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RT @becsalley: @LauraXOTG we've had rain n Orlando 4 the last 4 weeks solid including lightning & thunder! All my bushes r blooming & green.HugsBecca????????????


I slept through that while thunder storm

Allentown, PA

"@JustineCx3: I need a thunder buddy lol????????" you got dino

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Ugh getting over this cold listening to the thunder work in the morning! #mondaymotivation

Allentown, pa

Wow that last thunder made my whole house sound like it was falling apart


Yo this thunder is noooooo joke

Allentown, PA

This thunder is a making me run like lightning.......... Wow

Allentown, PA

thunder ain't supposed to do that

Allentown, PA

i've never heard thunder so loud in my entire life

Allentown, PA