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Vine by Beyoncé - Queen of interrupting interviews
Vine by MTV - oops
Chance and Jaden admiring each other's style. So cute. #VMAs
when ya bae posts a selfie
The kids are alright
Watching @chancetherapper watch Future is so much more entertaining than actually watching Future #VMAs
Vine by GoHeelsTV - That strut when you win at Duke 🔥💯🏀🔥
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Negotiating pricing w/ Ripleys Believe It or Not! 23 Cafes!! PopsyCakes r a perfect fit 4 them & us! #Ripleys $UPZS
Roses are red, my grades are slacking..
Monroeville 11u Baseball Team raised $865 over the weekend selling Jose Madrid Salsa & PopsyCakes! #Fundraiser $UPZS
Chris Brown is me at social events
the mothers of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner & Oscar Grant 🍋
Love you bro. #VMAs2016
Snapchat me if u like mah booty👉
these windbreakers are a must HAVE
Order at
We are so excited about these backpacks! #backtoschoolon10 #wakeupwith10
Next time a woman says men are the reason for image issues among women, heres the receipts
Obama release 5 terrorists for a deserter & 3 of those are now ISIS leaders>  #ImWithHer
HomeGoods interested in PopsyCakes & Jose Madrid Salsa! Sending Samples this week #HomeGoods #TJMax #Marshalls $UPZS
.@ualbanysports welcomes back first female Olympian Grace Claxton from #Rio2016. #GoGreatDanes
The original St. Vincent  Church 1895  Madison & Partridge. #Albany #PineHills
I just cant get enough of this sunrise from @StuyvesantPlaza! #wakeupwith10
When You Find Out What The #McChicken Trend Is
designer bottoms available now!
250 backpacks gone! @NickJohnston101 and I are without props with all the gear gone! Still 3 more days to get yours!
OMG 💕💕💕
Get this at
LIB> @Trish_Tosch Screws blacks HILLIARY FOR OPEN BORDERS- jobs will go to illegals aliens  #ImWithHer #mediabias
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"The night before my first chemotherapy, I was lying in bed and Gene walked hospital room.” #RIPGeneWilder

Albany, NY

"The night before my first chemotherapy, I was lying in bed and Gene walked hospital room.” #RIPGeneWilder

Albany, NY

RT @RealPaigeWWE: Rip Gene Wilder!!!


RT @donttrythis: The inimitable and amazing Gene Wilder, surrealist comedian, and all around genius, has died. I'm sad about it.

Albany, New York

RIP Gene Wilder

Albany, NY

RT @MelBrooks: Gene Wilder-One of the truly great talents of our time. He blessed every film we did with his magic & he blessed me with his friendship.

Albany, NY

RT @Jesus_M_Christ: Gene just turned in his golden ticket, so we all did tequila shots. Because candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

Albany, NY

RT @MotherToEarthMV: R.I.P. Gene Wilder. You brought an infinite amount of joy and laughs to this world. You will always be the real Willy Wonka in our hearts.

Albany, NY

#RIP Gene Wilder......

Albany, NY

RT @stacykat1: Thank you, Gene, for all the laughs. May you rest easy and your family find peace.

Albany, NY








Loreen Hackett of @pfoaprojectny1 shows me what shes prepared for tomorrows senate hearing. #PFOA #HoosickFalls