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😳😳 Boyfriend gives his girlfriend screenshots of her cheating for Valentine's Day gift! 🤔
Vine by Essay Potna - Allen Iverson says "Nigga where" on live tv 😂😂😂 #Iverson #AI #NiggaWhere
Vine by LegionNBA - Zach LaVine, MY GOODNESS!!
Vine by LegionNBA - Aaron Gordon -- DID HE JUST? WOW
ashamed to watch this smh 😳
Vine by LegionNBA - Ok, Will, Ok!
the end... 🙈💀
Vine by NBA on TNT - Lounging over the mascot. #VerizonDunk
Vine by LegionNBA - ZACH LAVINE CAN FLY!!!
A standoff with a kitchen-knife wielding crab is probably the best thing you will watch today.
"kim kardashian has no talent"
Vine by NBA - Aaron Gordon!!! Nothing about this is right on any level. #NBAVine #VerizonDunk
Vine by NBA on TNT - Zach LaVine Dunk 1
" it's cold, it's ice cream " 😂😂😂😂
Vine by Bleacher Report - Just STOP!
Best Valentine's day present for cheating girlfriend... 🐸☕
Zach LaVine dunk reaction…
Okay but why is there a guy just standing there watching in his draws
Vine by RealGM - 3D look at the dunk of the night by Aaron Gordon.
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.... awwwwww...
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Woooooooooooo RT @drizzyxcole: Fabs jersey game is so GOAT.
Wow the paradigm  has shifted, She killed it… everything is changed now!!!! Lil Sis kiiiiiiiilled this shit!!!!!!!
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RT @liannelahavas: What the hell is Tidal pls

baltimore, maryland

RT @desusnice: "exclusive to Tidal" basically means searching "zippyshare & CDQ"

Baltimore, MD

Yeah and it's free? RT @Du_m3_baby: @TeyonaLove_PINK is tidal better than apple music


RT @DailyRapFacts: Kanye's new album 'The Life of Pablo' is now out ON TIDAL

Baltimore, MD

Jay z so lame , instead of being creative & playing fair. Yo trying undercover force ppl to buy his weak ass Tidal

Ea$t Baltimore

Tidal waves?? @AllTimeLow #alltimelowbirmingham #BTTFHT

wishing baltimore

RT @hunterschwarz: I would buy "The Life of Pablo" on cassette and a cassette player before I would even think of getting a free trial for Tidal.


RT @liannelahavas: What the hell is Tidal pls


@BILALSQUIAT naw I'm good lol tidal not my energy

Ea$t Baltimore

RT @KimKardashian: I just officially signed up to TIDAL. Everyone Go get #TheLifeOfPablo

Baltimore, MD


SNL is legit petty for this Beyoncé skit #TheDayBeyonceTurnedBlack ????????????????
- Vine by Young 60 Minutes