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#SideToSide video feat @NICKIMINAJ will debut tonight after the #VMAs ♡ 🚲
Watch Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj perform "Side to Side" at tonight's #VMAs
Heart eyes
#JIMIN #j-hope #모니_모자
Nice qui n'a pas repéré un poids lourd pendant 72h avec ses 1256 caméras, chasse les femmes voilées via la mer. 😐
tomorrow #SideToSide ♡🚲
Restaurant Le Cénacle à Tremblay-en-France refuse de servir 2 femmes voilées. #islamophobie Je suis sans voix.
"Don't Stop The Music", "Only Girl", "We Found Love", "Where Have You Been" (pop medley) - Video Music Awards 2016
The fact that this girl can still belt while exercising is beyond me #VMAs @ArianaGrande
49ers fans burning Kaepernick's jersey to the National Anthem
Baseball is more than just a game, this is incredible.
Chance and Jaden admiring each other's style. So cute. #VMAs
You can hear @joanneprada yell iconic at the end I'm. Deceased.
From track to turf. 13 days away 🏈 #BattleAtBristol
They was on beat to every song 😭😭💀
Colin Kaepernick folks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I think I just accidentally took the best video ever.... 😱 #VMAs @rihanna @Drake
take care 2 dropping tonight
es muy hermosa quiero agarrarla de los cachetes y llenarle la cara de besitos
On dirait tacler des go c'est un jeu d'enfant pour Trey Songz ..
i feel attacked
FOH WOTTICE #mcchicken
The music video for 'Side To Side' by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj drops tonight!
Nah she just cracked meeeee 🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💀💀💀💀
*tik tok by ke$ha comes on shuffle* friend 1: y'all ready friend 2: you know it! me, friend 1 and 2:
#49ers Colin Kaepernick video Part 4
لمشاهدة وتحميل الفيلم كامل اضغط على الرابط دا واضغط على الاعلان ggb
Vine by FFcouchcoach - #Vikings Teddy Bridgewater doesn't get enough love. Will be a different offense without AD #FantasyFootball
Ariana Snapchat Story #4
RT ArianaTodayNet "Ariana, Mac Miller and Frankie in the audience tonight! #VMAs"
Vine by ELLE Magazine - Jaden Smith is moved by Alicia Keys' poem #VMAs
this nigga desiigner out here speaking cursive
Vine by MTV - oops
#49ers Colin Kaepernick video Part 1
ehh qqn me fait ça j'le noie dans son faux sang directement après 😭😭
RT ArianaTodayNet "RT vmas: 👀 #VMAs"
We're 1 week away! RT to spread the word, I repeat we're 1 week away from Tiger FBall. #GoTigersGo @AnthonyMiller_3
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♡ #SideToSide
love you & thank you @alexanderwangny
#تونس #كاس_العالم2017 
#Tunisia #WorldCup #WMF #football
뭐 이리 빨리 색을 찾아요...
자 원본........
هل تعلم  ان هذا المكان الرائع مغارة يبلغ طولها 3 كلم وموجودة في #تونس_المزيانة 
#جبل_السرج من ولاية سليانة/عين الذهب
어서와 이런 필터는 오랜만이지?
Simply iconic. truly.
형 대단해 부럽네
رسالة من القلب ...
[#오늘의방탄] a-nation에서도 #방탄소년단  아주 불타~오르네🔥 응원해주신 팬 여러분 고맙습니다!!
Les deux victimes du #Cenacle ont saisi le @ccif pour les aider. Merci de bien lire ce message et de le diffuser. ++
ITS HERE ARIANATORS ♡ The World Premiere of #SideToSide by @ArianaGrande + @NICKIMINAJ at
Jai vu flous pendant 10 minute
1 down, 3 to go! #VMAs #RiRiVanguard
Combien de RT pour les 2 voilés qui ont été refusr detre servi au #Cenacle ? Faites passer le msg 😡😡😡😡
Thank you for having us @vh1! We performed tonight at a fundraiser for the #SaveTheMusic Foundation. Its an incredible foundation that reinstates music programs cut from school curriculum due to budget cuts. I know that I found myself at a very young age in music and it was always one of my favorite classes to go to in elementary and middle school. I was so blessed to be able to have the importance of creative expression and fostering that at a young age in my grasp, and Im grateful to have been able to perform for this incredible foundation that gives that to so many kids around the US❤️
TONIGHT is the night! Ariana performs at the #VMAs with @NICKIMINAJ plus #SideToSide video after the show 👯👸🏽🎬
#스파르으타 !!! 
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NEWS: Beyoncé Is Now The Most Awarded Artist In VMA History: On Sunday night, she blew by Madonn... #FADER #GCPR


RT ArianaTodayNet "Ariana and Mac Miller's reaction to Beyonce's Lemonade performance. #VMAs  🍋"

With Ariana

RT @acidkauai: Beyonce: so I'm just gonna perform the whole album MTV: but there's oth- Beyonce:


RT @aolanibani: *Beyonce starts performing Formation* #VMAs my mom: pls sit down me:

singing show tunes

RT @MumsStop: #Celebrity #CelebrityNews Allow These Beyoncé VMA GIFs to Bestow Health and Blessings Unto You



singing show tunes

Beyoncé thru that lil ass in a circle for sure


RT @musicfacts_shdy: Which artist do you think dominated this year's VMAs? #VMAs RT – Beyoncé LIKE – Rihanna

onika x ariana

RT @BustaBridge: Hook me up with Beyoncé's workout routine

cali to tn

RT @thefader: Beyoncé is now the most awarded artist in #VMAs history.

CT via MS/TN


(3) More HQ photos of Ariana Grande on the 2016 #VMAs   Red Carpet tonight. (August 28)
(5) More HQ photos of Ariana Grande on the 2016 #VMAs red carpet tonight. (August 28)
More pics of Ariana on the #VMAs white carpet! 😍
(3) Photos of Ariana Grande on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet #VMAs
(4) More HQ photos of Ariana Grande on the 2016 #VMAs red carpet tonight. (August 28)
Ariana being interviewed on the white carpet tonight. #VMAs
-HQ CLOSE UP- Ariana Grande on the white carpet at this years #VMAs (10)
HQ photos of Ariana Grande on the 2016 #VMAs Red Carpet tonight. (August 28)


Nick Boy Im on Yo Ass 😂😂😂 #VMAs


"You gon let Beyoncé outdo y-" Britney: #VMAs




Watch Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj perform "Side to Side" at tonights #VMAs
RT ArianaTodayNet "RT PopCrush: Watch Ariana Grande + Nicki Minaj get physical with their "Side to Side" #VMAs per…"
Watch Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj perform "Side To Side" at #VMAs
Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj performing Side To Side at this years #VMAs #SideToSide