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1.7m people played Battlefield Hardline beta, feedback contributed to 2015 delay

Amarillo TX

"@JodyJoeYRN: Oomf should text me"

amarillo tx

RT @pacrackz: Hardest decision every nigga that plays 2k has to make ????

amarillo tx

Así sí

El mundo amarillo

RT @JJRENDON: Hard fight ahead to win approval of peace process in Colombia

Amarillo Texas

RT @mynameisKYLEE: #AustinMahoneTour starts in 2 days. Haven't got your tickets yet go to

Amarillo, TX

I just ate a whole box of cereal.... and I'm still hungry

amarillo tx

RT @XusoJones: En 2 horas... A las 12:00h subiré un video que nunca visteis :) ... Atent@s !!! RT

El mundo amarillo

RT @DiannaAgron: Thankful to have such a solid crew. @HEADLOCK_MOVIE

El mundo amarillo

I'm really in love with @KylieJenner ????

Amarillo, Tx.




Caillou grows up in the hood w/Chauncey Stubbs #Midnightvinetern IB Jerry Purpdrank - Marlon Webbs post on Vine