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iMarkkeyz's post on Vine - Vine by DJ iMarkkeyz - Ayo @Leek0, Carl Garrett has a message for you 😂😂😂😂😂 #TeamSnapCam #JerseyClub
MOOD AF - Vine by SLAYbastian - MOOD AF
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“@OFCLLifeFacts: When your parents dont wait after knocking 🌚😂😳”hope it never seems happens to me #embarissing

#OneBaltimore #BaltimoreUprising

Baltimore, Baltimore,Oh Baltimore....The GREATEST CITY IN AMERICA
BALTIMORE!......OH BALTIMORE! The Greatest City in America
tryna add my name to the greats 
who through this place, 
Baltimore, charm city 
yeah we charm snakes, 
but Eubie Blake 
a moment of silence for his sake, 
Henrietta Lacks cancer patients need to give her thanks, 
Fredrick Douglass moved here at the age of 8,
where Billie Holiday was conceived 
but not her birth place, 
the list is longer, 
Johns Hopkins the father, 
of the best hospital in the WORLD, 
hate on us? why bother? 
Thurgood Marshall, 
Kweisi Mfume,
this is all the truth 
even the great Babe Ruth,
just to name a few, 
The Greatest City in America how dare you hate, 
give you some food for thought, 
like Bea Gaddy, and load your plate! 
Im just a four ten tenant 
that wants my name engraved, 
the same way,
patiences a virtue so my time I take.
cant wait much longer
they taking too long Im
bout to follow my cousin Robert Curbeam
into outer space(with the stars)
Baltimore, Baltimore,Oh Baltimore....The GREATEST CITY IN AMERICA
BALTIMORE!......OH BALTIMORE! The Greatest City in America
where Tori Amos found her love and her passion,
where Charles Dutton, started his acting, 
you know him as Roc, 
I know you remember The Rock,
the one who rocked Lennox Lewis, 
of course Ray Lewis,naw man the list dont stop,
big up to Jaun Dixon for winning the final 4, 
another four ten tenant comon,
Oprah came before 
making her billions,
Pac DMX visited, 
Dru Hill Jada Pinkett Cal Ripken, 
Muggsy Bogues showed there aint no limit, 
where Dr. Ben Carson got his fame, 
separating Siamese twins adjoined at the brain, 
Sam Cassell got a few "rangs", 
where W.E.B Du Bois came, 
founder of the N double A-C-P mane,
I remember I use to play 
on the same street with Rudy Gay,
Ella Fitzgeralds adopted dad, 
Chick Webb, 
Montell Williams I hope he continues to speak,
without Kevin Lyles where would Hip-Hop be?
Baltimore, Baltimore,Oh Baltimore....The GREATEST CITY IN AMERICA
BALTIMORE!......OH BALTIMORE! The Greatest City in America
We aint north or south its the middle east,
please watch your manners,
home of the star spangled banner. 
We real chill and jive melo, like Carmelo,
but get out of line they pull them hammers, 
yeah you see we let the Bullets go. 
Johhny U statue will reside here forever, 
just a reminder, Tom Clancy
Ambercrombie and Fitch founder designer, 
Cab Calloway came and made a name for himself, 
Antonio Freeman went to the Super Bowl 
helped Brett Farve out. 
Made it to the TV, 
Homicide Life on the Street, 
must not have been enough for ya,
so we gave you The Corna, 
and The Wire was colder, 
Micheal Phelps world record holder, 
sometimes this place aint painted pretty, dont care if ya, hate, 
still the Greatest City in America, 
4 ten, 
is what i represent. 
til the grave
Where my times been spent 
like loose change, 
now Im looking for change
and at the same time
make sure yall remember my name
leave a stain on your brain
an impression on your retina
beat the drum in your ear just right
make you respect us
disrespect us, never more
The Raven 
Adgar Allen Poe
the Lombardis home once more
and just FACE IT!
Baltimore yeah WE THE GREATEST!
Rest in Peace to Big Jon,Buck, Big Sid and K-Swift
Meek just took freestyle my to another level 🔥
Turn out #Baltimore
About time
When I get off my period 😂😛💃🏽”
The first single off of The Life Vol. 2 produced by @CHM_DAME
Giving the people some insight of Chapel Hill, located in East Baltimore, Maryland  
IG & Twitter: theDeeDave

Dee Dave - Chapel 
Dee Dave - Chapel
Dee Dave - Chapel 
Dee Dave - Chapel
#BAUCE RT @SportsCenter: Blackhawks C Andrew Desjardins cereal bowl > all other cereal bowls. (via @keeperofthecup)
Bruh 😂
Cest bon jrigole toute seule depuis 5 minutes #dontjudgechallange
How many lemonades did she sell? 😂💀
Look at her face after they did a little kiss lol 😂😂
JUST IN: Disney confirms removal of Bill Cosby bust from Hall of Fame Plaza @ Hollywood Studios park tonight @WESH
When you so fine you turn light into nutrients RT @chriistiaaans: ciara is so photosynthesis! she looks good
"@kevinsteez_: She popped his ass😂😂😂"yassssssss
when ppl ask if I work out
Big ratings in Baltimore.
Walking🏃it out in Hampden. Community+Police= 1Baltimore #communitypolicing
This video of Madison Beer standing up for herself has made me respect her. Like damnnn
You niggas that tweet "bored af" everyday , Go do something❗️😤😂💯
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"@1future: I think the world ready for me to drop my album"


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