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Alaska-bound, Obama renames America's tallest peak - Washington Times

Washington DC

Obama is a man who loves the fact that he doesn't have to run for reelection ever again.

Alexandria, Va

RT @TunaCharlie: La Raza = The Race, don't ya know. Supported by Obama just like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

washington, dc

Obama heads to the Arctic Circle on a climate campaign

Washington, DC

Obama: "We think it's normal for black or Latino youth to be going through the system this way. It's not normal."

Washington, DC

Alaska-bound, Obama renames America's tallest peak: WASHINGTON (AP) — Ahead of a historic trip to the Arctic, ...

Washington, DC

Boehner blasts Obama for renaming Mt. McKinley:

Washington, DC

Breaking: Obama to be first sitting president to take on wilds of Alaska in dad jeans.

Washington DC

Obama to appear on 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls' via @klawls

Washington, DC

RT @davidkanevsky: @TheFix The lack of intensity in Hillary's image shows that voters think she is "likeable enough" to quote President Obama.

Washington, D.C.