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Vine by Joey Gatto - She got so serious! 😂😂😂
Vine by Joey Gatto - She got so serious! 😂😂😂
- Vine by okay alli
Vine by Haley hønestly - #otraindianapolis
Vine by MLB - Whoop!
Vine by McKenzie Hamilton - DRAG ME DOWN
Vine by 1Dxclusive Clips - LOUIS DURING DRAG ME DOWN
- Vine by Reckless Tommo
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Yung Juno - Keep It (prod by Nic G) 
Yung Juno - Keep It (prod by Nic G)
Yung Juno - Keep It (prod by Nic G)
Yung Juno - Keep It (prod by Nic G)
Yung Juno - Keep It (prod by Nic G)
Yung Juno - Keep It (prod by Nic G)

Yung Juno has been bringing heat to the industry, he is working on an EP called, "RealGoneRel8" and this is one of the first tracks off the EP, Yung Juno decided to Give his fans and supporters a sneak peak about wats going on in Yung Juno World

Keep It is Yung Juno Hottest Track Off His EP called "Real Gone Rel8" which hasnt dropped yet but its coming Real Soon❗️

Make Sure You Stay Updated and Subscribe to Yung Juno YouTube Channel above, he is working really hard with his upcoming project and wants to give his fans and supporters good music they all can relate too. 

Be on the look out for his hot new EP

   👇🏾((More Yung Juno))👇🏾

Cash 1st - by Yung Juno 💯
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Cash 1st - by Yung Juno

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Yung Juno - Cash 1st On Google

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IG :@YungJunoWorld
Twitter: @YungJunoMusic
Lmaoooo teacher aint havin that fruity shit
Harry durante Drag Me Down! OTRAIndianapolis #MTVHottest One Direction
"@Ashton5SOS: These all sound like a marvelous time" these in the Philippines please! 😭😭
Check out the latest joint from Chelly Jane "Devine Intervention" featuring 2tooMuch.


More at

Chelly Jane ft. 2tooMuch - Devine Intervention (MP3 VIDEO)
Chelly Jane ft. 2tooMuch - Devine Intervention (MP3 VIDEO)
Chelly Jane ft. 2tooMuch - Devine Intervention (MP3 VIDEO)
Its 3am & theres stand still traffic in Atlanta.
My future son will play striker "@KimKardashian: Officially a soccer mom! #MyLittleGoalie ⚽️⚽️⚽️"
what is this nigga doing 💀😭😭
Black ppl always pouring that lil replacement sip  😂😂😂
WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT This video shows Mr. Dubose after he was shot. And the reaction of Officer Ray Tensing and his lies. I edited this video. It contains images you wont see on TV. Not suitable for younger viewers. This troubling video may sadden and anger you simultaneously. Be forewarned.

A campus police officer was indicted Wednesday in the shooting death of an unarmed black man during a traffic stop.Officer Ray Tensing, of the University of Cincinnati police department, shot and killed 43-year-old Sam Dubose during a routine traffic stop July 19 near campus.

His attorney said he expected an indictment, given the current political climate.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an indictment, I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t an indictment, but I think it’s more likely there will be an indictment,” attorney Stew Mathews told WCPO.

The officer told 911 dispatchers that he fired one shot, fatally striking Dubose in the head, because he was “almost run over” during the traffic stop. Tensing said in the incident report that he was “dragged” by the vehicle.

“Tensing thought he was going to die,” Mathews said. “He thought he was going to get run over.”

Video recorded by Tensing’s body camera, however, tells a different story.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said it was the most “asinine” thing he had seen an officer do in 30 years, and he said Tensing should “never have been a police officer.”

He said Dubose was complying with the officer and never presented a threat during the stop for a minor traffic violation.

“He lost his temper because Mr. Dubose wouldn’t get out of his car,” Deters said. “When you see this you won’t believe how quickly he pulls his gun. Maybe a second — it’s incredible.”

The prosecutor repeatedly called for the university’s police department to be disbanded.

Tensing’s attorney said the officer was upset by the fatal shooting.

“He’s not doing well, he feels terrible about it,” Mathews said. “He didn’t become a police officer to go out and shoot anyone.”

City officials are bracing for the possibility of unrest with the release of the video — which the city manager and the Cincinnati police chief have each said was “not a good situation” — and the University of Cincinnati canceled classes Wednesday in anticipation of the grand jury announcement.

“I think we’re prepared,” said Mayor John Cranley. “Everyone has the right to peacefully protest, but we will not tolerate lawlessness.”

The mayor said he was hopeful that the reaction to the video release and grand jury decision would be civil, saying that the city and its policing policies had changed greatly since the riots in 2001 following the police shooting of 19-year-old Timothy Thomas.

Cranley said city and police officials communicated more directly with community leaders since the U.S. Department of Justice imposed changes on the city’s police department.

“This is not the Cincinnati Police Department, it’s UC,” Cranley said. “They will have to face the kind of questions we faced back then.”
her panties make the video 100000000000 times better 😍😍😍😍😍😍
3 Rooms. 3 Times The Fun. 
Last pic of my baller baby! Shes doing so good Im just so proud! ⚽️⚽️⚽️
CASH SHAY new video Cant Stop Me directed by Hood Affairs and produced by Nito Beats released from the SALTE ME B!TCH mixtape.
@WheatFree32 Come join the experience! The #1 place to party in ATL on a Saturday night .. @THEMANSIONELAN! (21+)
01.08.15 // 02.08.15
{New Music} Fitted Boy L A Covers T.I.s Latest Track "Project Steps" 
Download Link: {}

Contact Info: 
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | @FittedBoyLA @eatin_n_streets
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Its 3am & theres stand still traffic in Atlanta.