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Elizabeth Waino
     Supposedly a passenger on United Airlines Flight 93, which was supposedly hijacked by four al-Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001, as part of the September 11 attacks. It supposedly crashed into a field in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania near Shanksville.

Rachel Elizabeth Hill
     Supposedly  fatally shot at Virginia Tech school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007.

Jessica Rothschild
     Theater producer, daughter of Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild and wife of movie director Sacha Gervasi. Alive and well.
Such a coincidence, right? And the shooter is now dead, too, of course, because as we all know, dead men tell no tales. Wag the Dog, as programmed, like clockwork, top story. 

I felt compelled by the spirit to mirror this video. Thank you Truthstream! 
Their website:

Crisis actor busted at not 1 but 4 false flag events in the USA. We have solid evidence that this woman is absolutely a crisis actor for major terror plots in America.

Brandon Raub visits the show today to give his take on Jade Helm and talk about what life has been like after he was held prisoner and threatened with force medication for posting Rap Lyrics on FaceBook.

Also today - Has CNN ben caught using the same crisis actor AGAIN?

More on Palantir and the surveillance state.

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Is the suspect in custody or is he deceased? Why is the same girl pictured crying at yet another shooting? You decide..
At last one has spoken out !
UPDATE...these videos are consistent...even if the perspective makes them seem inconsistent.

PAUSE THE VIDEO AT EXACTLY 00:01 seconds: ....just as the plane dissapears behind the foreground building in the video on the left.....

..and just as it appears in frame in the video on the right....

Video on the left was discovered by Xenomorph and shown by the BBC:
Video on the right is from the Why The Towers Fell DVD
Both videos have been synched by using the explosion of the fireball as a reference.

To note are the different altitudes that the plane appears to approach from....

the video on the left has been shot at a lower elevation and possibly from a slightly north western angle...

video on the right is possibily from a helicopter...or another highrise building 
and shot from the direct north.....

official story believers will say that the 
different altitude of the planes  is a perspective issue.....

U decide...if it is a perspective issue
For those that do not know the Court recording of CeeCee Lyles on Flight 93 with whispers in the background can be seen here-
It is pretty clear that she is being told what to say and at the end a western voice says "You did great"
On this video CeeCee Lyless husband talks about the personal call he had with her on her cell phone. Which is impossible since mobile didnt work on planes in 2001.

An interview with Lorne Lyles about the apparent cell phone call he received on 9/11 from his wife, CeeCee Lyles, who was a flight attendant on United 93. From the documentary DVD "Portrait of Courage: The Untold Story of Flight 93." This segment from Shoestring911s channel.


President George Bush Barack Obama Senator Department Homeland Security FAA 9/11 September 11 2001 WTC World Trade Center NYC First Responder Cheney Rice Gates Powell News Politics Media Norad Flight 93 Kennedy Clinton Skull Bones Council Foreign Relations United Nations Boeing Washington Bin Laden Iraq Sadam Hussein Afghanistan War Terror Terrorist Extremist Regime Rumsfeld Lies New York City Fire Bombs Explosions Free Fall Speed Demolition Israel Israeli Fox CNN MSNBC ABC NBC CNBC BBC Pentagon
NOTICE: This video is a followup to:

Where are the 9/11 Victims?

The Social Security Death Index, Hosted by, has been changed since I created that video. More deaths on average appear in the records(?) but the discrepancy remains. There is no appreciable upturn in deaths reported in NY on 9/11/2001 and no real explanation forthcoming from the "authorities"(unaccountable, illegitimate "leadership")

**********************************************************Why are 3,000 victims of 9/11 missing from Social Security death list?
By Scripps Howard News Service

"Would you explain why individuals killed on 9/11 would be missing from the DMF?" Maloney asked in a joint letter to all three commissioners.
Consumer experts warn that inaccuracies in the Death Master File are a concern for families who need protection from thieves who could profit by assuming the identity of deceased loved ones. Researchers also use the file in a wide variety of medical and scientific studies that could be skewed by inaccurate counts of deaths.



Everyone I know who has passed away appears in the index, even people under age 65. Try it yourself.

You can arbitrarily call up the reported deaths for any number of days to get an average. When I did a search on multiple random days for New York in the year 2001 the average was around 400. I know that a handful of 9/11 victims do appear in the index but why only so few.

3000 supposedly died and a majority must have resided in New York. This a glaring omission by anyones reckoning.

Question: If the SSDI is so unreliable, as conspiracy deniers clam, why would genealogists and biographers use it as a tool?

Why are 3,000 9/11 victims missing from federal death registry?


 From Wikipedia:

The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is a database of death records created from the United States Social Security Administrations Death Master File Extract. Most persons who have died since 1962 who had a Social Security Number (SSN) and whose death has been reported to the Social Security Administration are listed in the SSDI. For most years since 1973, the SSDI includes 93 percent to 96 percent of deaths of individuals aged 65 or older.[1] It contains the records of over 84 million people, and was last updated on September 10, 2009.

Unlike the Death Master File, the SSDI is available free online from several genealogy websites. The SSDI is a popular tool for genealogists and biographers because it contains valuable genealogical data.
We carve/throw pumpkins and get super hype for Halloween. Someone dresses up in a little girl Halloween costume (;

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Originally Published on Apr 5, 2012 by lovejordina1 
Thank them for this awesome video and imperative information.

On March 25, 2004, I received an email copy of a document entitled The Secret Covenant. It appeared to be the blueprint for a master conspiracy to dominate the world. The author was anonymous, and the original text, dated June 21, 2002, came from a non-functioning email address.
Nevertheless, it was so convincing that the lady who sent it to me believed it was an authentic message from a member of the Illuminati.

She wrote: Mr. Griffin: Maybe you are already aware of this document from an unknown author but I thought it was worth sending to you just in case. It is so powerful in its statement that you cannot imagine it to be a hoax; anyone with a sane mind will notice that we are already in that world. I just feel it is warning us, but how many will believe it. You and I know that that world is here. What amazes me is that one of the "Illuminattis" is actually warning us.
Please send your comments, M.C. Quebec City
The Secret Covenant follows.
This clip demonstrates that the objects (UFOs) I have been posting for so many years can be filmed by anybody who is willing to put in the endless hours it takes to film them. The footage here was shot by Richard (YT channel: who lives on the east coast while I live on the west coast - yet - we are filming the same unknown objects. They are not balloons or satellites and at this point the only thing we know for sure is that there are a lot of them and most are way the heck out there and look like nothing we have seen described by the mainstream.

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If you would like to support the Crow Discovery Project, please use the link below - currently funding night vision shooting abilities. 

Isolated storms persist this morning.  Storms in the Oklahoma Panhandle are dropping ~0.25" of rain
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