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Vine by lMakeHerMoann - - Vine by lMakeHerMoann
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انتباه: هذا فقط للانسان
Attention: This is for humans only
The video here is a rough draft preview only of the upcoming documentary soon to be released "Our Own Way" documenting the lives of the Syrian refugee population not often researched, the 4 out of 5 residing outside the Syrian refugee camps.
هذا الفيدوهو جزء صغير من تقرير اسمه بطريقنا الخاصه يتحدث عن اللاجئين السورين في الاردن
وايظا الموسيقى تحمل اسم بطريقتنا الخاصه

ام سوريه تم ترحيل ابها وزوجها الى درعا في سوريا فقط لان وثيقته تقرا تولد السلط  فا الحكومه الاردنيه تعتقد انه فلسطيني سوري
This Syrian refugees son was deported for being Palestinian Syrian. The tragic irony is that his mother attests her son is not Palestinian, but pure Syrian. Nevertheless, within 5 minutes, her son was deported to Syria from Jordan and now a family of women must take care of his newborn son who was born without the father present all because of a clerical error.
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                      ^^^^^^^Baltimores Very Own Mixtape ^^^^^^^
Film / Edited by Chuckie "FeelmyArt" Williams
          Contact info  :

Instagram / Twitter
montagethesinger / MONTAGE_LIVE
chuckieewilliams / ChuckWilliams_
DEE DAVE Feat. Colie- Tell Nobody 
DEE DAVE Feat. Colie- Tell Nobody 
DEE DAVE Feat. Colie- Tell Nobody 
DEE DAVE Feat. Colie- Tell Nobody 

Tell nobody means keeping it on the low on whoever you deal with these days..people dont really like happy couples which is weird but If have someone or a significant other keeping it between you and them nobody dont need to know its like a secret until yall rather for the world to know. What Im talking about in the song is someone I met a few years back and how it all started off between us me taking her from her old thing or what she had just could tell she wasnt happy anymore then somethings led to another.
The point Im tryna get across in the track is basically keeping it on the low until its official
I grew up in east Baltimore was raised in Chapel Hill projects that made me who I am today. Me seeing other situations and relationships just learning from that kinda taught me what to do and not to do. No Im not in a relationship cant really find that person for me just yet but hopefully I do one day, After this track there will more dope music more hits more of Dee Dave and whats Ive been going through everything is based on true stories and I have to keep it that way 

IG: theDeeDave
Twitter: TheDeeDave
Absolutely insane show tonight, Orlando!! Thank you! Best way to start a tour. Heres a cake #BackToTheFutureHearts
Lmaoooooo RT @_TalkNerdy2Me_ RT @n9viv this is why raven symone so mad at the black community, lmao.
ai meu deus quase chorando
This song is almost 10 years old...
Man, what the fuck is this?
Order tickets. 
Only 15 seats 
remain available.
Ride to DC from Baltimore. 
Million Man March
All Time Low was incredible 💜 @AlexAllTimeLow @JackAllTimeLow @zackalltimelow @riandawson #BackToTheFutureHearts
Spreading the message far and wide tonight; East to West:
15 Bus tickets available to travel from Baltimore to DC for the Million Man March. Link here
MD teacher of the year Ryan Kaiser receives his well deserved honor. Baltimore is so proud of you!
In the times that we are facing everyday in 2015 we mourn the tragedies of Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray and too many more. We feel the despair of our community. At such a divided time in America we remember the 60’s, the struggle that African Americans and all of Americans went through to get us where we are today. But just as we found out in 64’  that Change gon Come, so Hold On. "Hold On Tight, Freedom is rarely given" -DevRock
Minister of Culture
No, this was not my idea, this whole thing was created by Eryizo. I challenge the people in the title! JPRPokeTrainer98 tagged me in his video to do this.. so hey, why not.

1. You MUST use the beat that was in this video download link is further below.
2. You must write 8 bars or lyrics when doing the rap
3. You must Tag up to 3 people to rap
4. Have Fun!

Download Link for Beat:

Hidden Machine 01 from my Scyther,

Theres no way that you can even decipher

the context, as to what Im trying to say;

do you know the game I play? Its called Pokemon, 

youre such a 6th gen baby, either go sit your ass down or head right back to Camphrier town, uh..

Ill scare you like Im Lavender town. 
You better believe that I can put you down.

Versace, Versace, Ill just go to sleep as if I am Jirachi.
Theres no way in the future that people will have Poke Balls  than can stop me.
By the end of this rap I just want you know that Im crazy like Mankey!
A great time was had by all at the #BPDWD "Kids Sip and Paint" night. #OneBaltimore
First show and having a blast! #BackToTheFutureHearts
On  #WJZ Showers have moved well south ! Nice weekend now! More @cbsbaltimore
800-lb. man kicked out of hospital for ordering pizza
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former #Baltimore @Colts Bill Olds took 47days signed two 4x6s and the back of a @autographcard

York, Pa to Baltimore, Md

ICYMI: Love Public Radio? Join WAMU's Young Informed Professionals #Baltimore #DC #DMV

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Partly Cloudy today! - #baltimore #baltimoreweather #baltimoreforecast #forecast #weather #baltimoreweather

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#Job #Baltimore (USA-MD-Baltimore) Accounts Payable Professional: Kforce has a client that is looking for an e...

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PUT IT IN THE BOOKS!!! #METSWIN 3-1!!! We lead the NLDS 1-0. #LGM


THEY SANG CINDERBLOCK GARDEN ACOUSTIC @AlexAllTimeLow @AllTimeLow @zackalltimelow #BackToTheFutureHearts
...Im a Rollin FUCKIN STONE! @AllTimeLow @AlexAllTimeLow @JackAllTimeLow @riandawson @zackalltimelow
Things got weird on the #BackToTheFutureHearts ???????? @AlexAllTimeLow @JackAllTimeLow @AllTimeLow
It wouldnt be a @JackAllTimeLow mic if bras werent hung on it. #BackToTheFutureHeartsTour @AllTimeLow
such an amazing night ????❤️ @AllTimeLow @AlexAllTimeLow @JackAllTimeLow @riandawson @zackalltimelow
Tonight was a dream. Thanks @AlexAllTimeLow @JackAllTimeLow @AllTimeLow @xxNickM8Gates #BackToTheFutureHeartstour


PUT IT IN THE BOOKS!!! #METSWIN 3-1!!! We lead the NLDS 1-0. #LGM




THEY SANG CINDERBLOCK GARDEN ACOUSTIC @AlexAllTimeLow @AllTimeLow @zackalltimelow #BackToTheFutureHearts
All Time Low was incredible ???? @AlexAllTimeLow @JackAllTimeLow @zackalltimelow @riandawson #BackToTheFutureHearts
...Im a Rollin FUCKIN STONE! @AllTimeLow @AlexAllTimeLow @JackAllTimeLow @riandawson @zackalltimelow
SICK SHOW @AlexAllTimeLow @JackAllTimeLow @zackalltimelow @riandawson
such an amazing night ????❤️ @AllTimeLow @AlexAllTimeLow @JackAllTimeLow @riandawson @zackalltimelow




- Vine by lMakeHerMoann
when you cant find someone cool to talk to on Hopcam ????????
Vine by TrapStreet_Kevv - Kassy ????????????????
When you catch that nigga in the streets that was talking shit off Hopcam ????????????????
On HOPCAM spitting them bars ????