Mohit Chauhan from bollywood movie Tamasha starring Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone in lead roles exclusively on T-Series.
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Are Japans #RWC2015 stars looking to make a name for themselves in the world of cricket?! #ShotOfTheDay
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India's most disliked movie teaser also #Vedalam #Vedhalam 34k dislikes and 104k likes not bad. #Puli

Sri Lanka

@rameshlaus Now #Vedalam teaser's @YouTube views are correct??? Did they add those views during those 8 hrs(1.40-9.30 a.m)???

Gelioya Kandy Srilanka

@indimagedara haha ow bn film eka aul unata kamak ne muge teaser eka chaaa ??

Sri Lanka

Vedhalam teaser Xmpl fr mazz


@indimagedara 29k most unliked teaser.. And fastest 10k unliked teaser

Sri Lanka

@LaVanYaVJAddict @Anything4Vj Pahh Neenga ellam Vedhalam teaser parka illaiya thala ipadi thane mass intro kuduper ??

Sri Lanka

#Therikkaudlaamaa Mass & Stylish Teaser.. #Thalaaa #VedalamTeaserBlast

Trincomalee, Srilanka

@Chooti_kukoo haha ade awanda kadhu enga daa teaser kadeai scene la

Sri Lanka

Within 8 hours 20459 Dislikes ?????? Great record for An indian Teaser.We must appreciate it.Thanks for thala and the Entire team of Vedalam

Sri Lanka

Pakka Teaser for #Vedalam #vedhalamteaser ?

Kandy, Srilanka


Vedalam Official Teaser | Ajith, Shruti Hassan | Anirudh , Siva
More Pictures From Cuddalore AJITHians Vedalam Teaser Celebrations #VedalamTeaserBlast
Vedalam Teaser Trailer Reaction| Ajith, Shruti Hassan | First Trailer Reaction on YouTube!!!


Vedalam Official Teaser | Ajith, Shruti Hassan | Anirudh , Siva


Worshiping Tiruppur THALA Fans ! THALA means Tiz much to us #VedalamTeaserBlast
Believe me this is Sri Lanka trensmap & see all the trends are related to Thala, Theri Mass :-) #VedalamTeaserBlast
Got tis Pic wit Thala????????Memorable meeting.Thnx @SureshChandraa Sir..Bestwishes @directorsiva sir 4 #vedhalamteaser????????
Believe it Guys its Srilanka Trendsmap ! All Related Vedalam & THALA ! Craze of THALA Redefined #VedalamTeaserBlast