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"It's Gon have you like. . .Damn homie that's wussup" #CholoFit 😂😂😂
i've shared this video over 5 times and i'm not apologizing
UPDATE.....From Chris brown himself
Can someone please explain how Tory Lanez stood up but didn't get any taller 😂😂
Here is the part of Colin kaepernick's speech the media didn't show you. #colinkaepernick
We're bringing our A game for Season 2. #ScreamQueens
It was a home run party last night in Anaheim.
📸 Team Photo Day in 17 seconds.
Chris Brown fed up. Lol
.@chrisbrown responds to the SWAT team outside his house on allegations of threatening a woman at gunpoint 😤
The final 10 episodes of #PLL begin this April on @FreeformTV. #PLLEndGame
Vine by Angelica Bendana - MY MOM IS MAKING ME CRY LMAO
Babies come out of the womb knowing the lyrics to this song
C R A Z I N E S S. Bye, Jenna. 😲 #PLL #PLLDeathTrap
#LightUpTheHalo! #Angels top Reds 4-2 and extend their win streak to 4 games. Jered Weaver also picks up win #10!
Nooooooo, not Toby! 😱 #PLL #PLLDeathTrap
Back to school essentials
Spencer... NOOOOOOOOO! 😦 #PLL #PLLDeathTrap
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my student just taught me how to use snapchat filters... 😒 [add me: oliviathaimusic] & i cant believe its been two years since i started writing songs.

i also cant believe that i am so close to recording my first album if i win the #livewhollytour thing, which i would ideally like to be a full-length album. 😄

if you havent voted, you can vote with the link in my bio!

if youve already voted, i hug & thank you. 😍
if you voted and shared, holy crap! i hug & double thank you! 😍😍
if you voted with all of the emails youve created since you were in the womb AND shared, i owe you a gigantic hug & triple thank you! 😍😍😍 comment after you finish voting! you are all so awesome!!! monna lisa (my guitar) and i are so grateful!! 💃🎸
i swear these NEVER last 2 complete days in ANY household
LMAOOO theres no way thats his actual name😂😂😭
"My old flex is my new flex now and were working on it" 😍
just spent $200 on my sushi for tonight 😋😋😋 looks yummy
3 years ago.
*sees 1 leaf on the ground*
.@MikeTrout is 1st player in baseball history to score 100 R & hit 25 HR 5 times prior to age-25 season. #FishFacts
white lives matter is officially being listed as a hate group 👏🏽
Disney California Adventures Tower of Terror ride to close Jan. 2, 2017, theme park says
Rih slept over at Drakes hotel on Sunday and went to Nobu on Monday wearing his VMAs shirt as a dress. Screaming.
The #Disneyland60 summer finale continues for 1 final week! What was your favorite memory from this dazzling event?
Because one home run isnt enough💪

@CCron24s 2nd blast of the night extends the #Angels lead 3-0 in the 3rd!
Only 44 more days. #CountdowntoDucktober
my sister has gone missing. last seen walking home from the school bus. if anyone has any information PLS msg me
The early years of the Happiest Place on Earth!
Under a month until illuminate is out guys 😊
"Your honor, we have decided that I am the victim in this case even though it doesnt involve me in any way"
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Had a homemade salad roll for lunch and you know what? It was fucking delicious and I loved it and have no guilt! 💪

not pro ana!!

@denisee_dawgg que cumplas muchos mas 😘😘

Anaheim, CA

RT @KhHanlon: Love this photo. Thankyou very much. xx #LOVE

Anaheim, CA

RT @blakeegant: troy et gabriella (HSM) c'est pour tout tout premier ship (+j'en mets qu'un de disney sinon jvais me perdre)

shawn || ana

@Karan35707571 you ! Lol let me bust out the snap messages

Garden Grove, CA

RT @horttim: @Stacy_WahlLove @AnaProgl1 @KenleySve @Lilaloki21 @DonnieWahlberg @VroniquePersic1 #Humpity #Hump Daayyy!!😍😍

Anaheim, CA

RT @Stacy_WahlLove: @horttim @AnaProgl1 @KenleySve @Lilaloki21 @DonnieWahlberg @VroniquePersic1 Happy #HUMP day hunnies💗💋💗💋💗💋💗😘😘😘😘

Anaheim, CA

RT @baneslanchard: come to my bedroom

Anaheim, CA

RT @CauseWereGuys: Blockin out the haters

Anaheim, CA

RT @cmlrim: par contre les filles qui te sourient dans la rue alors que tu les connais mm pas c'est les meilleures coeur sur elles

shawn || ana




Plate armor: ✅ Artifact weapon: ✅ Cool looking face mask: ✅ Lets do this, @Warcraft! #Legion


ive shared this video over 5 times and im not apologizing