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Tyson Fury in Nice, buying 300 jäger bombs for English fans.
The Joe Ledley shuffle. 😂😂😂
Wishing @bigtobzsf speedy recovery 🙏
He's only gone and done it again!
The most uneducated man you'll ever see.
Vine by Match of the Day - Incredible movement (as a player, too...)
"I'm not making this up. This literally happened two hours ago." This is astonishing (via @wrongisland)
Tyson Fury loving it in #Nice #eng #EURO2016
Fab face is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
He offered him a tissue in mid duaa bcos he was crying, people with down syndrome have such innocent hearts 😭❤️❤️
"Broomstick's on fire, your defence is terrified!" 😂
Vine by that ceia - A vicious rotti. 😂
Coldplays tribute to the Viola Beach lads was class 🙌🏻
I love @faisalislam’s face during this. He can’t quite believe it.
Marriage equality is one year old. But we still have a long way to go for full equality. #LoveIsLove
My Nigga 👊🏽 Education is Key kids 🤓
A message for ronaldo 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm done
Chris introduces a heartwarming tribute to Viola Beach at Glastonbury. #ColdplayGlastonbury | via BBC
MPs trying to work in parliament tomorrow
Jose Mourinho looking at Hazard tonight like... #HUNBEL
Jesse Williams' speech at the BET Awards.
Vine by BT Sport Football - It looks like Sadio Mané is staying at @SouthamptonFC!
Vine by Love Island - Here's Tom, being totally not bothered his ex has just entered the villa #LoveIsland
Vine by Matt Clarke - #gogglebox
Post-#Brexit strategy session.
Vine by InspiralsRoadie. - #tlsp #mileskane #alexturner im so sorry
When the boys wanna go nandos at 7 and your parents won't give you money
AJ showing true patriotism coming out to the London National anthem.
Whoever done that to Big Tobz really wanted to end him.😰
A wonderful moment from @faisalislam on @SkyNews that perfectly sums up the mess we're now in. #Brexit
Beyoncé + Formation Ladies + Kendrick Lamar = Black Excellence #BETAwards
This is something my friends would do to me 😂
Sniff all your what Tyson? 😂
Tyson Fury has bought 300 England fans in Nice Jäger bombs... Class! (Via @MelissaJChapman)
Me @ anyone who doesn't like me
CLASS: #IRL fans shake hands with French fans at the final whistle. The Irish will be missed.(via @todayfm)
Every girl that uses makeup should understand the struggle
- Vine by Jack_MKD
🎤: Courteeners 📅: June 19th 2016 📍: Etihad Stadium
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So proud my son Harveys comment to trolls and bullies has made it on a flag at Glastonbury
Welcome to our post-referendum, anti-elitist, in-touch-with-the-people politicians.
Those wanting to change Labours leadership will have to stand in a democratic election in which Ill be a candidate
Thats an MP replying to a legitimate point made by a journalist, this is the level of British politics right now.
This is how much I love my fans, euro 2016, 200 jäger bombs, for the the fans,
Here is a message for all those who voted Brexit to stop immigration.
At times like this you cant improve on the wise words of the former permanent secretary of the MoD
@GetTechSpective Hi, Heres a free classroom app. Could you give it a try?
Team at Homerton hospital. Us dastardly immigrants, ruining everything for the natives with our hard work and taxes
Why would we need experts, Sarah, when were £350m a week better off and living in sunlit meadows? #tiredofexperts
Cartoon in the Times saves time on reading the rest of the news.
The most gloriously brilliant rant you will ever read about #Brexit.
I have just spoken to Jeremy Corbyn. Here is my resignation letter.
This photograph should follow Boris for the rest of his career. Printed on banners. Shouted from loudhailers.
@michaelmgrant Hi, Heres a free classroom app. Could you give it a try?
Call me old-fashioned, but I find this kind of language from an elected official on the winning side quite saddening
Poolside chillin 👙
EU funding by UK region. Brace yourselves, Wales.
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Anna Turley MP, @annaturley is now trending in United Kingdom

United Kingdom

RT @annaturley: It is with great sadness that I just sent my resignation as Shadow Minister for Civil Society to Jeremy Corbyn.

ÜT: 51.490031,0.087094

@annaturley @parliamentview Your a traitor, this is not what the membership want... so are you MP's just self serving, who do you support??

Cheshire, UK

@stew_sc @annaturley @wesstreeting No #solidarity and a shameful thing to do. Westminster bubble thinking.

Middlesbrough, England

RT @annaturley: It is with great sadness that I just sent my resignation as Shadow Minister for Civil Society to Jeremy Corbyn.


@annaturley @joerichlaw I didn't even realise you were a thing. The precursor 'shadow' means unimportant surely


@Warrs_ @annaturley I'm one of Anna's constituents and I NEVER asked her to be a #backstabber I want her deselected

Middlesbrough, England

@annaturley Totally your right to go in this direction, but very disappointing. He's had 10 mths & done so much. Was he ever given a chance?

Heath, Cardiff

@annaturley I consider myself a news junky, didn't even know who you were?


@annaturley god,how I miss Mo.Redcar has not been the same since