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RT @marshallfitz: AG Nominee Lynch's thoughtfulness and reasonableness on legality of #immigration executive action forced Chairman Grassley to move on

Washington, DC

RT @SenOrrinHatch: Senator Hatch is on deck to question Loretta Lynch. Tune in here -

Washington, D.C.

RT @etuckerAP: Lynch says many citizens feel disconnected from govt, transfer those feelings to law enforcement. Strongly defends work of police in remarks

Washington, DC

RT @charliespiering: Lynch says she wasn’t involved with Obama’s executive amnesty argument - can’t comment on particulars…

Alexandria, VA

Loretta Lynch nomination hearing underway; testifying before Senate Judiciary to become the next US Attorney General.

Arlington, VA

RT @CBSNLive: “I believe in the promise of America because I have lived the promise of America," Lynch says:

Alexandria, VA

Here's a copy of Lynch's opening statement at today's hearing:

Alexandria, Virginia

#WATCHLIVE: Loretta Lynch attorney general nomination hearing:

Arlington, Va

RT @msnbc: No TV? Watch Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch's Senate confirmation hearing live here:

Alexandria, Virginia

RT @ellencarmichael: Confirmation hearing for Loretta Lynch for AG is beginning now. Watch live here:

Rosslyn, Virginia