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girlybutera's post on Vine - you can see the pain she's feeling... this hurts so much. prayers for all of the grandes. #ripgrandpagrande - girlybutera's post on Vine
PRVN™'s post on Vine - #ShmoneyDance 🔥 --- #PRVN - PRVN™'s post on Vine
Great Baseball Plays's post on Vine - 2 Chainz? 😂😂 - Great Baseball Plays's post on Vine
Mightyduck's post on Vine - These bugs was following me so I just told my mom 😂😂😂😂😂 - Mightyduck's post on Vine
Jon Stewart Learns What Happens When You Criticize Israel
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#4YearsOfOneDirection Felicidadez por estos 4 años los amo tanto ♥
I love you
baby doll & ciccio
I love you
Astronauta alemão posta foto do conflito Israel Gaza visto do espaço
Who could possibly vote *against* a UN resolution to respect intl law in the Palestinian Territories ? Oh wait.
Please RT!
Brave Jewish woman arrested in New York for reading out names of the #Gaza dead. 
Frank n babe
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