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Iceland Adventure
Chris's post on Vine - Noah Finch RiFF RAFF #tiptoeinginmyjordans #tiptoe #pony #wack #vinefamous #TurnUp - Chris's post on Vine
Midgetman's post on Vine - I'm different. Eh Bee, Sara Hopkins #mangina #NotSuitableForChildren #cover #revinemaybe #toomuch #youcanjudge - Midgetman's post on Vine
Poe Humor's post on Vine - well.. thats enough internet for today! - Poe Humor's post on Vine
Ahmed's post on Vine - Difference between "niggers" and "niggas". Explained by Pac. #Tupac #2Pac #Makaveli - Ahmed's post on Vine
Alejandra's post on Vine - #momsbelike #ihateitwhen #icantgoout #loop #true #truth #fml #CubanMomsBeLike - Alejandra's post on Vine
Get Crossed's post on Vine - Nigerian player makes James Harden do the splits! #Skrillex #CrossedUp - Get Crossed's post on Vine
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RT @BizBlaster1: We can** add INSTANTLY 8000 #Facebook Fanpage Likes for $5


Madness: Jew Hatred in Australia

Bakersfield, CA

RT @IselaCee: "@lillianaleonnn: Whose daughter is this?"@BOSSSHlTONLY: Let us pray for our generation..."" omg smh ????

bakersfield, ca

RT @HuffingtonPost: How Washington's urgency to fix the VA crumbled in 4 days


"I am enough" really Not enough for me

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Haha guy bonding time is much different than girl time mister_stemen therealmillerman #latergram…

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Bakersfield, CA

RT @mrelliott813: @kicksonfire @ezyville #KoFBatfleck


RT @markiplier: You guys are simply the best! I have a permanent smile on my face from all the heart-warming stories I heard today!

somewhere in bakersfield

RT @AthleteAccess: Who is the better overall player? RT for Mike Trout FAV for Miguel Cabrera

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