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Protests in downtown Atlanta
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Howard University replaced the American flag with a Black solidarity flag today. At half mast.
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#ShutItDownATL on I -75
According to @businessinsider, Georgia was named the nicest state beating out Minnesota.
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Let em know ...
Meanwhile in Mexico....

he tryna get ferguson DELIVERT.
Can you just decide to do this?
Great photo from the @AJC of the #Ferguson protest outside the @CNN Center #wsbtv
Im disgusted
Two Thousand Fucking Fourteen
The only people questioning the grand jury process are crazy radicals. Oh, and the National Bar Association
Where he shouldve been taken for those injuries
#MansionBlackFriday #GACollegeReunion @ #MansionElan!
Come Party With Us!
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RT @Sarah_Shelton1: It's extremely upsetting seeing protesters destroying Atlanta. I support protesting, but don't destroy my city. #ShutItDownATL


RT @FoxtrotGolfLima: “@Ellevation_: THIS IS WHY WE CANT SLEEP FAM. THIS IS WHY WE DONT REST. #ShutItDownATL #shutitdown” @suzybee94

Cops in riot gear with batons on standby. #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL
All of these arrests, at least five right now, are taking place outside the Zone 5 APD precinct. #ATLFerguson
#atlprotesters walking down Baker past World of Coca Cola. Hands up, peacefully defying cop orders. #ShutItDownATL
Georgia state troopers with guns filled tear gas canisters, masks. Packing up and leaving Five Points. #ATLFerguson
Atlanta Police in riot gear are mobilizing across spring street. #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL
#atlferguson protesters are on marietta st now heading toward CNN center. #shutitdownatl
Two more arrested, part of the earlier group outside APD precinct. #ATLFerguson
Across the street from Centennial Park. #ATLFerguson cops box protesters in, letting some leave if they wish.
Taking the streetcar route on edgewood. #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL applause from biz owners.
APD has about 40 officers with riot gear and shields holding a line outside APD zone 5 precinct. #ATLFerguson
And were headed north toward Marietta St. #ATLFerguson "hands up, dont shoot" chants again. #ShutItDownATL
This dude, @MaxBlau, provided insanely thorough coverage of the actions in #ShutItDownATL 2nite. Bravo.
APD holding a perimeter outside Americas Mart on Spring St against protesters. #ATLFerguson


Howard University replaced the American flag with a Black solidarity flag today. At half mast.
Howard University removed the American flag and put up the Pan African flag. ✊????
"Burning the American Flag is wrong"
RT @mikebrowncover: "How dare those #Ferguson protesters wave our flag upside down...Our soldiers fought.." #Ferguson
Burning the flag in Chinatown #ferguson #dcferguson #blacklivesmatter - Thadeus Suggss post on Vine