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Man if this doesn't make you emotional, then idk whats wrong with you 😕
Obama really did #that
just listen. #blacklivesmatter
Wow, I def missed this
😭😭😭 RT @HardysCloset: Cam’ron arguing with his girl, and has the dude playing dramatic music in the background. 😂
Trump: I don't pay taxes. I'm smart. IRS:
Only at ehs hmu 😂
Vine by Texas Rangers - Think he got all of it? 💪
This video really hits the feels. . . 😔😢🙏🏼
The Cavs' answer to the Warriors signing Kevin Durant. #Harambe
OBJ and Josh Norman take it outside. Wentz and Dak ride the rookie QB roller coaster #GridironHeights
We played for you. We won for you. We will forever honor you. #JDF16
These emotions... You can hear the pain in her voice😢
Did I Watch Da Debates Last Night.
"Why don't you just try studying a little every night so you don't have to cram"
Just amazing, @FlashGJr. #JDF16
Fact check: Every time Donald Trump said "I didn't say that," he actually did say that.
How do you watch this and not see there's a problem. Heartbreaking.
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🚨🚨🚨🚨 #Statement 🔥🔥🔥 #LilMike x #LilVoncy go listen repost click that link @LilVoncy_
Waited 18 years to vote, and these are my options
"barack please dont leave me with them"
"joe youre leaving when I leave"
"oh right lmao love u"
Just got kicked out of the debate 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Whos the better rookie QB?

RT for Dak Prescott
Like for Carson Wentz
This is what I live for
This is the real pressing issue here yall.
Trump? WACK
Hillary? WACK
Someone come get this sensitive ass nigga
FAFSA opens October 1st so if youre trying to get married hmu 🙃
Judge sides with Lil Wayne, tells Birdman he has 30 days to produce Cash Money financials
This is the ashiest picture Ive ever seen in my life
So FAFSA opens October 1.... who wants to get married ?
When Trump looks down, it looks like that @snapchat filter where it replaces your eyes with your mouth
Monicas daughter was LIVING last night lol 😍
Brrrrr its cold in here.. 🍀🔶 #TwinDay
today i found all the subtweets my roommate has made about me, so i printed them out and hung them up in our dorm ❤
Obama really leaving us with these Caucasians
Which state has the best High School Football? 

Retweet for Texas
Like for Florida
Quote for California
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Rangers optimistic of Choo's return for playoffs via @chatsports #LetsGoRangers

Arlington, TX

RT @ShannonMFox4: Rangers Fans have the chance to buy tickets to the championship series... Details on Good Day Fox 4...

Arlington, TX

Rangers rely on former Brewers to beat Milwaukee

Arlington, TX

Rangers Reclaim Top Spot in AL with 6-4 Win Over Brewers ghostofErikThompson

Arlington, TX

Statcast of the Day: Beltran's legs carry Rangers #TexRangers

Arlington, TX

Three takeaways from the Rangers bullpen-driven win over Milwaukee

Arlington, TX

#MLB Wire: Statcast of the Day: Beltran's legs carry Rangers

Arlington, TX

#Rangers Wire: Statcast of the Day: Beltran's legs carry Rangers

Arlington, TX

foxsports​.com >> Rangers' Hamels tunes up for postseason vs. Brewers

Arlington, TX

Rangers rally past Brewers, regain No. 1 seed #TexasRangers

Arlington, TX


Obama really did #that






MT @AmberForAmerica: Lord, #RenewUS that we may be virtuous role models for the children. #PJNET