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If youre wondering how its going for Eastern Michigan OH GOD.
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Saban & Les the only 2 coaches I know who don't like that running the score up. Mad respect right there for Florida by running 4str8 X

Auburn Al

I think Verne and Gary seem to forget asst coaches did coach under other coaches not named Saban. CWM-Tuberville, CJF-Terry Bowden

Auburn, AL

Saban should let his kicker kick there... He needs to practice obviously

Auburn, AL

Bama's student section scared to leave because of Saban. Really??? ????????????

San Antonio, TX-----Auburn,AL

RT @KevinScarbinsky: Since Tim Tebow won the 2008 SEC Ch Game, the combined score in four meetings: Alabama 143, Florida 50. Imagine if Saban disliked Muschamp.

Auburn, Alabama

Saban out there cussing at Henry for something lol

Auburn, AL

Saban's got better hands that half of Florida's receivers.????????

Auburn, Alabama

Nice catch Nick Saban

Auburn AL

Pass from Driskel to Saban complete.

Auburn, AL

Driskel to Saban for 20 yds.

Auburn, AL


RT @DrunkAubie: Not blocking down the field at all
"@DrunkAubie: HIS HAT WAS PLAID PEOPLE" thank you somebody else finally said it! #ignorantpeople
RT @DrunkAubie: Sims going to the locker room to be "checked out"
RT @AUFAMILY: #AnchorDown RT @SaraJaneHarris RT @ScottHood63: 95% of the Vandy student body found something else to do tonight






RT @ObnoxiousAUfan: Bammers be like


RT @Don_John_23: Blake Sims








RT @YikYakAuburn: So much this...