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Hunger kills more than Ebola but its not considered a significant problem since rich people cant die of it.
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RT @LeviKabwato: Let's not forget that the AU has a position on coups. At some point in history, the AU itself will have to be transformed. #BurkinaFaso

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

#Burkinafaso Rais amevunja serikali yake, baada ya zile vurugu za mchana

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

RT @bbcswahili: Rais Blaise Compaore ametangaza hali ya Tahadhari nchini #Burkinafaso kufuatia Maandamano.

Dar es salaam. Tanzania

RT @PersonalEscrito: The Congress would not listen to the people. People surrounded the Congress and set it on fire. #BurkinaFaso #Burkina

Mwenge, Dar es Salaam, TZ

RT @kopalo: #BurkinaFaso has generated common knowledge that term limits are binding. dos Santos, Sassou-Ngueso, Kabila, Nkurunziza, Kagame, take note.

Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

RT @Tanessa__: protesters inside #BurkinaFaso's state TV building LOL,

Dar Es Salaam

Burkina Faso is soon coming to Uganda. #BurkinaFaso

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

RT @bonifacemwangi: #BurkinaFaso finally does it! Sankara was right you cannot kill ideas. A better #Burkina is possible!

Dar es Salaam

RT @sunnysunwords: When presidents try to change the constitution #BurkinaFaso parliament

Dar es Salaam

RT @Kalinaki: #BurkinaFaso marks the beginning of end of the "error" of strongman rule in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dar es Salaam - Tanzania