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Ay Huggin's daughter Dez wells didn't assault anyone, but y'all sure did get assaulted by Kentucky.

Annapolis, MD

RT @NOTSportsCenter: BREAKING: Police have filed assault, battery, rape, and murder charges against the entire Kentucky roster for what they did to West Virginia

Baltimore/Annapolis, MD

RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Kentucky 78, West Virginia 39. It's the first time in Sweet 16 history where a team was doubled-up #UKvsWVU

Annapolis, MD

Kentucky not playing ?


This wvu Kentucky game might end at 1 am. #whistleevery5seconds

Annapolis, MD
Taking the @Toyota Miria out for a ride around state circle - @LarryHogan http://t.co/7NCGAcHDvo
Gov @LarryHogan swearing-in Col. Pallozzi - new Maryland State Police superintendent. Awesome day for MD. http://t.co/Vo5txJxKg0
Gov @LarryHogan swearing in new @MDSP superintendent Bill Pallozzi #mdpolitics http://t.co/SEYl6v2EKQ