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Chest-Bump's post on Vine - That laugh... #IceBucketFail - Chest-Bump's post on Vine
Joseph Solis's post on Vine - Did she really have to ask why they don't use the water cannon?! Look at dude's face though! #Ferguson #CNN #Clueless - Joseph Solis's post on Vine
DaviNashae's post on Vine - 😂😂😂😂 - DaviNashae's post on Vine
@YoungThrowback - 50 Niggas | Shot By @TayeHarris
AlliCattt's post on Vine - Got nominated for the ice bucket challenge by Alex Ramos! (Check out the full version on my youtube / AlliCatttable) 🐱🐱🐱 - AlliCattt's post on Vine
Nicki Minaj - Anaconda
Barely Legal Pawn, feat. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Young Throwback "Damn Rite" (Official Music Video) Money Mafia Millionaires
Umizoomies™'s post on Vine - Fire 🔥 challenge gone wrong 😂😭😭😭 he though he was on fire 💀💀💀 #TeamNawlins #Umizoomies #HeThought - Umizoomies™'s post on Vine
LLKoolGrey(Clutch)'s post on Vine - this is bigger than color. this is police doing whatever they want without consequences. WE as a people need to stand together against this. - LLKoolGrey(Clutch)'s post on Vine
gasstation pranks 313's post on Vine - She went ham 😂😂😂 came out of nowhere 😂😂😂 - gasstation pranks 313's post on Vine
Tyler Ttop's post on Vine - Senile by Lil Wayne's part 1 #dance #creepy - Tyler Ttop's post on Vine
@WORIDSTARHlPHOP's post on Vine - Relationship goals 😭😭 - @WORIDSTARHlPHOP's post on Vine
BMP's post on Vine - That was Browns PR guy Rob McBurnett probably telling Johnny a bunch of people took pictures of their TVs and tweeted it tonight. - BMP's post on Vine
Tyler The Creator's post on Vine - I stole this child - Tyler The Creator's post on Vine
Nayo- "The Real A" (Official Music Video)
Foo Fighters - ALS IceBucket Challenge
Chest-Bump's post on Vine - Do you even lift, bro? 😂😂 #IceBucketFail - Chest-Bump's post on Vine
Rich's post on Vine - Rich's post on Vine - Rich's post on Vine
Jack Pavlisin's post on Vine - The kid who no one nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... - Jack Pavlisin's post on Vine
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Comedian MARVIN DIXON @ Uptown Comedys Midnight Show! G... on Twitpic
Twerk Team Hosting The Re Grand Opening Of #FuegoLounge 8.21.... on Twitpic

Congrats, #Ferguson. Youve got Turkish soccer supporters with you.
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When bae says "no" & you tryna figure out who tf he talkin to..
Youd think a college degree would make ppl view u differently. Then theres this....
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this. 10 minutes ago on the #ISS #aurora
"@illumynous: WHAT THE NEWS WONT SHOW: 2 CRIPS & a BLOOD gang member preventing people LOOTING this shop. #Ferguson"
Reggae in the city Thursday @ Sutra Lounge! Ladies Free til 1... on Twitpic
התמונה הזו אינה לקוחה מרובוקופ, אני חוזר, אינה לקוחה מרובוקופ. #פרגוסון
Hey @CNN when were you guys going to report on the Ferguson protest at your Atlanta headquarters yesterday? Son  in a 3000 dollar suit fresh cut and got a PHD but he LOOKS like a drug dealer to bill oreilly lol
Resident John West hands a rose to a police officer in #Ferguson (Photo: @REUTERS / Mark Kauzlarich)
Funniest tweet 2014 RT @UlyssesVazquez Asked for sour cream on the side SMH
TW: Police Brutality
Mone Davis breakout summer continues. She will appear on the cover of this weeks Sports Illustrated. (via @SInow)
this guy gives haircuts to homeless people on his days off👏
Not gonna lie he went ham 📝📝📝
Thats so cool! Lol 😂
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RT @toriamos: Here's the setlist from tonight's show in Atlanta! #toriamos #Atlanta


Lightning strike throws 9-year-old off couch: Around 7:30 on Monday, Deandre Connell said he was... #Atlanta #GA

Atlanta GA

Report: Woman steals phone, tries to sell it back to victim: A Spartanburg woman accused of trying... #Atlanta #GA

Atlanta GA

Evidence mounting against Thomaston police officer with nearly 100 complaints: New video shows... #Atlanta #GA

Atlanta GA

The 10 best startups from Y Combinator's summer 2014 mega-demo day - The Next Web: The 10 b... #atlanta #startups

Atlanta, GA

RT @MathsPirates: Connected Educators... @MsEsClass @mrsplumsclass @ugafrank @Davis_Academy #Atlanta #Canada TY for your inspiring Pirate Challenges! #cenz14


#atlanta How to improve my credit score if i dont want to apply for credit lines?

Atlanta Georgia

#atlanta Beware of Credit Repair Schemes Cautions

Atlanta Georgia

#Atlanta #Georgia Aug 20 05:52 Temperature 73°F few clouds Wind W 11 km/h Humidity 95% ..


#gigs4u #gigs Merchandising Specialist - Old Navy - Fayette Pavilion #ATL #atlanta #GA

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RT @THESOURCE: So, is @CNN gonna report this or nah? Protestors gather outside CNN in Atlanta. #JusticeForMikeBrown #Ferguson
Currently on @CNN lol! Just keeping it real
RT @jaredbkeller: This Is @CNN! RT @Travon: The fact @jaketapper is marching next to this sign right now is amazing #Fergsuon


BowBow???????? - Łęthał Łovęs post on Vine


Senile by Lil Waynes part 1 #dance #creepy - Tyler Ttops post on Vine
porn be like - wtfjamaals post on Vine
Yamiche Alcindors post on Vine - Yamiche Alcindors post on Vine


RT @Choking_bitches: ????RT @saymarissa: “@DJZeeti: twitpic a sideboob selfie”
Now thats a Side Titty RT @AshLLeyCoolJ: “@DJZeeti: twitpic a sideboob selfie”
“@DJZeeti: twitpic a selfie with ya leg pokin”