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Keemiemillz's post on Vine - Ice bucket challenge 😂😂 - Keemiemillz's post on Vine
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Nicki Minaj - Anaconda
urban media's post on Vine - Get #Zeme and add FREE music and text to any Vine! Download on the App Store | He's trying to save them 😔 - urban media's post on Vine
LLKoolGrey(Clutch)'s post on Vine - this is bigger than color. this is police doing whatever they want without consequences. WE as a people need to stand together against this. - LLKoolGrey(Clutch)'s post on Vine
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Biggs's post on Vine - Biggs's post on Vine - Biggs's post on Vine
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Samantha Addams's post on Vine - NOOOOOOO😩😩😩 - Samantha Addams's post on Vine
Kids Speak the Truth: Subminimum Wages
YUNG POPPY's post on Vine - BRUH 😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 - YUNG POPPY's post on Vine
@WORIDSTARHlPHOP's post on Vine - I can't breathe 😭😭 - @WORIDSTARHlPHOP's post on Vine
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Chest-Bump's post on Vine - That laugh... #IceBucketFail - Chest-Bump's post on Vine
KaeYummyBae's post on Vine - My #anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun 😏 Jessica Vanessa - KaeYummyBae's post on Vine
Powell Shooting (Cell Phone Camera)
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Good morning, #Baltimore.
Why isnt anyone talking about this??
Well... U cant say hes wrong👏👏👏
#sved Cultura digital como medio de información #Ferguson
BREAKING: Brian Hoyer named Cleveland Browns starting QB
Thats so cool! Lol 😂
Students protest at the Embassy of the United States in Moscow. #Ferguson
Kim and Kanyes new home😨😩👌
Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhh Swaggy P!!! 💯👌
BREAKING: Brian Hoyer to lead Browns, named starting quarterback.
Fat Trel live at Lotus this Friday #GLE #LotusFridays
RT @AlexCKaufman: Whoa
Fans already lined up at #LLWS to watch Mone Davis. Her game doesnt start for NINE more hours (7:30 ET on ESPN).
I always say: beware of Agent provocateurs within the protest. #Ferguson
OMG if someone did this for me 😍😭
See... RT @SatisJackson305: I would be a mean parent and sent to school just like this as punishment
Oakland demonstrators are holding mirrors up to the faces of police officers. #Ferguson
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RT @jamisonhensley: #Orioles' chances of making playoffs now increase to 97 percent

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Orioles Authentic Font Personalized T-shirt by Majestic Athletic - #Orioles


the O's are so hot and i love it...#Orioles

Baltimore, MD

Seems like every night @HeidiWatney is showing highlights from another #Orioles victory on #QuickPitch.

Baltimore, MD

NL Notes :Cubs, Mets, D’backs - #Orioles


RT @EddieInTheYard: Cruz: "We’re doing the little things that that matter....It’s amazing to see everybody do their job & go about their business." #Orioles

Baltimore, MD

RT @EddieInTheYard: O'Day: "We’re never out of a game....Even if we give up a run or two early in the game, these guys hit the ball over the fence. #Orioles

Baltimore, MD

Notes on Orioles' record away from Camden Yards, Nick Markakis and more - #Orioles


#IBackTheBirds #Orioles #postseason


#Orioles Update! Jackie Robinson West to face Pennsylvania in U.S. semis

Baltimore, Maryland
RT @masnOrioles: HOW SWEEP IT IS: Wei-Yin Chen strikes out seven batters to help the O’s sweep the White Sox! #IBackTheBirds
Excited about the O’s sweep? Tweet with #IBackTheBirds!
RT @Gwozdzilla: #GetMeOnMASN #pleaseandthankyou @masnOrioles Section 537! @bmorons
"Thats our goal from the beginning is to be there, and thats what you play the game for, to play in the playoffs."






dear #oomf